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Reese Witherspoon Arrest


Crazier Than You Thought!

5/3/2013 9:45 AM PDT UPDATED: 5/3/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10:30 AM PT
-- And just when you thought it couldn't get any better ... we just posted more video.

Reese Witherspoon
wasn't kidding when she told GMA she was "saying all kinds of crazy things"  ... and TMZ has obtained the entire, unbelievably entertaining dash cam video.

The footage, obtained from law enforcement sources, shows the officer arresting Reese's husband Jim Toth for DUI in the early morning hours of April 19.

Reese -- who since admitted she was hammered at the time -- decided to butt in during the arrest ... and the officer obviously wasn't having it and cartoonishly enforced the law with a vengeance.

In fact, the cop warned Reese several times to sit down and be quiet so he could focus on Jim -- Witherspoon didn't exactly comply.

Instead, Reese got in the officer's face ... and annoyed him to the point that he arrested her for disorderly conduct. Here are some of Reese's finest quotes during the incident:

Reese: "Do you know my name sir?"
Officer: "Don't need to know."
Reese "You don't NEED to know my name?"
Officer: "Not quite yet."

Reese: "I have done nothing against the law."
Officer: "Yes you did, you didn't obey my orders."

Reese: "I'm now being arrested and handcuffed??"

Reese: "I'm an American citizen ... I'm allowed to stand on American ground."

Reese: "You better not arrest me."

Reese: "I'm being anti-American?"
Officer: "Yes, please sit down."
Reese: "Wow!"

Reese: "You're harassing me as an American citizen"

And the best line -- "I'm obstructing your justice?"

After Reese's tirade, Jim actually told the cop, "I'm sorry, I had nothing to do with that!"

During the arrest, Reese also told the cop she was pregnant and needed to pee.  She later confessed on "GMA" that she panicked and said "crazy things" because her husband was being arrested. 

050213_witherspoon_dash_3_launch_v2Funny moment during the bust ... the officer instructs Toth to blow hard during a breathalyzer test -- coaching him along the way, "Blow! blow! blow! blow! blow! blow! blow!"

But Toth blew TOO HARD ... and the cop had to do the whole thing all over again.

We broke the story ... Reese pled no contest to Physical Obstruction of Another and Jim pled guilty to DUI.


No Avatar


She's probably never been that f'd up before either.Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you.

538 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

She gives me the creeps, but I liked her in "Blazing Saddles." Lili Von Shtupp: "Would you like another schnitzengruben?" Sheriff Bart: "No, thank you. Fifteen is my limit."

538 days ago


For some reason I like her a lot more. IT wasnt as bad as I thought.

538 days ago



538 days ago


Could she repeat anymore that she was an American? Lol. I will say that TMZ made it seem like she really was trying to use her star power when she really wasn't at all. Way to exaggerate as always.

538 days ago


I think that cop over reacted. This was not bad like TMZ lead us to believe.

538 days ago


Great stuff. I look forward to this playing everywhere for years to come.

538 days ago


Who's writing your headlines TMZ? The only thing crazy here was the cop.....blow..blow..blow..blow..blow..blow..blow....I'm sure he'll be having his balls busted over this for years to come!

538 days ago


Kinda diggin the cop's accent.

538 days ago


her husband threw her under the bus at the end of the video. "I had nothing to do with that" What a *****

538 days ago


Okay kind of funny. Not that I am condoning drinking and driving..there weretimes when i was a drunken moron when I was younger and made a bigger idiot out of myself then that. Just saying.

538 days ago


Hey you know who I am? I am an American citizen and mother of a young driver who has to share the roads with irresponsible asses like you and your hubby.

538 days ago


Funny video. Now we know she's an American citizen.

But I agree, lots of exaggeration on TMZ part.

Her husband very quickly threw her under the bus. I don't see that marriage lasting.

538 days ago


Oh who really cares, this is old and over.

538 days ago

Tammy LM    

What was so funny was her husband throwing her under the bus completely by saying, "I... had nothing to do with that".. when the cop returned as if to completely distance himself from Reese's behavior as if to say...."I'm not even with that crazy woman. I don't even know who she is. I've never seen that woman before in my life officer!"

But to those who say (especially the second comment) that the cop was being a prick. He most certainly was not. He didn't know who she was. You all do however. You know who she is. He just sees her as a person. He doesn't need to know her name. She approaches him while he's dealing with one drunk person and a police officer is not going to stand there and try and do one job while keeping his eye on another person standing and hovering around him getting madder by the second trying to argue when he has no idea who they are, or if they'd suddenly grab for his gun. He doesn't know if she'll start assalting him or if the driver will attempt to run for his car or to flee in some other way.

But mostly you cannot focus entirely on one person at a time which is what the cop is supposed to do when you have an irrate woman marching right over and mouthing off to him. She was required to stay in the car and if she wanted to speak with him after he was done processing her husband or whatever he was going to do he would have gladly and routinely I might add step right over to her and explained to her the situation. In fact, those would have probably been his exact words to her. "Now, M'am, the situation right now is....Your husband is being placed under arrest for DUI..."etc. That's all needed to be done. So no he was not being a jerk. He was sticking to his abrupt points and not argueing with her. He was very professional. Some cops out there would have tased her ass and thrown her on the ground probably resulting in her being bruised and hurt. She's lucky the cop she got was a nice one.

538 days ago
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