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Lindsay Lohan

Not a Big Cocaine Fan

But Loves Ecstasy

5/5/2013 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0505_lindsay_lohan_tmzLindsay Lohan claims she isn't a big drinker and has only done cocaine "maybe four or five" times ... but boy does she love herself some ecstasy.

Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan late last month for an interview that just appeared in the Daily Mail and if you believe her ... we're all crazy, because she doesn't really have a drug or alcohol problem.

Here are the highlights:

-- She got advice about controlling her drinking from Heath Ledger. He told her he had given up drinking for a full year so she took his advice. She says she has no prob giving up alcohol.

-- She hasn't taken a drug (other than her prescriptions) in a year.

-- She's not an alcoholic and can give up drinking.

-- She's taken cocaine "maybe 4 or 5 times in my life."

-- She likes ecstasy better than other drugs.

-- She does not think she needs to be in lockdown rehab for three months.

-- She thinks rehab will be good for her because it gives people time to just be by themselves.

-- She's straight.

-- She calls Dina "mum."

So we gotta ask ...


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shes an Fing crazy liar!!! thats all

538 days ago


I read that whole interview and she contradicted herself so many times. This girl is a true manipulator. She spins evetyyyyything.

538 days ago


Lindsay says she's not addicted to drugs. Piers asked her why she needs rehab then. EXACTLY. If Libdsay doesn't have a problem as she claims, she should be going to JAIL. It's crazy how she can blatantly lie in court on top of everything and still get rehab when the rest of us would have been arrested the very day of skipping out if a court ordered rehab.

538 days ago


If she cleaned up her act what would we read about on tmz?

538 days ago


I read the entire interview and no where does Lindsay say that she "loves ecstasy". I like your site and know how the sensationalism makes you money but when you become inaccurate, you lose your credibility.

538 days ago


She is a jackass...and delusional! This little b*tch voided jail by getting rehab, and she's somehow not grateful to have skated away from incarceration? It just goes to show you how self-centered she really is. In the real world, when you violate probation by getting in an accident and lying to cops about it, you deserve jail. You also deserve jail for being on probation and getting arrested for fighting at a nightclub. And as for your own stupid input about how your punishment should be that they "make you" travel the world and work with children, Angelina Jolie already has that handled. DUMBA$$

538 days ago


Common misconception is if you can stop drinking/drugging for a period of time you don't have an addiction.

Stopping is the easiest part, staying off the drug forever is what addicts can't do.

538 days ago


She's gonna have to hit rock bottom in order to stop, she's way out of control and and doesn't care about anything or anyone, I think her time is running out. What a shame:(

538 days ago

vicki duggan    

What does she think ROTTED her teeth?

537 days ago


woooow ! You people are really think you know her?? haaa seriously though, how dumb to believe everything you hear...just because a guy with a camera told you so.....I mean honestly if everything the media said about Lindsay was true she would have died looooong ago am I right? Ok so she allowed her reputation to go to ****! She was a young and loved the attention...she secluded herself and never spoke out about her issues....that's of course, destructive behavior. Or maybe she felt it wasn't anyones business.? Now on another note when somebody starts to open up and speak about their selves its usually when they feel or see through there problems ( light at the end of the tunnel) and you cant deny this is the FIRST time she has started talking....( without shame or insecurity towards herself) Have you idiots not realized that yet? Im literally going to sit back and relax this time. Just WATCH HER! I mean she isn't going anywhere and none of you can do anything about that...She has only become more famous over the years! :) Maybe not for acting but you get the point. Who hasn't heard of Lindsay Lohan? Get used to it. One last thing I really feel sorry for people like cant even believe in a simple recovery, how miserable you must live your lives putting such limits and restrictions in your own minds. Im literally laughing at you because you are stuck in your own life, things must never work out for you....?? HAAAAA GO LINDSAY, ( and everyone else who is so doubted) may you rise above the haters gain the understanding they will never see...and when you do you will realize just how great you can be. But those of you who talk so much **** would have already committed suicide you weak, spineless, lost, no common sense, no understanding for another being, LOSERS! I REALLY HOPE YOU MAKE SOME PROGRESS AND JOIN ALONG IN ADVANCING THE HUMAN RACE. Til then enjoy being trapped in your doubtful minds :) xoxo yours truly,
an overcomer!!!

537 days ago


Will she stay in rehab longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage of 72 days? Doubtful

536 days ago


Because ecstasy is SOOO much better for her. She needs to stay where she is for the entire term the court ordered, and be ignored COMPLETELY by the media. Maybe, just maybe, that will ensure she gets the treatment she needs, without pandering to everyone to get her out.

536 days ago
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