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Jason Collins' Ex-Fiancee

I Had NO IDEA He Was Gay

4/30/2013 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0428_jason_collins_carolyn_moosThe woman who was once engaged to NBA star Jason Collins tells TMZ, she had NO CLUE he was gay at the time of their relationship ... in fact, she only found out last weekend ... and she was floored.

Carolyn Moos (who played a few seasons in the WNBA) dated Collins for seven years and was engaged to him until they broke up in 2009 ... after Collins pulled the plug on their wedding.

Carolyn tells TMZ, she never once suspected he was gay, so the news is shocking. She says Collins eventually revealed everything last weekend -- just days before his big announcement -- and said that his homosexuality was the real reason he ended things with her.

At the time of their breakup, Carolyn says Jason gave a bunch of BS reasons for calling it quits ... and she could never understand what went wrong, until now.

Carolyn -- who's back on the hunt for Mr. Right -- tells us, "It's very emotional for me as a woman to have invested 8 years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and best friend in him. So this is all hard to understand."

She adds, "I care about [Jason] tremendously and only want the best for him. I want Jason to be happy for a lifetime and stay true to who he really is, inside and out."

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OMFG!......... Well now she knows he was cheating on her with another Homo man! Once, again "the media" is trying to force homosexuality on straight American people. I am tired of these Homo's in their despicable and disgusting acts maybe some psychological evaluation therapy would help? -.-

550 days ago


You see!!!!!!! Yes he had a fiance who was a woman! He was down low! If you know you like men while you are a dude why waste someone's else time for all those years while they could be with someone else????? That's what pisses me off!!!

550 days ago


She also never suspected any of her WNBA teammates of being lesbians. Somebody needs a gaydar tune-up.

550 days ago


Another article on JC. YAWN!

550 days ago


Gays want equality but then expect all this praise and media approval once coming out. SMH...

550 days ago


What an idiot.

550 days ago


Like the sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

550 days ago


Eeewwwwww while she was doing him, Eeewwww he was getting his bung hole stretched by other men... Eeewwwwwwwwww nasty .. Go get checked girl... Eeewww

550 days ago


So Jason is now the poster child for gay professional athletes? There is just something disingenuous about the 'announcement' no matter how much TMZ pushes it.

550 days ago


HAHAHA and gay advocates always want to tell you its not a choice. Well yes it is. When you are talking about something that is neurological than it is a choice. Its not a coincedence that most gay men come from single parent homes where they had no male figure to look up to. Thats a fact. The breakdown of the family from the left is just going to continue to weaken this country to we are a bunch of Nancies running around complaining that someone hurt their feelings. For those that still say being gay isnt a choice I have two words for you. Anne Heche. Now spew your normal ignorant comebacks in 1, 2, 3........

550 days ago


It's okay to be gay if that's your thing. It's NOT okay to be a down low and mislead women as well at putting them at additional risk without their knowledge.

550 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

That's why your an ex, honey. By the way, an HIV test might be in order.

550 days ago


After looking at his ex fiancee you go gay too.

550 days ago


I'd be pissed if a gay man wasted 8 years of my prime. Shame on him for that.

550 days ago

Fred Farkel    


You probably don't understand it at this moment in time - but you are one of the luckiest females to be alive and rid of that gay nightmare.

This was not your fault and I hope you don't waste another five minutes thinking about it.

Good luck.

550 days ago
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