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Lindsay Lohan

12 Hours to Dodge


5/2/2013 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0502_lindsay_lohan_article3Prosecutors will seek an arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan ... if she's not ensconced at Morningside Recovery by sunrise ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we reported, Lindsay rolled up to Morningside Recovery this morning ... but she never got out of her SUV. The whip inexplicably left the premises with Lindsay still inside, and she never came back.

Now, law enforcement sources tell us, if Lindsay isn't at Morningside by dawn tomorrow -- roughly 6am in L.A. at this time of year -- prosecutors will go to court first thing in the morning and seek a warrant for her arrest.

It's unclear where Lindsay is at the moment ... but she better get a move on.

Tick tock.


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Suzy Q     

The only way to get Lindsay into rehab is to dangle a pound of coke outside her bedroom window, and yank it in quickly when she dives for it.

446 days ago


Why isnt she required to be at the Rehab that was agreed to? Even if she checks into rehab in time, she still thumbed her nose at the courts and did what she wanted to do. If I am ever in trouble in CA and they try and force me to do something, I'm gonna pull out my Lohan card and sue the **** out of CA for disparagement. In NO way should any citizen be treated differently then any other. This skank is only a celebrity because of her unsavory behavior. She lost any credibility she had within the acting community long ago.

446 days ago


Lindz lives in an alternate reality. She proves it time and time again. She doesn't 'get' that there are laws and stuff that apply to her.

446 days ago


My friend lives on Lido near Morningside and she said there is a TON of police activity at Morningside right now and has been for about 20 minutes

446 days ago


Can ANYONE in the US explain WHY this woman, who acts like a defiant, spoiled child is just given chance, after chance, after chance. (will run ouf of space)? I guess this new place will not only allow smoking, but also the MUCH ABUSED medicantion Adderall. Righ? Wrong?
Of course it does, otherwise she would have chosen jail time, just to ensure that she would be able to get her BELOVED adderall.
Why, oh why, is she being given so much liency? The California legal system, to us in Canada, is such a stupid joke!!!!!!!
NO ONE does time! Everyone knows that, and if you do, just take a little nap in your cell and "voila!", you free to go.
It really doesn't seem to matter if she DOES get sentenced to jail time. EVERYONE knows she will be out in the blink of an eye, and everything, in Lindsay's little world will be back to normal!! Normal meaning a cute little ankle bracelet, show up a few times at the morgue, where no one really can start a brawl with her (well MANY of them), keep going (or seeing) your online shrink, and on, and on, and on.

WHATEVER!!!! US legal systems is non-existent....hit a car, booze outside of the car, witness says you're in the driver's seat, major damage done and then? NOTHING!!!

Try living in Canada where laws actually DO apply and ARE enforced.

PATHETIC legal systems is my sad comments!

446 days ago


Run Lindsay, RUN! This is so funny!

446 days ago


yeah...yeah...yeah it's just another meaningless threat to get thrown in a non-existent jail by a judge that couldn't care less.

446 days ago


Shouldn't she be getting her @$$ tossed into jail for thumbing her nose at the plea deal by not showing up at the facility the prosecutors and LiLo's lawyer agree to?
Way to make the system look impotent from the inside guys!

446 days ago

Was this posted already? Daddy caught her before she boarded the flight - this just gets better and better!

446 days ago


I hope terrorists don't learn her tricks!

446 days ago


Lets all Do A Day For Lindsay. We need to get this behind us !

446 days ago


And toss LiLo's lawyer in the cell next to her for selling the court a bill of goods (the "lockdown rehab facility" bull$#!+ and lying to the court about her being in rehab when she was at a Fry's doing some shopping).

446 days ago


F@ck it Lindsay. RUN!! RUN LINDSAY, RUN!!!!!!!

446 days ago


Her lawyer should be brought up on charges also since he was the one who said she was in rehab when she hadn't even checked in yet.

446 days ago


omg she will be there at 0559 ... she dosen't care and why should she no one is hard on her, even the city attorney he gave her 12 more hours and she should of been there this morning. no wonder she laughs at them ,, who wouldn't?

446 days ago
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