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Lindsay Lohan

Hits NYC Bar Scene

... 4 Days Before Rehab

4/30/2013 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

With less than a week to go until her court-ordered stint in rehab, Lindsay Lohan hit the NYC bar scene Monday night ... AND ACTUALLY BEHAVED HERSELF!!!

TMZ has learned ... Lohan spent her Monday evening at The Bitter End -- the piano bar credited with giving Lady Gaga her start back in the day.

Sources at the bar tell us ... Lohan rolled in to the place with 9 or 10 friends to watch some of her pals perform at a "Jam Fest" event.

We're told Lindsay sat quietly at her table for roughly 3 hours and didn't suck down one drop of alcohol -- just soda.

One source inside the bar tells us Lohan was so "very well behaved" ... people in the joint barely even noticed the actress.

As for Lindsay, she's expected to enter a treatment center in the Hamptons on May 2 -- where she's supposed to complete a 90-day program.



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Its Nikki Bitches    

I'm going to hell in so many different religions

479 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

A nothing story from a Web site that has lost it's balls. "A souces says this . . . A close friend reported . . . We're told Lindsay . . . "
What a Bunch of Meaningless Crap
TMZ, I hope you didn't pay Lohan a lot for this story. It is nothing more than meaningless drivel from a site that used to at least try to find out gossip and other "Hollywood News". Now it's paid "Exclusives" or shameless whoaring for people like the Kardashians.
You're a dead carcass of a gossip site TMZ and quite frankly you're really beginning to smell.
Folks, I'll be back when there is actually something to comment on.

479 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

Hey can you imagine Lindsay on heroin.

479 days ago


This is what Lohan is going to try and pull. She always plays the jail overcrowding. Sounds like she want's to blow off rehab and take her chance with 90 days in jail expecting a 3 hour mugshot and go home. Like that's all it's going to take and she's done. It's not going to be the simple.

Lohans been lucky before. But her probation court orders get harder. Judges of course know about jail overcrowding so they make the probation harder in lieu of that.

Lohan doesn't want rehab doesn't want jail. Just want's to keep on partying and everything on her terms. Until she hurts or kills somebody. Hell she will blame that on anyone she can. Christ, she's been on probation since 2007 and another 2 years tacked on after this. Yeah, there's no problem.

479 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Sweet Dreams xoxox

Love Nikki

479 days ago


We're told Lindsay sat quietly at her table for roughly 3 hours and didn't suck down one drop of alcohol -- just soda.

in other words the source is lindsay.and the other source from inside the bar was her mom

479 days ago


Um-news flash. It's NOT newsworthy to go to a bar and NOT act like a drunken ****. 99.9% of the population manage it.

479 days ago


Lindsay when you go away next week don't forget your friends send us some gifts .towels , soaps,wash clothes, forks,spoons .What ever you think they have extra .
Lindsay lohan and the Hole in the mouth gang

479 days ago


unfortunately I know many people that choose to drug instead of drink, means nothing that she wasn't drinking, smoking weed on the ride and doing blow in the bathroom then drinking soda in public, yay!!

479 days ago


Nobody gives a shyt if Lohan is there or not. Nobody cares. This is where Lohan has gotten in trouble. She get's pissed off, mean and nasty because nobody cares, so she makes a complete fool of herself to get herself noticed and attention.

People are out having a good time they don't give a rat's ass about Lohan. Not relevant.

479 days ago


Good evening.

1. Lindsay abuses drugs and alcohol. Just because you don't see her abuse one doesn't mean she's not abusing the other. No one buys the teetotaler act.
2. I would not be surprised if Lindsay is not in rehab by 5/2. The order is to "enroll" not "commence." Frankly, I was surprised that the news and tabloid reports were all saying she had to be in the facility by 5/2.
3. It's possible that she'll go to court on 5/2 and say she hasn't found anything yet. She would have to show that she's making a good faith effort. While I doubt that she has made much effort, the fact that she's been galavanting around the world is not evidence of lack of effort. All you need is a cell phone and a computer. I think that Heller's office did the legwork on this anyway.
4. Nicole: If Lindsay can't show a good faith effort in finding a rehab she will have violated. That doesn't mean that she'll get 90 days jail in lieu of 90 in rehab. IIRC, it's 2 consecutive sentences and I think at least one is 180. Oh, and they are never going to let her go to a rehab outside the US!!!!

479 days ago


This creature will do as she pleases because the wealthy make the rules but do not follow them.
The gene pool will get her just like the rest of them.

479 days ago

News Flash     

Has she worn these braids in her hair for weeks or are we seeing the same picture over and over $hit

479 days ago


I don't care, that b*tch is still hot as hell in my book.....sorry haters!!!

479 days ago


Found by little teeny tiny lindzee. Thankx! .... "I don't drink, I don't do drugs and I don't lie." Blo, 4 years ago! ... Then WhyTF are you going to rehab and on probation for stealing a necklace and lying to cops about car crash???

479 days ago
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