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Lindsay Lohan

Chooses Fry's Over Rehab

5/2/2013 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's lawyer lied in court today when he said his client was already ensconced in a rehab facility ... she was actually roaming the aisles of an electronics store.

Lindsay was at Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA at 9 AM ... the same time her lawyer, Mark Heller, told the judge she was confined to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach.

Fact is ... this post went up at 11:10 AM PT and she's still not at Morningside.  Lindsay's SUV arrived at the facility a short time ago but she didn't get out ... the vehicle left with Lindsay still inside.

It's unclear if the judge will allow Lindsay to do her 90 days at Morningside.  TMZ broke the story ... the facility had its license REVOKED and it can no longer provide treatment.  It's just a sober living facility, and it's doubtful that's gonna cut it with hizzoner.


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Its truly sad that she will have to kill someone before the justice system will be able to put her behind bars!!!!

516 days ago


I think you all(TMZ) should put together a clip of how many times Harvey has said Lindsay is going to jail.

Just for giggles

516 days ago


the judge is a disgrace to the bench. he lets the defense lawyer talk all over him, lets lohan change the deal of the plea deal which was bargained down from 3 felonies..

the place has NO license, its a do whatever you want "sober living" place. was revoked by the state last year..

and the lawyer and lohan tried to decieve the court by bringing the CEO of a revoked rehab place, lies on paper.

he goes further and tries to get a decision in "5 minutes" lol.. and had 2 months to set up the rehab!!!!!!!

the judge bends to his every whim, lets the entire process turn into a travesty and a circus, and meanwhile as the lawyer said lohan was in the facility now she was spotted at fry's buying electronics during the hearing.

The judge should be disbarred. He doesnt have the mentality or judgement to sit on the bench. He lets the defense lawyer interrupt him and talk him down, and lets the entire order be revised by the defendant.

Further he states "it looks like its an okay facility" and its a sober living house with a revoked license.

The California Attorney General needs to intervene here and convene another judge urgently.

516 days ago


This is what happens when someone is never given any consequence. Enough of her already. She can't even act.

516 days ago


Bring back the "good ol days" of Paris Hilton

516 days ago


What is UP with that outfit?!?! Is that what she bought at Chanel??

516 days ago


I will never serve for jury duty again. The system is one big failure that allows loop holes, over and over, for some, while others "go directly to jail. do not pass go."
I have more respect for the judges on American Idol than the judges in our nations courtrooms.

516 days ago


I think people in LA need to go protest in front of the Prosecutors office and the Judges home! I'm not all vindictive but I did my 41 days with no breaks handed to me and how many breaks has Lindsey got? This is just plain sick at this point. Anyone smell a money trail?

516 days ago


At this point, I don't believe anything TMZ writes.

516 days ago


Even by Californua standards this pity party lib Judge is a complete IDIOT and joke. He has something in comon with Lindsey and her NewYork mob lawyer. complete and utter contempt for Justice and the Courts. I hope the BJs are worth his complete lose of integrity.

516 days ago


Send TMZ to Rehab! Yes! Send TMZ to Rehab!

516 days ago

Roman Moroni    

I think it's absurd & degrading when Judges like this here pictured, fall to their feet & obey her every command - they might as well wash them while they are down there!

516 days ago


California courts are a laughing stock!! Let some people out off jail that haven't had as many chance that she has and put both her and her lawyer in there. Dam I want to come to California and brake the laws and tell the judge screw you I'm not doing what you say your not my boss.

516 days ago


Why should she go, no one is holding her accountable
I'll bet my house and a couple of kids thrown in that two weeks behind bars would humble her- especially when she hears the shouts "HEY NEW CHERRY IN THE BUILDING"

516 days ago


Even "if" she goes to jail for 90 days, she'll have a posh private room and probably anything she wants - including her ciggies, clothes from Chanel. And then we'll hear the reports of how fantastic she looked, how nice she was to everyone, etc., etc. I want to throw up already...

516 days ago
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