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Charlie Sheen

Officials Take Kids Away

From Brooke Mueller

5/3/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0503_mueller_kids_denise_richards_tmzCharlie Sheen's twin boys were REMOVED from the home of their mother Brooke Mueller last night -- after officials decided her house was an "unsafe environment" for children.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... officials from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services arrived to Brooke's home Thursday with a warrant -- and took 4-year-old Bob and Max out of the house.

We're told the children are now in the care of Denise Richards -- the mother of Sheen's 2 young daughters.

Sources tell us ... officials determined Brooke's home was unsafe because they suspected she was using drugs again -- something she's been struggling with for years -- and they believed the children were in danger.

We're told a court hearing has been set for next week -- in the hopes of finding a more permanent solution regarding where the children should live.

It's unclear why Charlie was not given temporary custody of the kids -- but let's get serious, even Sheen knows they're in better hands with Denise.


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I've done a full 180 on Denise. When he and Denise got married, I believed the "golddigger" crap he put out about her. After seeing what he's really like, and his other wife since Denise, I think he is truly "winning" to have someone who will take care of someone else's kids (especially when it's her EX and he was probably screwing with Brooke when they got divorced). Denise, you win mother and ex-wife of the year (or the decade).

505 days ago


Charlie has the money to support all the kids and Denise is a good mother. I just hope she can keep them permanently and not be tossed back and forth. Denise is an angel.

505 days ago


Sad that the twins Mom cannot figure it out for the childrens sake but so glad that Denise is there for the lil ones. Shes an incredible as a person and a Mom. She has a way of putting aside the antics of Brooke and Charlie and always does whats best for the children while keeping the peace at the same time. Shes awesome!! :-)

505 days ago


Denise is the best thing to happen to those two boys.

505 days ago


Its about time time these angels were removed from this unstable woman!

505 days ago


All of these "God Bless Saint Denise" posts are absolutely hysterical! DR is doing this for herself and to make herself look better in the public eye. From the looks of these posts, she has reeled the worshippers in hook, line and sinker! Her obsession with Sheen and to be attached to a situation that will further her moment in the spotlight is ALL this about. Money and Nannies are raising all these poor children, anyone that believes otherwise is an idiot.

505 days ago


Wow!!! Kudos to Denise Richards.

I recall her as the person who started sleeping with her friend's (Heather Locklear) ex-hubby.

I did not think that was a good look.

She has become a different person... wow!

Good for the kids!

505 days ago


OMG. Thank GOD. This woman is a complete WASTE OF SPACE. Choosing DRUGS OVER YOUR CHILDREN MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!! Don't give them back to her EVER. She's had MORE THAN ENOUGH chances to get her act together. If they have any chance of a "normal" life they are better off without her. And, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE DID ALL TO HERSELF!! Thank you Denise!

505 days ago

Jet hero    

Charlie needs to stop making babies, and gaining more 'baby momma's. He may have money, but he obviously can't care for his children. Zip it!!

505 days ago


Kim Richards is a saint!

505 days ago


Wtf is wrong with these people the more money the more drugs what dumb asses my goodness

505 days ago

Just Sayin     

This is so so so sad.

505 days ago


This is pathetic. Charlie Sheen nor Brooke's mother are able to care for these babies? Charlie, you suck. Denise Richards is a wonderful woman. She does not have to do this. Brooke should permanently lose custody of these poor children who deserve better. She has repeatedly demonstrated that she cannot care for herself nor does she care to, so she certainly cannot care for her twins. Three strikes, you're out.

505 days ago


she gets 50k a month is child support.
she could hire a sober coach and
a staff to take care of the house and kids.
shes been to re hab 8 times already.
I still cant help to feel sorry for her.
Charlie must not be sober either or he would have gottn the kids. if she got sober she could have the world at her feet, and her kids!

505 days ago


So sad how these two children have been bused around from one home to the other all because their parents have dependency problems and can not stay clean. These children will probably have their own problems when they get older and then who's going to deal with it and except them in their home. Charlie has to be one of the most screwed up people out their and Brooke does not need to have these children back.

505 days ago
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