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Lindsay Lohan

Scores Rehab Victory ... Maybe

5/2/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0502-tmz-judge-dabney-merk-hellerLindsay Lohan may have gotten away with it again ... she checked into a rehab facility that was NEVER approved by prosecutors and the judge seems like he's down with the change.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay checked into Morningside Recovery this morning in Newport Beach.  As we previously reported ... prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller -- who wore a tie that could itself be a felony -- had agreed she would enroll in Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY.  Heller never gave prosecutors a heads-up that Lindsay was flying to CA last night to enroll in Morningside.

As we reported, Lindsay made the change because Seafield wouldn't let her smoke at the facility ... but smoking was permitted at Morningside. 

A furious prosecutor -- Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White -- clearly felt blindsided by the change, saying he learned about it from the media yesterday.  White also expressed misgivings about Morningside, saying he found 3 articles "condemning" the facility.

As for what prosecutor White was talking about ... in 2012 State investigators suspended Morningside's license for allegedly being careless with prescription drugs.  And at least 9 families of patients reportedly sued the facility for failing to deliver treatment.  At the time, a State official called Morningside, "a substantial threat" to the health and safety of the public.

But Judge Jim Dabney looked at some of the paperwork about Morningside and said on its face it seemed like the rehab joint was acceptable, but he's giving prosecutors a week from Friday to investigate.

For now, Lindsay will stay at Morningside -- where she can smoke as many cigarettes as she wants.


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Nothing is going to happen to her... you know it... I know it...the judge knows it... hell, the POTUS knows it! TMZ please stop the sensational headline. NOTHING is going to happen to her. She will be on vacation with her tits hanging out tomorrow.

518 days ago


I swear her 2006 movie 'Just My Luck' has extended its courtesies to her real life -__-

518 days ago


Not the least bit surprising. Lindsey makes her own rules and the judges follow her orders. Shameful commentary on our justice system. Especially when you think people are in hard prison for selling small amounts of dope. What a joke!

518 days ago


The great American justice system you have money and you walk. If your poor you go to jail. 'Nuff said..

518 days ago


Too bad she can't see the forest through the trees. She keeps skating and never really paying for her crimes and every time the "little people" just keep getting more pissed off. You know, those people who buy tickets to movies, who purchase products with faces on them. She has won battles but she will never win the war. I would NOT ever spend a cent on anything she is attached to, EVER! She'll be free to prostitute herself soon. Nice life right there.

518 days ago


Why should SHE give a siht what the court orders? She'll go into rehab where SHE wants, not some prosecutor.
And as long as we have these mealy-mouthed judges with no cujones giving her break after break, then I don't blame her.
F'k the justice system- I'm Lindsey Lohan!

518 days ago


Why does everyone keep saying she got away with it.. there was no decisions made at all. The DA already said they have news articles on the place and want to fully investigate it. Wouldn't buy Heller's crap or talk to the CEO of the place Heller kept pushing. With all the info we've all seen on this place I don't think the DA will have much problem proving that this place is not up to snuff on the 10th. And the judge already said if that happens then he will set the hearing for as early as the 13th. She may have bought herself a week but it's certainly not over yet.

518 days ago


No disappointment cuz EVERYONE was prepared. Blohan is in charge and the court best get used to it!!! Poor Terry and Judge Dabney, looking like her little b!tch AGAIN . . ..

518 days ago


Would you just OD already........

518 days ago

Suzy Q     

It's a psychiatric, dual diagnosis treatment center and that's exactly what she needs, if they can deliver.
It depends on the staff and they program. If they start out by giving her special privileges, than it's useless.

518 days ago


I was so impressed with that Judge;if he was annoyed by the antics he certainly didn't show it - very, very professional. However, I truly wish he had moved Miss "gets away with everything" to a jail cell until a proper review of the California rehab facility had been completed by prosecutors....

518 days ago


I think the real headline for this article is 'TMZ IS WRONG...YET AGAIN'~! You couldn't wait to cackle that the judge was going to be pissed off...and once again, you were WRONG!

518 days ago


the system is a joke in LOS ANGELES when it deals with celebrities. Judges ALWAYS come down on their side no matter what they do, no matter how many times they do it. when she kills a family of 5 in dui disaster, she still wont go to jail. everyone needs to accept this as the way it is in LA. don't get invested in watching any trials, don't be hopeful for justice. CELEBS WILL NEVER EVER EVER PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES. NEVER. move on. And this sick court case involving AEG and the jacksons....the Jacksons will win that one too. AEG will actually be held responsible for MJ's death. wait and see.

518 days ago


the judge wont do a damn thing. the **** will get away with whatever she tries to get away with, as usual. when she kills someone in a drunk driving accident it wont be just her fault, it will be on the heads of every single one of the judges who ever let her off the hook.

518 days ago


the judge wont do a damn thing. the **** will get away with whatever she tries to get away with, as usual. when she kills someone in a drunk driving accident it wont be just her fault, it will be on the heads of every single one of the judges who ever let her off the hook.

518 days ago
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