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Kobe Bryant

NBA Star and Mom

In Bitter Legal Battle

5/3/2013 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant
is in a tooth-and-nail fight with his mother over some priceless basketball memorabilia, including his 1998 All Star ring.

Seems Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, made a deal with Goldin Auctions to sell hoards of Kobe's bball swag, including a 2000 All Star game signed ball, game and practice jerseys from his days at Lower Merion High School, a Lakers jacket and shorts, trophies, his varsity high school letters and lots of other stuff.

According to a lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... the auction house gave Pamela a $450,000 advance, which she says will be used immediately to buy a new home.  According to the lawsuit, Pamela told the auction house Kobe gave her all the stuff outright 5 years ago.

But Kobe has beef, claiming he's the owner of the stuff and he's trying to block the auction. 

So a fearful Goldin Auctions has gone to court, naming Kobe as the defendant and asking a judge to declare Pamela the owner of the goods.

A judge has yet to rule.


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No Avatar


I think the point here not the money but he wants too keep his childhood stuff. I wuld be the same.. my mom wants to keep my childhood stuff and she would never let anyone buy it... mothers love memoriies more then making money of children items... what a shame

536 days ago


I assume Kobe does not have a good relationship with his mother.

536 days ago


apparently Kobe does not take care of his mother.

536 days ago


I can't believe so many people are busting his balls for not setting up his mother in a mansion and endless cash flow. Do you know something about their relationship? I have no idea what is going on between these two, so maybe it's toxic and he has chosen to not assume financial responsibility for her. Maybe she's an alcoholic or something....who knows. Clearly, she is the kind of mother who would sell her child's prized possessions for less than half of a million bucks. She clearly doesn't seem to have a strong moral character based off that alone. If she doesn't have the right to see it, she should be stopped. If she needs money, she should work instead of just expecting a free ride from her son. Maybe he isn't interested in being her meal ticket and he has ever right to feel that way.

536 days ago


It's a shame your mother has to sell things to make it, with all the money you have. You should be providing for her unless you are a very greedy, self absorbed man. You spend millions on your wife,( so you can screw other women and she won't leave) why not throw some your mother's way? She has done more for you than anyone in your life and that includes your wife.

536 days ago


Kobe is a punk!

536 days ago


maybe his parents still upset because he married non african-american, lol. His dad was an NBA player i guess, he doesnt need to give his mother a money, he earned that money he can do whatever he wants to it, and for god sake, his mother just WANT not NEED a house in vegas. And if i gave something to my mom like watch or a gift that is important to me, and she sold it i would be pretty much upset too.

536 days ago


Dang... Kobe will take care of Vanessa's Mom (buy her a house and everything, she even got something out of the divorce) and won't take care of him own momma? Wow - Really!!!1

536 days ago


hoards? don't you mean hordes? rich and famous, but won't hire a proofreader

536 days ago


Kobe likely gave these items to his mom for safe keeping in case of a divorce not thinking she would sell them off. Solve the problem Kobe, buy the house to store them in and let her live there rent free. Next issue?

536 days ago


Kobe is a punk and have always been disrespectful toward his mother! I hope the judge ruled against him, PUNK@!

536 days ago


(I accidently posted my last comment before I finished it). Obviously, Kobe and his mom do not have a good relationship. If they did I'm sure he would be more willing to buy her a house. I love my own mother and if I had Kobe's money I would buy her as many houses as she wants. However, I recognize not everyone feels that way about their mother. Whatever the reason, Kobe has decided that the family he would choose to help out is his wife's family. He has every right to choose whom he wishes to help and he doesn't need our approval. While I disagree with his choice on one level, I also disagree with his mom's choice to sell his things. I also recognize that he can spend his money how he sees fit. He is under ZERO obligation to give his mom one red penny and I assume he has his reasons for not helping her.

536 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Damn Kobe! Your mom is cold blooded! I'm sure he gave it to her because it's his mom and moms hold their kids sentimental items, if she was broke and needed a house-ask! What type of mother sells her children's priceless items he worked his a$$ off for!

536 days ago


What is wrong with you people? At no point in the article does it say that she is homeless. At no point in the article does it say that he has never supported her and won't give her money. All this article said is that his mother made a deal with an auction house that she can probably no longer get out of and Kobe is pissed that his childhood memorabilia is being sold. The auction house instigated the lawsuit to protect their interests. Calm down, read, and if at all possible attempt comprehension of said thing you're reading. I can't.

536 days ago


Hey you never know what happened between Kobe and his mother. She might have crossed a line before this happened, and that's why she now needs money. Think about it. If someone including family crossed you in a hurtful way. Wouldn't you cut them off? She must have! Ask Dr. Phil. He is always telling people too loose the bloodsuckers from your life. I'll bet she got too greedy for her own good or was treating his wife poorly. Yes I know the wife is a real piece of work herself, but he loves her.

536 days ago
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