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Lindsay Lohan

Hits NYC Bar Scene

... 4 Days Before Rehab

4/30/2013 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

With less than a week to go until her court-ordered stint in rehab, Lindsay Lohan hit the NYC bar scene Monday night ... AND ACTUALLY BEHAVED HERSELF!!!

TMZ has learned ... Lohan spent her Monday evening at The Bitter End -- the piano bar credited with giving Lady Gaga her start back in the day.

Sources at the bar tell us ... Lohan rolled in to the place with 9 or 10 friends to watch some of her pals perform at a "Jam Fest" event.

We're told Lindsay sat quietly at her table for roughly 3 hours and didn't suck down one drop of alcohol -- just soda.

One source inside the bar tells us Lohan was so "very well behaved" ... people in the joint barely even noticed the actress.

As for Lindsay, she's expected to enter a treatment center in the Hamptons on May 2 -- where she's supposed to complete a 90-day program.



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Sounds good, but I just can't buy it. I'm inclined to believe that if she had nothing potent there, then she brought it with her. Flasks have come a long way . Drugs are probably easier to hide. Her track record speaks for itself. You cannot have that much of a problem, with the hard crap she does, let it go for years and then quit cold turkey Just doesn't happen. Sorry, but it doesn't. She's too entitled and too hooked.

503 days ago


Doesn't probation usually have a clause stating cannot frequent bars?

503 days ago


Lohan knows better than to suck down her usual vodka whilst shooting up heroin. Just because she wasn't touching a drop of alcohol doesn't mean that she was not high already. And judging from her multiple bruises on arms and legs - I am sure she is a user and is using. And she's going to have a hell of a ride in detox tomorrow. I'm also convinced that every time she goes into rehab, she starts detoxing herself before she gets there. The only drug she can't get off of is her beloved adderall - and that's going to be her bain this week. She has not been without adderall for years, even in rehab - so this should be interesting if the center sticks to its guns and disallows her drug of choice.

Imagine if Lohan was like any other cracked out criminal who has re-offended so many times in their lives and been through the court system so many times - and she's pulling her crack-head diva antics about wanting to keep her adderall - there's no way any rehab would stand for that for any other person other than Lohan - and she knows that. But this time I hope it will be different. If this place is serious - they will take that drug away from her and after three weeks, hopefully the fog she's been living in and the hell she's created for herself and others will stop at long last.

The two biggest problems Lohan faces as a human being are not related to drugs however, the first is - she is an a$$hole. The second is she is to much of a mentally challenged idiot to realize that she's an idiot. And by idiot - I mean an illiterate, dumb as a bag of rocks, low IQ, uneducated imbecile. Sure, it's not rocket science to act - but one has to have some intelligence to understand the lines and motivations of the specific role one is playing - and Lohan lacks the intellect to act intelligently. Therefore her career will never rebound. At least not until she goes to school and learns some basic history, grammar and subjects in life - other than going to nightclubs. Because that's all Lohan has known her whole life. She has her doctorate in one thing and one thing only - clubbing. And a doctorate in clubology is a major for dummies only.

503 days ago


We'll see. Time will always does.

503 days ago



503 days ago



503 days ago


my give a dame is broke with this wanBage tila! SAM CALLED AND SAY,S YOU SYILL SUKKAT THE LESBO GAME

503 days ago


at least one loman knows who to party both way's.. now just pur them out of my misery!

503 days ago

Satish Bhardwaj    

Lindsay Lohan is a spoiled Brat. She has a lawyer to get away with it. They should throw her back in Jail for going to a facility without a license and not in to a facility that was approved by court for her. But she is getting away away with it as the judge did not order her out of the facility but asked to Prosecutor to see if the facility is acceptable to the prosecution.

502 days ago
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