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Lindsay Lohan

Chooses Fry's Over Rehab

5/2/2013 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's lawyer lied in court today when he said his client was already ensconced in a rehab facility ... she was actually roaming the aisles of an electronics store.

Lindsay was at Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA at 9 AM ... the same time her lawyer, Mark Heller, told the judge she was confined to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach.

Fact is ... this post went up at 11:10 AM PT and she's still not at Morningside.  Lindsay's SUV arrived at the facility a short time ago but she didn't get out ... the vehicle left with Lindsay still inside.

It's unclear if the judge will allow Lindsay to do her 90 days at Morningside.  TMZ broke the story ... the facility had its license REVOKED and it can no longer provide treatment.  It's just a sober living facility, and it's doubtful that's gonna cut it with hizzoner.


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Hot Farts    

If there is a warrant she will be in jail til she sees a judge

485 days ago


This has-been/never was/never will be "actress" is in clear violation of her probation, pure and simple. The judge needs to have the cojones to order a bench warrant and toss LiLo in the slammer once and for all. She's been thumbing her nose at the Court for too long.

485 days ago


Hay judge I got a nice resort I mean rehab in Mexico can you send me to the one I want?

485 days ago


At this point does she even need to go to rehab in N.Y.? Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day are almost here. It's time to PARTY!!!

485 days ago


Come on get it together ! Where I'm from you'd be in jail.

485 days ago


she needs jail the judge is ball less if he does not throw this trainwreck in jail.

485 days ago


It wouldn't surprise me if she is sitting in rehab right now. I could see her people putting out the story that she fled just so she didn't have the walk of shame pictures. Put out story she fled, paps head to lax and then she enters. Seems plausible. Personally I like the fled story better, far more entertaining.

485 days ago


This is just wrong a gay guy shouldn't advertise this way see quote popsicleboy16: 10 minutes ago The judge was caught doing lines with lohan the night earlier when she gave him a BJ he said "so all i gotta do is say looks like a place that falls within the plea deal right lindsay?".. lindsay wipes her mouth and says yup.

485 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever - It's official

485 days ago


The Lohan story is like an old car whose battery was starting to run out of juice. But out of nowhere she gets a jump and the damn thing keeps going. Someone needs to push that car off a cliff.

485 days ago

Hot Farts    

I was told that her actual mug shots including those not released totals 12 and this one upcoming for the warrant will be lucky 13

485 days ago


Listening to charlie rich all day ㄩ

485 days ago


Here's my take on Heller:

1. His statement that LL was at Morningside was probably not perjury. She's a lying Lohan. His last convo with her was probably when she was on her way to the place. Unbeknownst to him Lindsay takes a side trip. The thing about that Fry's is that it is not visible from the freeway or even the street. It's tucked way back in an industrial park.
Heller obviously tried to pull a fast one and no doubt in conjunction with Lohan. Interesting that the Cali attorney was not there. My guess is when LL finally realized that she absolutely could not have her ciggies at Seafield she balked. Probably she and Dina found Morningstar. My guess is that Heller knew about the licensing issue. What he gave to the judge was a letter from the head of the place which no doubt described how their facility would fit within the parameters of the plea deal. The judge made his temporary decision based on that. Heller tried to get the hearing on sufficiency made 30-45 days from now. At that point he'd argue and no doubt have testimony from Morningstar about how great she's doing and how it would be detrimental to remove her. His only problem was that Terry White didn't fall for the scheme.

485 days ago


I love that Heller was in court telling the judge that Lindsay was "ensconced" in rehab, and she was really out shopping. Way to make a liar out of your attorney!

485 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

I find it humorous you all think Mumra the nerd cartoon fantasy lover is some kind of computer hack because he/she is on someone's Twitter. Lame, lame,lame. I am way beyond that. And I know a few of you have already felt that.

485 days ago
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