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Lindsay Lohan

Scores Rehab Victory ... Maybe

5/2/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0502-tmz-judge-dabney-merk-hellerLindsay Lohan may have gotten away with it again ... she checked into a rehab facility that was NEVER approved by prosecutors and the judge seems like he's down with the change.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay checked into Morningside Recovery this morning in Newport Beach.  As we previously reported ... prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller -- who wore a tie that could itself be a felony -- had agreed she would enroll in Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY.  Heller never gave prosecutors a heads-up that Lindsay was flying to CA last night to enroll in Morningside.

As we reported, Lindsay made the change because Seafield wouldn't let her smoke at the facility ... but smoking was permitted at Morningside. 

A furious prosecutor -- Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White -- clearly felt blindsided by the change, saying he learned about it from the media yesterday.  White also expressed misgivings about Morningside, saying he found 3 articles "condemning" the facility.

As for what prosecutor White was talking about ... in 2012 State investigators suspended Morningside's license for allegedly being careless with prescription drugs.  And at least 9 families of patients reportedly sued the facility for failing to deliver treatment.  At the time, a State official called Morningside, "a substantial threat" to the health and safety of the public.

But Judge Jim Dabney looked at some of the paperwork about Morningside and said on its face it seemed like the rehab joint was acceptable, but he's giving prosecutors a week from Friday to investigate.

For now, Lindsay will stay at Morningside -- where she can smoke as many cigarettes as she wants.


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Newport is better for her- Charlie can deliver drugs without flying cross country

540 days ago


What's the point of having laws & a judicial system if this stupid bitch can do whatever seeps into her drug addicted brain on a whim, and continually get away with it? Her rationalization, through her wee little attorney the garden gnome, is that "there's going to be paparazzi at the other approved rehab facility, and that's not fair to her". Uh, this stupid bitch COURTS the papps; she texts them to tell them where she'll be, so she can have her pic taken then she can tweet about it and make money off it. So, her reason, like everything else she has ever told the court, is complete bullsh*t. And she gets away with it again. I hope some crazed psychotic druggie beats her down hard in rehab...

540 days ago


The girl is welling to risk facing a judge for her tobacco. Tobacco is an addictive drug.!.

Wonder how much her last minute flight cost her to fly to CA so she can consume her tobacco?

540 days ago


She is going to get away with it again. Shocker.

540 days ago


why does she keep getting away with ****.... seriously she should have gone to rehab in NY she should go to jail period

540 days ago


I CANNOT stand Lindsey's lawyer...he is annoying, obnoxious and rude. Every single time we think that she is in BIG trouble, magically, she gets out of wonder she thinks she is untouchable....nothing ever day it will catch up though..

540 days ago


i cant believe what i heard today.. its a shame.. that lawyer is a Criminal to say the lease.. he is someone who should behind bars himself.. please make him go away.. he is someone who would leak information and then blame it on someone else.. he is shady and should not be allowed to practice law in CA. or anywhere else for that matter.

540 days ago


First I would think "Fans" of Lohan would want her to get the right help. Second if i were the prosecution I would just set the hearing, screw the evaluation. The agreement was breached clear and simple. Third don't move to Hollywood to comit crimes quite yet, first you have to be famous, and rich.

540 days ago

cynical me    

We called it, not a damn thing happened to her.

540 days ago


Seriously... Any other person would have been in jail for months...years at this point. Why is she so special? I'd think the tax payers of LA and/or California have had about enough of her since they seem to be paying for her bad behavior. I say put her in jail for a few months. Probably won't help her but at least it would give the appearance of not giving her special treatment... Shame on the justice system.

540 days ago


when someone's drying out, the last thing you should do is tell them no smoking

540 days ago


if this had been some black skinned rapper, they would have sent cop to the treatment center and dragged his ass to jail, but because it's Lindsay Lohan, she gets a pass and the ability to stay where she wants on her terms. Who controls the court here?

540 days ago


I can only pray she gets some roomie in THIS round of Klub Rehab who isn't about to take her sh!t and just smacks the cheap orange self tanner right off her stank ass. I wanna kick Crackie right in the chicklets, what's left of them, LOL

540 days ago

Edvard Munch    

She needs to join Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and the other members of that exclusive club pronto.

540 days ago


Called it! Said yesterday nothing would happen and as usual she's gotten away with it. She will never ever change why would she? She gets away with it.

540 days ago
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