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Chris Brown

Graffiti Scofflaw

5/4/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0503_chris_brown_house_tmz_articleSeems like Chris Brown has pissed off a whole new batch of neighbors, and he didn't even have to savagely beat anyone ... all he had to do is some serious tagging.

Chris' Hollywood Hills home is now bedazzled with huge graffiti murals.  Chris is a talented artist and the works have markers that make it look like he did it himself ... but we can't confirm it.

But as pretty as it is ... it ain't sitting well with Chris' neighbors, who called L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge, complaining it was a blight on the block. 

LaBonge passed it on to L.A. City officials, and Chris was cited for having "unpermitted and excessive signage" on his property.  If he doesn't remove the murals STAT ... he'll be fined.

It could be the complaints are the proverbial nuclear fight over how a married couple squeezes a toothpaste tube.  In other words, there are deeper problems ... in this case we've learned neighbors are royally pissed off at the loud parties Chris throws at all hours of the night.  They've also had it with cars speeding up and down the street.

We reached out to Chris. So far no word back.


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A community isn't art it's a neighborhood . . Ignorance is stupidity and his art doesn't have any respect .

482 days ago


This self entitled fool may be the biggest douchebag in America. Doesn't give a rats ass about anyone but himself. Way to bring down the property values with your silly ghetto behavior.

482 days ago


Only someone like CB would think this nasty graffiti is 'art' that should be displayed like this. How awful! We do everything we can to keep this tagging crap out of our neighborhood, imagine what wealthy people think of this b.s.!! You live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood and get this thug as a neighbor who tags his property silly! But fining him won't work, they have to make him clean it OFF.

482 days ago


@worm5559 It's not that they've done anything to change their lives for the better. It's that they didn't have people like you hovering over them every second. Charlie Sheen has been up to his antics from a very young age and is JUST NOW trying to "get his **** together". He is OLD and has children that unfortunately look up to him. CB was a 19 year old boy. Thats the difference for me. Charlie Sheen has had a lifetime to learn and he still hasn't yet he gets no scrutiny. People laugh at his actions all the time, getting honored for them with roasts where his donestic violence was made out to be a punchline for a joke. Could you imagine CB laughing at a Rihanna joke? He would and could never. Charlie Sheen beat the **** out a young girl and was the highest paid freaking sitcom actor. I don't think that there was anybody in the industry that got it worse than Chris Brown did. I don't have an issue with people disliking Chris Brown's past actions but if you're going to continuously hold the man responsible for something he did 4 years ago, hold Charlie Sheen responsible for the dozens of things he's done simply within the past year or even the years before that. The hypocrisy and nitpicking with who to like and not like is sickening to be honest. When the kid was trying to just live, nobody let him. Then he acts out against the hate and he's a raging lunatic. I used to dislike him too but I honestly don't understand it anymore.

482 days ago

Mel harrison    

that artwork looks like he was hillucinating on drugs. wth

482 days ago


First TMZ why would he respond to you? Second I can sympathize with the.neighbors about the parties as I have a rude idiot neighbor who starts blasting his musical. Disgrace at 10:30 at night ! But at least stop bringing up the WHOLE bashing crap UNLESS you are going to also do that to the likes of Charlie sheen and Josh Brolin. Otherwise knock it off already. And as for his rude guests and their cars. Im sure they are a bunch of nobodies who CAN be arrested, so arrest em for public nuisance. And disorderly conduct. That will.fix the problem. Cuz no one will.want to hang out where they.keep.getting tickets and arrested .... theres no fun in that. Maybe someday he will actually grow up.....One can hope . Side point: Chris Brown has more Klingons then Star Trek!

482 days ago


I guess both Chris Brown and Bobby Brown like to spray paint evil eyes when they smoke crack.

482 days ago


If C.B. is so enamored of what some will call "art" he should paint it inside his house.
Why would anyone think it is okay to paint on the wall on the street where anyone passing by is subjected to that trash?
He just made an expensive, upscale 'hood into an inner city dump.

482 days ago


That guy may be talented (and he really is IMO) but he is still just plain old gett-o trash.Not a drop of sophistication elegance education manners or self control in him. Needs to grow up and learn how to be a man.

482 days ago

Johnny H    

Pure Trash.

482 days ago


Shows what an immature LOSER this idiot is. He has money and can afford to buy a home in the hills but those people dont want getto brought to their neighborhood. What a jackass. I feel sorry for his neighbors. Cant stand this fool.

482 days ago


Low life s***bag thug.

482 days ago


You don't do that sheet in the high rent district

482 days ago

Boogie Onerism    

There goes the neighborhood, in my Ice Cube voice.

482 days ago


Maybe the Home Owners Association will send him a bill? Unless its another sign to the Illuminatti?

482 days ago
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