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'Buckwild' Star Salwa

Ordered to REHAB

After That, Back To Jail

5/4/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Good News: "Buckwild" star Salwa Amin is getting out of jail!!!

Bad News: She's only being TEMPORARILY released so she can go to an inpatient rehab for opiates.

Worse News: After she completes rehab, the judge is making her go back to jail.

Old News: Salwa was locked up without bail in West Virginia on March 27, when a court-ordered drug test turned up oxycodone and morphine.

On Monday, a West Virginia court ordered her to an inpatient treatment program ... it's not clear for how long.

Salwa was originally arrested in a February drug raid at her friend's house. Officers allegedly turned up oxycodone and heroin and booked them on counts of felony drug possession with intent to deliver ... that's why she was ordered to drug-test in the first place.

Once she's done with rehab, Salwa is coming STRAIGHT BACK to jail to await a court date regarding the original drug charges ... and that date hasn't been set yet.


No Avatar


If so has been locked up since March, she should be clean by now.

502 days ago


People don't belong in jail or prison for a health problem called drug addiction. The law is an ass. We have a police state for profit.

502 days ago

BB not bb    

Are they trying to scare her straight or something? No bail and no time served for the rehab? Just for being caught getting stoned?

This makes you wish that Buckwild was still on so you could see how this all turns out. Shane might have been the bait the lured you into watching the show, but there is already a fan base for it now with or without him.

That show was like a peek into the hidden pockets of America. Who really knows what is going on in dem dere hills?

502 days ago


Your clueless self inflicted health problems deserve no sympathy, anybody with a education level past 7th grade knows not to get involved with heroin in the first place, now you expect us to cry a river over there mindless addiction not gonna happen!

502 days ago


'Buckwild' Star Salwa
Ordered to REHAB
After That, Back To Jail..................LOLZ

502 days ago


This guy needs to move to California...he knows what being a judge is all about...lindsy is lucky she is an addict in California and New York...

502 days ago


This judge needs to take over Lohans case so he can give her some real punishment like this. Gets to stay in rehab for 3 months and then has to go to jail for 6 months at least for violating the terms of her rehab release.

502 days ago


Wishing her all the best. Addiction is one of the hardest things to get control of.

502 days ago


To bad Lindsay didn't have this judge. He does not f**k around.

502 days ago


Send all the celebrities that evade jail in California to W. Virginia!!!!!

502 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

It's also a felony to say you are from West Virginia.

502 days ago


I think California should take a look at the W Virginia criminal playbook. It looks like when they sentence a person to jail, they MEAN you are going to jail! In CA, when you are sentenced to jail, you are walked thru the place, given a little tour and sent on your way to commit your next DUI, theft, probation violation, and whatever other crimes L Lohan has done.

502 days ago


Pre-Sentencing Probation... Or as I like to call it guilty until proven innocent. You know who doesn't have to piss before trail? People who don't use court appointed attorneys... Sad day when poeple with money are treated differently and we don't stand up and do something about it.

502 days ago

She's baaaack    

Who fckuing cares about this lowlife swamp donkey?

502 days ago


That's why they call oxycodone "Hillbilly Heroin". It is a huge epidemic down south, especially in WV and the laws are much stricter, that's why she got the book thrown at her. I feel for her, she is a beautiful girl who is ruining her life... Addiction (especially opiate addiction) destroys your soul and takes over your life as the only joy you can feel, it is the hardest thing in the world to overcome and come back from. I am 4 yrs sober and still struggle...even reading articles like this is difficult bc I know how hard it is. Hopefully with the right treatment and the desire to overcome this, she will be ok. She is really young and I hope she now sees the light and decides to choose life.

502 days ago
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