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Jermaine Dupri


'Chris Kelly Was Like a Son to Me'

5/2/2013 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jermaine Dupri -- the guy who discovered Kris Kross -- says Chris Kelly was like a member of his family ... and he was crushed when he learned of his death.

Dupri -- who was 18-years-old when he first noticed Kris Kross in an ATL shopping mall in 1990 -- said, "To the world, Chris Kelly was MacDaddy but to me he was the son I never had."

He added, "When I think about it I spent more time with Chris and Chris than damn near anybody in my whole life, so you can imagine how bad this hurts."

Dupri concluded, "I will always love you Chris, and I will never let the world forget you."

"May god bless your soul."



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What's messed up everyone is now trying to say how much they cared ..but wasn't there to help him out when he was down on his luck!

538 days ago


If he was like a son were. Was his like a daddy when he needed help guidance &rehab they wasn't hot anymore so you didn't. Give a ****.

537 days ago


At david go die lay up and kill u ure kids wife da** tht kill ure family the world is better without ure blood running threw a f'n sewer. Be careful wat u say u never know wat will happen to u or whos watching. U dont kno sh** abt him I got a gun for u ready for u to kiss it. Anybody else wanna turn... Fu**'n jokes!!! Die already I felt the same way wen elvis od'ed anna nicole monroe lindsey lohan paris hilton all ure pep on celeb rehab man list is alpha never ends watch ure mouth white boy

537 days ago


Jermaine Dupri, if Chris was like your son, then why did you have someone set him up with bad drugs to murder him? I know a man that did all kind of drugs and is living at 57 and started at the age of 16. If anyone can not see that Chris was murdered, they need help themselves. My advice to everyone is to stay away from the entertainment industry. The words SOSO DEF, should tell any mother do not allow your child to sign no contract papers for evil money! Chris was a sweet person yall. And I pray his soul will be saved on Judgement Day, but for all of you mental rich celebrities that have, and continue to sacrifice innocent people for your fairytale dream and money, I hope that you feel every flame of fire that God have your rotten a--e! This includes the illuminati satan creators too! I MISS YOU CHRIS, MAY GOD CLEANSE AND BLESS YOUR PRECIOUS SOUL. RIP SON

527 days ago


KRISS KROSS was like my little brothers, wish I could have met them back then. Whomever had this done to Chris, giving him bad drugs for Jermaine Dupri, you all will get yours someday because God know who everyone is and see what we do. There is a last video tape of Chris in his home, and two other guys there, the guy that recorded the video, focused the camera on the wall showing the Gold records of KRISS KROSS and one of the guys stated a comment similar to "Yeah it won't be long before I will get one of those up there" I believe one or both of the guys in Chris home on the video, had something to do with the death of Chris, and I also believe JD set it up for it to happen for Chris to use bad drugs from the dealer in Chris's home or they used injection. Ask yourself; Did Jermaine Dupri know the two guys, that was there in Chris's home in the video tape? very strange, huh. And the 911 call from the female sounded strange, it did not sound as if she was very upset over Chris, a mother would scream and panic if she knew her child is not breathing. This is a very strange death that should be investigated.

527 days ago


GO TO HE-- JERMAINE DUPRI! We all know about you and the other mental minded sacrificing celebrities! satan created all this mess here on earth, and some weak minded money lovers fell for it, from gospel singers, ministers, book writers, film makers, and so on!

527 days ago
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