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Jackie Robinson

Pitcher's Family PISSED

Over Racist Portrayal in '42'

4/30/2013 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The daughter of a MLB pitcher who threw at Jackie Robinson's head in the movie "42" tells TMZ ... producers blatantly disregarded the truth and unfairly portrayed her dad as a racist.

It was one of the most important scenes in the flick ... big, bad Fritz Ostermueller (pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time) fired a baseball at Jackie's head ... and then shouted at him, "You don't belong here!!!"

Problem is ... Fritz never beaned Jackie in the head in real life -- according to multiple reports at the time of the incident, the ball struck Jackie's arm. 

Now, Fritz's daughter, Sherrill, is lashing out to TMZ -- "The producers of ‘42’ certainly owe my father an apology. If they were going to portray my father falsely, they should have used a fictional name."

0429_fritz_ostermueller_sub2Sherrill wants to make it clear -- her beef is NOT with Jackie ... "I have the deepest respect for Jackie Robinson and the courage he had to change baseball.”

However, Sherrill says producers have damaged her father's reputation beyond repair -- she tells us he was a "good man" who was never as angry or violent as he was portrayed in the movie.

We asked Sherrill if she believed her father was a racist -- to which she replied, "My dad, to my knowledge, was not a racist. I was not raised in that type of home."

We reached out to the people behind the movie -- so far, no word back.

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judy jetson    

Hollywood spreading propaganda to push an agenda. What else is new?

543 days ago


My dads not racist it was on his arm not head. Are you kidding? All that does is change WHERE he hit jackie not WHY. Notice she said 'to my knowledge' that's a nice way of saying idk. The fact is there, he hit the man, what kind of non racist throws a ball and yells you don't belong here!? I'll wait..

543 days ago

paul a.    

There was plenty of hate directed toward JR. There was no need to make stories up. I would be pissed too if I felt it weren't true.But welcome to Hollywood. They love to play with the truth. The statement you see at the beginning of each film "Based on a true story" is one we need to pay close attention to. The key word being BASED.
My sex life is BASED upon my ability to bed Megan Fox. It will ever happen.

543 days ago


I would imagine that the producers and director got it right!

543 days ago


More than anything the comment that the dad made about JR not belonging there is the racist part. Funny how she didn't mention that part! How about her dad apologize to his family for being stupid and ignorant!!!

543 days ago


uhh so whats the difference between hitting him in the arm vs hitting him in the head?? he still threw the darn ball at him smh

543 days ago


Please help understand; the family not disputing the fact that he said "You don't belong here!!!". It's the location on the ball? Right?

543 days ago


Girlfriend should be happy her father wasn't Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb. Yelling a racial slur back in the day when Blacks were just starting to fight to become accepted was per the norm. Just face the fact it was a different time. NOW, as I said if Ruth or Cobb was her father she'd need to move to another country, change her name and if she looked like either of those MAJOR A-HOLES she'd need a bit of plastic surgery.

543 days ago


Here is the thing. In my mind from what I remember as a child myself, my dad was not a racist. Or at least I didn't think he was. He coached baseball and had black players on his team and was very close with our black neighbor kid across the street. But behind closed doors supposed there was a definate line in his mind between races. Other people have told me this, he NEVER conveyed that to us. I'm thinking this is probably what this lady experienced as well. Fathers never wantedt show their negative side to their daughters. That's why we looked up to them and loved them so much, we only saw the good. That's not to say he's a bad person, or anyone who is, they were molded by society and people around them. Especially in the 1940's.

543 days ago


Where he actually hit Robinson isn't what really matters. What matters is if he shouted "You don't belong here!" That's the racism, not the HBP. If he hit him in the arm and shouted that, but the movie shows him hitting him in the head, that's just them combining two events into one. Jackie Robinson was beaned many times, and racist stuff was shouted at him many times.

543 days ago



543 days ago


Head or arm, he still hit him and said that. There's no difference.

543 days ago


i thought it was a great movie, and how can someone be treated like that and not be upset or angry, heck i was upset and angry because of the way he was treated. is she upset cause she wasnt in it?

543 days ago


Whenever someone says "My father 'to my knowledge' was never racist". To my knowledge lmao. DAS RASICT!!!!!!!

543 days ago

tom p    

Don't like being called a racist? Then quit doing racist things. A lot of people in the future aren't going to like their portrayal as homophobes either.

543 days ago
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