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Reese Witherspoon

You Be the Judge

5/4/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VideoLaunchThe Reese Witherspoon dash cam arrest video was definitely the most entertaining footage so far in 2013. But was it revealing? We gotta ask ...



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How long is this going to be milked. They got pulled over, Witherspoon made a complete fool out of herself.

Witherspoon got her own big mouth ass arrested. You keep mouthing off to the cops you loose. She did.

Her husband knew he was drunk and got caught. He had no problem owning up to that fact. Not good but happens.

Witherspoon made a complete fool out of herself. She is going to threat the Atlanta PD. That work well. What an *******.

506 days ago


She doesn't look any more stupid than the nolifers sitting around waiting for a new Lohan post to hate on.

506 days ago


I think she is funny as hell drunk.

506 days ago


I think the truth was revealed. That was her real personality shining through for all to see. Much less likable and now her public self seems SO FAKE.

506 days ago


the last question is worded terribly.

506 days ago


What was her bac? If it was extremely high then maybe I can understand, but she isn't 16 - 20 years old having her first alcohol experience. She is a mother of 3 and is in her second marriage...she's been through enough life experience to know better than to argue with a law enforcement officer. He wasn't a bouncer at a bar that she thought she could belittle.

506 days ago


This is why I love America. It doesn't matter if you are an Oscar winning actress. Everyone is equal before the law. Unlike in some other countries where if you are rich/famous you can simply get away with anything.

506 days ago


The cop could see that she was merely making normal comments out of panic, but he decided to abuse his power and stretch the law to treat her as though she was obstructing justice. Clearly, law enforcement stretches, sometimes illegally, the law everyday. I appreciate that Reese stood up for herself as a citizen of this country, and its a shame that this declaration falls on deaf ears too much. Lets get some intelligent, critical thinking going, so that we citizens can find a time when we can start to enjoy our civil liberties again and the right to "the (legitimate) pursuit of happiness" without this kind of legal interference.

506 days ago


She's best friends with Chelsea Handler. That should say it right there. You can't be friends with Chelsea and not have a wild streak, It just wouldn't work.

506 days ago

Coco Chanel     

Kobe ain't s*it! He will pay for what he did to that girl in Colorado! Oh and VB will take him to the bank in the end b/c he's still a cheater. His mom should sit back and wait!

506 days ago


It looks like Reese's hubby is lip-synching her to "Shut-up" ... which was very good advice.

506 days ago

Andrea Batz    

She sounds like someone who hasn't had negative encounters with law enforcement....who was drunk and otherwise inebriated...she just never got caught off guard in the wrong place at the wrong time before...

506 days ago


This is ridiculous, and you people are idiots. Police these days feel entitled and all powerful. Everyone should treat them like **** when they're being arrogant like this jerk was. I could care less about Reese, but I, for one, have about had it with police running around lawless and contradicting american rights. Police truly need a rude awakening.

506 days ago

Whowants Toknow    

She dares ask questions? She dares question [authority?] She is just lucky they did not strip her or kill her. It's going on all across America. Wake up people, it is not against the law to ask questions.

506 days ago


Tired of this story. Why does the media run everything into the ground? On and on and on -- all nonsense and no one really cares.

506 days ago
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