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Lindsay Lohan

Hits NYC Bar Scene

... 4 Days Before Rehab

4/30/2013 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

With less than a week to go until her court-ordered stint in rehab, Lindsay Lohan hit the NYC bar scene Monday night ... AND ACTUALLY BEHAVED HERSELF!!!

TMZ has learned ... Lohan spent her Monday evening at The Bitter End -- the piano bar credited with giving Lady Gaga her start back in the day.

Sources at the bar tell us ... Lohan rolled in to the place with 9 or 10 friends to watch some of her pals perform at a "Jam Fest" event.

We're told Lindsay sat quietly at her table for roughly 3 hours and didn't suck down one drop of alcohol -- just soda.

One source inside the bar tells us Lohan was so "very well behaved" ... people in the joint barely even noticed the actress.

As for Lindsay, she's expected to enter a treatment center in the Hamptons on May 2 -- where she's supposed to complete a 90-day program.



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Ivan in Phoenix    

Are you tired of TMZ doing PR work for Hollywood degenerates & pornographers, and posting every pro-homosexual story they can dig up? On top of all that, Harvey mocks followers of Christianity but gets all bent out of shape when anyone says something distasteful about Jews and he uses TMZ to go after anyone who offends his religion. Talk about double standards! If all this bothers you, then quit coming to TMZ.

519 days ago


On a different note, I have just returned from a funeral service for a dear lady who worked hard, was a devoted wife and mother an awesome grand mother and the most precious great grand mother to my two beautiful grand children.May she rest in peace. Now you will never see Blohan thought of in those terms EVER!!!!

519 days ago


Attention: Be advised that I have been sent here to study you people. Thank you for your participation. That is all. Carry on.

519 days ago


Well my gosh! Lindsay is a changed person all of a sudden! WOW! What a miracle! When someone has misbehaved so much for so long, then one night of her acting descent is meaningless. It means absolutely nothing!!!

519 days ago

Fat Matt    

I don't care what anybody says, I wanna party with Lohan!

519 days ago


Maybe she just went out for research,

519 days ago


but maybe an addict at this rehab has a hangover day 1. It's just that Lindsay Lohan is the famous one that's involved.

519 days ago


Some expect her to be in tip top shape in rehab day1, it's REHAB! Most patients are a mess first week. Or else they wouldn't be in rehab to begin with.

519 days ago


There are thousands of men & women in the LA hipster club scene who during as much as Lindsay and do as much drugs as she did. Maybe even more. They just know how to clean themselves and erase their tracks better because they're not famous nobody's following them.

519 days ago


She's Turned The Corner!!

519 days ago

L. Rosemond Kitching    

I, for one, am praying for and hoping she does well. I love LiLo. Always have, always will. Not one of you people out there have been what she has been through; therefore, NO ONE is in a position to judge her. Her parents are nuts and clearly negatively impacted her. She has been in the public eye for nearly her whole life. I can't blame her for her substance abuse issues. The poor girl has virtually NO support system... No friends, and as I previously mentioned, less than stellar parents. With her lack of support system coupled with CONSTANT scruitiny from the media and the public, if I were in her shoes I wouldn't be able to handle it, either. Have any of you ever watched a video clip of the paps chasing her down? It's insane!! If I were famous, I would freak the fu*k out too!! They take so many pictures it would be impossible to see anything from all thr flashes, and not to mention having 20+ chasing and asking personal questions that on reality are no one's business but her own.

519 days ago

L. Rosemond Kitching    

I posted my comment too early... Whoops. Anyways, I'm pretty sure not one of you out there would be able to handle the public scrutiny she faces in a better way. You may be able to handle it more privately if you were in the same situation, but honestly imagine how it must feel to be in her shoes. No wonder she's getting in car accidents with the paps harrasing/blinding her... I know I would have a hard time controlling a vehicle in those conditions. People need to leave her alone so she can get better. It's a never ending, vicious cycle - She's probably having a hard time with the pressure of brig constantly scrutinized (if she's too skinny she's anorexic and on drugs; she gains some weight and she's accused of "coke bloat" or alcoholism). The poor girl just can't win. I would like to see any of you endure what she's been through (likel which we have only seen or been told minimal details about) and handle constant scrutiny, losing jobs when you actually had REAL talent, and financial issues without turning to self-destructive behavior. From one Lindsay to another --- if you or an of your family is reading this, I'm praying for you. I know she has the strength to overcome whatever it is that is troubling her so deeply. I love LiLo and wish I could help her. Best of luck to you, Lindsay! Xo

519 days ago


If you are still out there Hannah, How are you?

519 days ago



519 days ago


Morning !!!
New thread !

519 days ago
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