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Reese Witherspoon

You Be the Judge

5/4/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VideoLaunchThe Reese Witherspoon dash cam arrest video was definitely the most entertaining footage so far in 2013. But was it revealing? We gotta ask ...



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Right on Reese. Tell that stupid pig what's up.

544 days ago

Damesiano prieto    

Come on This situation is more comun in America,more and more people drink Alcohol every weekend,and the celebrities with all the money they normal..i blame definitily at the system...of course the media don't gonna go against them ...they live from the commercial money cinical cicle..and the cops..they are nobody...just obeying orders...

544 days ago

Nonpagare Nessuno    

A bit patetic reaction but blameless as cops are really fearfull,if arresting her was legal or not is irrelevant but how come the police can post a video to the general public if that information is confidential and infringe the laws of privacy? I think she now has rights to sue the police authorities for such a violation of her true american citizenship...I would sue for millions of dollars.

544 days ago


The Last question doesn't make sence!!!! ...No, you won't watch her movies... Or yes you won't watch her movies.???!! How does that make any sence??

544 days ago


Give us a damn view results button already.

544 days ago


Her only decent movie ever is "Walk the Line." And that was Joaquin's movie. I've always thought she was a lucky teen star, period.

544 days ago


PLEASE!!leave this girl alone.She gave a heart felt apology and, why ruin her career? She's a good person

544 days ago


My fave part was the ending when her husband practically left her stranded by apologizing for her behavior!

544 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

it is all about $$$
was she able to carry a movie anymore?
so now that her good girl image is tarnished
that might change
I think it was all staged

544 days ago


We love to watch celebrities crash and burn, I do. Deep down, We truly hate 'em.

544 days ago


Fact of the matter is, whenever a police officer is arresting someone, it becomes a dangerous situation for EVERYONE INVOLVED. His order for her to stay in her car was for her protection and his. At the end of the day, he would have been required to draw on Reese had she posed a big enough threat to him while her husband was deemed inebriated and out of the vehicle, particularly before her husband was handcuffed. The police officer was outnumbered by two, unpredictable drunk people. This coud have gone real bad, real fast. The police didn't care about her name, he cared about getting through another shift alive. People have no idea.

544 days ago

JR Jake    

Alcohol makes you stupid and that is not a scientific fact. That is based on knowledge. Who hasn't screwed up before, puked on the floor instead of the can, hit on your girlfriends sister or your boyfriends brother. Most people are afraid to admit they are less than perfect. I am a recovered addict and alcoholic and her apology was sincere and accepted. Because I know before you can recognize you have a problem, sometimes it is the dirty laundry that makes us come clean. She will learn. Her and her husband both were drinking, and neither one should have been driving. That is what taxi's are for anyway.

544 days ago


I thought the video was hilarious. Did anyone else notice she did NOT use profanity? She may have had "one drink too many" but I believe she genuinely believed she had a right to stand where she was and a right to be listened to. She IS an american citizen & she DID believe she shouldn't have to sit in the car. NOT because she is a celebrity but because we are taught we have a freedom that is unsurpassed. Also, did ya notice she did not name-call & she did not resist being cuffed. Even drunk on her a$$ she still has class.

544 days ago

rick james biatch    

Anyone notice that on her post arrest interviews she clearly states she was drunk. However you can clearly hear the cop say that if she just stayed in the car that night she would have been able to drive home as he would have let her. Great police work sparky...

544 days ago


All this proves is that Reese Witherspoon is a goofball dork. Big deal.

544 days ago
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