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Lindsay Lohan

Safe And Sound

At Betty Ford ... For Now

5/3/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is safely ensconced at the Betty Ford Center rehab facility in Rancho Mirage, CA ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Lindsay checked in late Thursday night ... barely dodging a looming arrest warrant.

We broke the story ... Lindsay has re-hired Shawn Holley, who then negotiated with Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White to make the deal that Betty Ford was an acceptable rehab joint.

It's ironic Lindsay is at Betty Ford -- you'll recall back in 2010 Lindsay got into an epic fight during her rehab stay with a staffer.  The police were called and civil lawsuits were filed.  It's amazing Betty Ford took her back.

We're told prosecutors will back off their promise to seek an arrest warrant today ... although they still have to get the judge to sign off on Betty Ford, but it looks like that will just be a formality.

Can Lindsay make it for 90 days?  Let's be serious.


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Ain't nobody got time for this bitch... ship her mildew crotch back ti nyc or that island amy winehouse last went to... so sick of hearing about this ****'s drama

481 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

BTW, We dont know for sure yet if Terry White says yes to this. TMZ likes blowing smoke up your ass

481 days ago


She just loves to play and mock the judicial system. All of these enablers surely help her.

481 days ago



481 days ago


WoW'!, just when you think she can't get her way anymore! This is like the dumbest **** I have ever seen! Any regular person would have been locked up so long ago!

481 days ago


At least Betty Ford does have a "lockdown" area in the main building where ingoing and outgoing is supposedly monitored - that's where they put Lindsay after her avoid-the-breathalyzer-at-all-costs shena****ns that injured the poor tech called in to breathalyze her. As long as they keep her there and don't trust her for a minute, they can probably handle her. They'll have to issue special warnings to staff...

I'm still shocked they would let her anywhere near their facility, though. Must be the first time anybody had called 911 to try to play the victim when they were clearly the aggressor (as verified by police and a later insurance investigation). That's how the incident became public, since 911 reports are public record and tabloids like TMZ watch them.

I still think they need to tag her or else she'll try to wander.

481 days ago


All I know is I have less than no respect for the judicial system in California. They don't even care that they're the laughing stock of what is a system that already needs help, and LILO is proving it over and over. We don't care to hear about her anymore cuz she does't think SHE has a problem!!!

481 days ago


Let's be real, history suggests she won't succeed. If she does great, but I'm skeptical. My issue is with the total disrespect and irresponsibility she's exhibited the last twenty four hours. Frolicking around like she's doing the world a favor "attempting to get sober ""

481 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So how much did you pay for Lohan's two minute phone call? Couldn't you at least have gotten "information" about whether or not she brought forty cartons of Parliaments with her? How many burn phones did she bring? How many bottles of Listerine did she empty and replace with vodka colored with food dye. Will they let her take her Aderall and Meth prescriptions? How many changes of clothes did she bring? Did her teeth fall out yet?
And most important of all, how loudly did she laugh when she mentioned that Early Onset Alzheimer's judge that she is walking all over.

481 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

As usual, Lindsay ***** the court around without consequence.

481 days ago


Holley's either an idiot or misses working like an unpaid slave for LL. And Betty Ford is equally stupid for letting this menace back into their facility.
How much are we paying this worthless prosecutor to not uphold the law? Pffft.

481 days ago


I focking hate that she has been given everything and so many chances and still gets away with it all. How are these judges not removed for pandering to these azzclowns!??! Seriously.

481 days ago


Hope they install a gate in the fence. Poor girl might get hurt climbing that fence when she comes back wasted every night.

481 days ago


Another "What IF" for the fun of it:
All I can figure is that there has to be some big wig person in the entertainment business that is producing a story about a narcissistic drug addicted alcoholic. He has writers watching her every move and taking notes for their scripts. Mr big wig tells the courts what he wants them to do so that he can get a better story. Just when the viewers think they have everything figured out he changes the plot and goes off in a different direction. Cue Shawn Holley. When people start saying WTF how can that be???? He looks at the hole in the story and fills it with bullsh!t. No one would be the wiser because Lindsay is always pulling sh!t somewhere. He knows he's got a cliff hanger on his hands. The Perils of Lindsay Lohan. Each week a new episode. He'll never run out of material with Linday..............Uh sorry I forgot 27 is coming up. Guess he'll have to continue the saga with Amanda.

481 days ago


What a joke....both her and the judicial system.

481 days ago
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