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Lindsay Lohan

Scores Rehab Victory ... Maybe

5/2/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0502-tmz-judge-dabney-merk-hellerLindsay Lohan may have gotten away with it again ... she checked into a rehab facility that was NEVER approved by prosecutors and the judge seems like he's down with the change.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay checked into Morningside Recovery this morning in Newport Beach.  As we previously reported ... prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller -- who wore a tie that could itself be a felony -- had agreed she would enroll in Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY.  Heller never gave prosecutors a heads-up that Lindsay was flying to CA last night to enroll in Morningside.

As we reported, Lindsay made the change because Seafield wouldn't let her smoke at the facility ... but smoking was permitted at Morningside. 

A furious prosecutor -- Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White -- clearly felt blindsided by the change, saying he learned about it from the media yesterday.  White also expressed misgivings about Morningside, saying he found 3 articles "condemning" the facility.

As for what prosecutor White was talking about ... in 2012 State investigators suspended Morningside's license for allegedly being careless with prescription drugs.  And at least 9 families of patients reportedly sued the facility for failing to deliver treatment.  At the time, a State official called Morningside, "a substantial threat" to the health and safety of the public.

But Judge Jim Dabney looked at some of the paperwork about Morningside and said on its face it seemed like the rehab joint was acceptable, but he's giving prosecutors a week from Friday to investigate.

For now, Lindsay will stay at Morningside -- where she can smoke as many cigarettes as she wants.


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John Peterman    

Yep.. Look at this... Judge is reviewing paperwork for the "new" facility.. Looks like Lindsey gets away with her actions again... There's a shocker...(Rolling Eyes)

518 days ago


She is just thumbing her nose at the US Court system - judges, prosecutors, her own attorney, etc. She does what she wants and never gets in trouble. This one should do it for her - 90 days in JAIL is what she is supposed to get (what everyone else would get) so we'll see if the judge will FINALLY do something to her! NO EARLY RELEASE - DO THE ENTIRE 90 DAYS!

518 days ago


Nicole--Lindsay is 75% of the way there to getting what she wants which would be a rehab in a beautiful place that will let her smoke, drink alcohol and take illegal and prescription drugs to her heart's content--of course, it's to her heart's detriment as well but you don't care about that.
The only problem is that she chose a sketchy place. Oh and really angered the prosecutors as well. I wouldn't get too confident just yet. Although after this morning God knows what will happen

518 days ago


Oh for heaven sake. Just put her in jail already.

518 days ago

hank hill    

Funny about that pap with a ladder to see over the crowd.

518 days ago


It really bugs me that she and her attorney (who was extremely disrespectful to the Court, Judge, and opposing counsel) got to run the hearing this morning. But, no worries. She will screw up again soon enough. Maybe, just maybe, she'll be held accountable then. At some point this ridiculousness has to end, no?

518 days ago


I thought California has the three strikes law. I guess if your famous you get 100 strikes and then if you still don't want to follow the law its ok because you thank you are better than the rest of us. Litter girl come to arizona and brake the law we don't care who you think you are you will sit in jail just like the criminal you are.

518 days ago



518 days ago


I was going to Amsterdam for my vacation but screw that- Morningside sounds way better

518 days ago


Tmz is hot on the delete button today. Whats the problem with saying White and Dabney are Blohans litlle B!TCHES?

518 days ago


Told ya! Ha the judge is not gonna place her in jail no matter where she does her rehab. the most he will do if the dont like this one is to tell them to transfer her to another one! He knows he has no control over the jail system and if he remands her she will be done with that sentence in a matter of hours instead of the 3 months she will do in rehab! Get a grip people! The judge is doing the best he cana nd the prosecutor should be shot for wasting tax payers money dragging her back in the first place. He should have left her alone to screw up in NY so she could actually be punished for a change!

518 days ago


Once again, Lindsay turns a sitting judge into a chump. It'd be nice one of these days to see a judge throw the book at her -- and actually hit her with it.

518 days ago


ca-ca, poo-poo and Lindsay get another walk!!!! Thank you judge!!

518 days ago


NEW THREAD Morningside has NO LICENSE!!

518 days ago


Die already. Please, just....Die.

518 days ago
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