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Jackie Robinson

Pitcher's Family PISSED

Over Racist Portrayal in '42'

4/30/2013 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The daughter of a MLB pitcher who threw at Jackie Robinson's head in the movie "42" tells TMZ ... producers blatantly disregarded the truth and unfairly portrayed her dad as a racist.

It was one of the most important scenes in the flick ... big, bad Fritz Ostermueller (pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time) fired a baseball at Jackie's head ... and then shouted at him, "You don't belong here!!!"

Problem is ... Fritz never beaned Jackie in the head in real life -- according to multiple reports at the time of the incident, the ball struck Jackie's arm. 

Now, Fritz's daughter, Sherrill, is lashing out to TMZ -- "The producers of ‘42’ certainly owe my father an apology. If they were going to portray my father falsely, they should have used a fictional name."

0429_fritz_ostermueller_sub2Sherrill wants to make it clear -- her beef is NOT with Jackie ... "I have the deepest respect for Jackie Robinson and the courage he had to change baseball.”

However, Sherrill says producers have damaged her father's reputation beyond repair -- she tells us he was a "good man" who was never as angry or violent as he was portrayed in the movie.

We asked Sherrill if she believed her father was a racist -- to which she replied, "My dad, to my knowledge, was not a racist. I was not raised in that type of home."

We reached out to the people behind the movie -- so far, no word back.

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No Avatar


I call bs on this one. If you ask me if my father was racist I can unequivocally state no. The fact that she says not to my knowledge is screaming at me!!!!!

542 days ago


all these based on true story movies have added stuff in them for drama.the blind side had extra stuff put in it to make the movie more dramatic as well

542 days ago


"My dad, TO MY KNOWLEDGE was not racist" Seriously? Why cant this woman unequivocally say if her dad was NOT racist? How can she not know. That "to my knowledge" exception is just a cover fro her if and when someone digs up a racist quote of recording or God forbid a picture of him posing with the grand wizard. It's such a bullcrap lawyered answer. That way she can claim ignorance. Likely greedy trash looking for a payout. SO her dad hit his arm, does that make it better? I see she isn't denying the racist comments he supposedly made.

542 days ago


According to this article, it did hit his arm, BUT it hit his arm while it was raised to shield his head: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1010023/6/index.htm

542 days ago


So b!tch your complaint is the ball hit his arm and not his head? And you're not sure if he's a racist or not? GTFOH! Your father was a POS good ole boy!

542 days ago


I guess dis bitch will sue now

542 days ago


**** that bitch and her racist ass daddy...........

542 days ago


My Dad to my knowledge was not a racist....WTF.. How old is this woman? Was she born at the time of this incident?.....Now it's time for the Families of the other players to say, their Fathers weren't racist either

542 days ago

It's Me    

The U.S. will never get away from the racism issue. Even though anybody involved with slavery is long dead people just are not able to let it go. It is continually being fostered by our politicians, movies, music, etc.....Oh so tiring.

542 days ago

Felis Leo    

Oh, ok... so he hit him in the arm and told him he "didn't belong here".

It doesn't matter where he hit him, what matters is his subsequent statement. I see she had no problems with what he said.. which is the true indicator of racism, not the pitch lol.

542 days ago


It's biography it's history and movies are distorted for drama .and most people will believe anything Wyatt Earp strikes out Babe Ruth with 4 pitches in the bottom of the 5th .Fritz Ostermueller was an easy going guy with his team and visiting team players .If Ostermueller was going to bean anyone I believe it would have been Babe Ruth .Ruth hit # 703 and #705 hr.off Ostermueller Ruth rewarded the rookie left-hander with an autographed baseball. A left handed pitcher facing a right handed batter over crowding the plate .It's a little hard getting a pitch high and inside .If director Helgeland wanted viewer drama it should have been no number on the uniform Not a person that can not defend himself with his part of history

542 days ago


Is anyone ever happy with how they are portrayed in a movie?

542 days ago

Pet rock    

Lots of interesting comments here. If it did indeed hit his arm while he was covering his head then it should have been his head. My question is did he actually say "you don't belong here"??? If he didn't it may have just been a wild pitch. Happens.

542 days ago


Doesn't matter where he hit him especially if he really yelled "you don't belong here"!! A lot of people were cool with being rascist back then, and try to deny it now. You are what you are.

542 days ago


"He was a good man" is what they say after somebody commits a crime or does something awful.

542 days ago
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