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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab Plan May Be

Up In Smoke

5/1/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has less than 24 hours to hightail it to Seafield Center in New York ... but even as she packs her bags she's telling people she may bail on the rehab facility because they won't let her smoke.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't think she can hack not smoking for 90 days.

We're told Lindsay asked her lawyers to try and convince Seafield to make an exception and, failing that, find a facility that would let her puff away.

Sources say Seafield was unbending -- no smoking, no exceptions.  So lawyers triggered Plan B -- we've learned they contacted Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach -- a place Lindsay once rehabbed at for a short time in 2010.

Morningside staff tells TMZ ... they DO allow smoking.  Problem is ... we've learned the City Attorneys for L.A. and Santa Monica haven't signed off on Morningside.  We're told prosecutors had no idea Lindsay is thinking of bailing on Seafield. 

Lindsay is acting like she's going tomorrow ... She Instagrammed this photo of herself packing, saying, "90 days and 270 looks."

Lindsay's lawyer is supposed to appear in court tomorrow with proof of enrollment -- and the expectation is that she'll have enrolled at Seafield.

FYI -- Lindsay is packing 270 outfit changes, but if she goes to Seafield, she'll have to leave 263 behind.  They only allow 7 changes of clothes.


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Dear Ms. Lohan:

We look forward to your court appearance at 9:00 AM, May 2, 2013, with a great deal of enthusiasm! We have had more than enough of your BULLSH!T and are taking the following measures to acquaint you with the real world, eh?
You will be sentenced to two consecutive 180 day sentences in County Jail, plus another 180 days because I like round numbers and you earned a stupidity tax. 540 days, end of conversation. There will be no smoking, Adderall or anything but standard orange uniforms. I have asked that you be deloused, your head shaved to protect other guests at our fine facility. You will have no visitors until after one year and one day. They will be strip searched and cavity inspected before they meet with you for one hour.

The Sheriff and I have agreed that to prepare you for your stay, you will be taken on the Rodney King Memorial Attitude Adjustment Tour with a prolonged beat down in front of SamRo’s place, down by the beach. She will be hosting a party of people you have stiffed; so plan on humiliation.

Judge Dabny asked that I communicate directly with you to minimize any misunderstanding and clarify your next steps; Rehab is off the table for you.

Please take a shower before you appear at court. Be on time. Your fingernails will be inspected. Don’t even think we are kidding or going to be lenient. There will be no “red carpet”; come in by the back door. May 2, will be the first day of the rest of your life; make it count!


Terry E. White

Cheap Deputy, Crakho Division
S&M City Attorney’s Office

PS: Can you get me Pepe’s autograph and a picture? In flagrante, please!

538 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

For the guys

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape -- GRAPHIC 'Backdoor' Pictures

538 days ago


90 days is an awfully long time to be out of sight and mind of Hollywood's big producers and directors


538 days ago


Its crazy to think that someone goes into rehab thinking that they have 270 looks. Little does she know that all of her 270 looks, look really ugly

538 days ago


She is such a bitch. She knows she can't smoke and can't take that many outfits, but she is going to go there anyway and throw a hissy fit the moment she walks in the door. They had better search her good because she will be hiding those cigs in every crevice.

538 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I can see she still hasn't changed those socks.

538 days ago


Regarding Milo's email to ONTD. First off, if Blo wanted to go to Luken, she'd go to Lukens. Side Show Heller is NOT the 'captain' of that sinking ship, Blohan is. Two, how does Milo 'KNOW' the City Atty. would approve Lukens? He wouldn't take Milo's calls, let alone discuss a case that has NOTHING,/b> to do with him. And lastly, Milo just has him 'clam all wrinkly' because HE'S not getting a 'referral fee' and Lil Marky is. . .

538 days ago


90 In 90

538 days ago


So what you are saying is she's pretending to go but her lawyer will, at the last second plead with the court to let her go to the loser rehab that actually lets her keep her drugs and smokes and is not lock down nor 90 days and the court will agree, or give her 30 more days to find a different placement that she can pay off so she can keep doing her drugs, smoking because it's so last minute vs putting a warrant out immediately because she didn't as she was told... right?

538 days ago


I have never seen so mcuh drama...3 outfits a day in rehab? Who is she trying to impress. This is just beyond comprehension!

538 days ago


Are you F**king kidding me? She makes the rules?

538 days ago


The 'silver lining' for the H8turds is if she goes to Morningside and WHEN she fvcks up, she's close enough and in CA to get her flat, freckled ass back to the LA courthouse. No wondering and debating on how and who'll pay to get her back to CA. So, yeah Nicole, I'm warming up to this place. . .

538 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Wednesday, May 1st 2013
Lindsay Lohan's Priorities Are In Order, As Always

When you're getting ready to shuffle into court-ordered rehab, your first thought should always be, "What do I wear?!" Because court-ordered rehab IS the fashion event of the season.

Lindsay Lohan will check into 90-day rehab tomorrow and she Instagrammed (and then deleted) this picture of her packing last night and added the caption, "90 days and 270 looks." If you're looking at this picture and spot the missing studded jeans that LiLo probably stole from your dirty laundry basket, don't be mad. I'm sure she'll work the hell out of them in rehab.

TMZ says that as of now, LiLo doesn't really know which rehab facility will host her daily rehab chic fashion show. The judge and the City Attorneys for Santa Monica and L.A. have already okayed the Seafield Center in the Hamptons, but she's having second thoughts about the place. It's a non-smoking zone and she doesn't think she can keep her mouth off of a lit *** for 90 days. Seafield also won't let her bring 270 looks in. They only allow 7 outfits.

LiLo might check into Morningside Recovery Center in Newport Beach, CA, because they're okay with patients smoking. The problem with that is the City Attorneys haven't signed off on Morningside.

Like LiLo cares about rules. Bitch will still go to Seafield and every time she wants to inhale some Marlboro smoke, she'll just do this with her roommate.

Besides, those hos at Seafield won't even notice her smoking, because they'll be too dazzled and hypnotized by her *FASHIONS*.

538 days ago


Would anyone like a custom designed avi for the big event coming up tomorrow....ya know, Liho and the whole rehab saga??? I happen to be a professional graphics artist, so let me know! You'll have to email me any photos or specific artwork you want included, as well as directions as to exactly what you want.

538 days ago


Tough crap, lady. Smoking is bad for you.

538 days ago
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