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Nicki Minaj


You're a Bitter Old Woman!

5/2/2013 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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In case you forgot ... Nicki Minaj STILL HATES Mariah Carey ... and moments ago, she went after the diva AGAIN ... calling her a bitter old woman with no personality.

Minaj just unloaded on Twitter, following a series of heated exchanges on "American Idol" last night.  During the show, Mariah spit a little trash talk Nicki's way ... and taunted her for never having a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Nicki took some shots back at Mariah on the show -- at one point breaking out a cotton swab and telling Mariah to clean out her ears.

But moments ago, Nicki continued the war on Twitter ... telling critics to ask themselves "Why a woman SO successful at her age, is still so INSECURE, and bitter."

Minaj also made a reference to reports that "Idol" producers were recently looking to replace Mariah with former judge Jennifer Lopez:

"All dem #1s but JLo phone ringin? Lol. I guess having a personality, being a secure woman, and giving genuine critique still trumps that." So far, no response from Mariah.

Of course, Nicki and Mariah have been at each other's throats since before the season even began ... 'memba this video from last year?



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Niki u're so unprofessional and u're hippo hips r discusting and u're rude and u don't have a clue on how to be a lady and show people respect. Mirah has a great personality and is very professional, i don't like u i mute u when u're talking and u're a stupid kid. get a life i do hope next season they don't put u on idol becuz if they do i won't watch it. ok hippo hips and u're fake ass hair want to be i don't know who or should i say what. u're trailer trash with no manners. Mirah u're awsome

475 days ago


Listen lil hoodrat. Bow-down to the real queen bitches. She does't' need a personally when she has a voice like that but without personality maybe she shouldn't be on the show but that's a whole other story. This lil ghetto brat because that's what she is she's a brat to Miraha''s fabulousness so sit down and go play with wigs

475 days ago


Nikki is so cranky and mean because of the black market silicone or bathroom caulk injections south of the border has caused severe brain damage

475 days ago


The reason I'm not watching AI this year has NOTHING to do with Mariah Carey and EVERYTHING to do with Nikki Minaj. She's horrific, obnoxious and has no business being on that panel. She's a talentless hack and she's ruined the show.

475 days ago


Nikki is a nappy ho, a tranny from the hood...

475 days ago


These two have such huge egos, there's not enough room for them in the same state. Put them on the same stage, and you have a recipe for disaster.

475 days ago


Idol....wake up!!! Don't you understand that you have lost most all of your viewers because of Trashy Nicki Minaj!! Who the hell had the terrible idea ago put her on as a judge---they should be fired!!

475 days ago


Yeah...and're the reason i stopped watching Idol..I like people that have talent to try and be a judge of upcoming talent. Not a freaky nasty looking bitch who is trash and will never amount to anything other than a joke. Mariah has style and class...and can atleast sing ;)

475 days ago


Who's insecure? Secure people leave **** alone. They don't go run and cry on twitter. Just go away Nicki. 50 years from now people will remember Mariah Carey the way they remember Patsy Cline. At best Minaj well be remembered as Lulu

475 days ago


I thought Nicki was going to jump on the desk and punch Mariah. If that happens Nicki will never work again. online casinos

475 days ago


I don't care for neither, but why is it when there's a chance for white America to take hood and ghetto jabs at a black person this is an excuse to do so with the racists comments. Think nicki care about what you broke can't pay your mortgage people think of her. Nobody would dare say half the things u people posting on here about Simon Cowell and look how he was. I wonder why cause he white and looks like u white people posting the racists comments

475 days ago

Tina A., Lakewood, CA    

WOW! Seem like a lot of insecure people these days. Team Nicki always. I'm Mariah's age and she need to stop hating she had nicki's body and youth, Mariah, your old, Nicki don't want Nick but Nick might want her. Mariah **** does stink as well Nicki aint start the bs but she will fini*****. Mariah talk to much **** and Nicki aint having it. LOL, all these haters. Team Nicki.

475 days ago


Nicki, Mariah, and I, 3-way. nuff said.

475 days ago


I love Mariah... been a fan for years. She is a true artist! I think she needs to work on her criticism of the artists.

I think she needs to stop stooping waaaaaaaaaaaaay down to Nicki's level.

Nicki is a gimmick!!!

475 days ago


They need to get rid of Nicki, she has no class and dresses like a little kid. At least Mariah has class and character.

475 days ago
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