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Lindsay Lohan

Not a Big Cocaine Fan

But Loves Ecstasy

5/5/2013 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0505_lindsay_lohan_tmzLindsay Lohan claims she isn't a big drinker and has only done cocaine "maybe four or five" times ... but boy does she love herself some ecstasy.

Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan late last month for an interview that just appeared in the Daily Mail and if you believe her ... we're all crazy, because she doesn't really have a drug or alcohol problem.

Here are the highlights:

-- She got advice about controlling her drinking from Heath Ledger. He told her he had given up drinking for a full year so she took his advice. She says she has no prob giving up alcohol.

-- She hasn't taken a drug (other than her prescriptions) in a year.

-- She's not an alcoholic and can give up drinking.

-- She's taken cocaine "maybe 4 or 5 times in my life."

-- She likes ecstasy better than other drugs.

-- She does not think she needs to be in lockdown rehab for three months.

-- She thinks rehab will be good for her because it gives people time to just be by themselves.

-- She's straight.

-- She calls Dina "mum."

So we gotta ask ...


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Just a couple observations. 1. If she has no problem with giving up alcohol and can give up drinking, why doesn't she? 2. "She thinks rehab will be good for her because it gives people time to just be by themselves." Don't know how much time she will have by herself, but if she truly wanted alone time, she could have it out of rehab. She doesn't want to do so,

535 days ago


This woman has the Judge, attorneys and friends being treated like fools. She should be in prison, but rich girls don't go to prison.

535 days ago


i dont even believe anything i hear or read here. i believe half of what i see in pic. does tmz have a pic of her being dropped off her second rehab place in the last 48 hours. god just shut up and lets not hear or see her for 90 days .. she got 3 months off from earning any money from working how is she going pay her lawyer now. she had one job this year in brazil for johnny jeans . good grief do tax payers pay for her to live at betty ford for 90 days cus its court ordered. she get free rent now three months nice rehab place.

535 days ago


Pathological liars aren't good liars. They will say a sentence and two sentences later contradict what they said in first sentence. When called on the obvious lie, they will just pull another one out of their ass. Lindsay seems to be a pathological liar, as far as I know there is no cure. I don't know if they lie to themselves; if they do, Lindsay is going to lie herself into an early grave, whatever! I just don't want her to take innocent people with her. Keep this crazy addict off the road, NO driving!!! And if she makes it through rehab, bust her for possession when she gets out. Then sentence her like any of us would get sentenced.

535 days ago

Amy E    

"Truthteller" or "Pants on fire"...those choices aren't accurate. You should have an option for "nutbar." Clearly, she is a lunatic.

535 days ago


So if this is true and Lindsay only used coke like three or four times that means every time she ever used she got caught. The first DUI the second DUI the failed drug test and the video of her in the nightclub bathroom. Why do I find that hard to believe? She doesn't like to drink yet everytime she has ever wore a SCRAM it went off. So she couldn't even control herself then. TMZ you misses the part where she says she didn't really steal the necklace and the surveillance tape cleared her but nobody would watch it. Yeah ok. This woman is pathological. If she isn't an addict then why has she aged 20 years? Why is she always in trouble and why can she not act anymore? Lindsay also claimed the judges believe the lies that she is an addict yet fails to mention if she would stop breaking the law she wouldn't be before them.

535 days ago


She's only done cocaine 4 times... yet she's been arrested TWICE for cocaine related offenses. Golly gee, that's some pretty bad luck ya got there LiLo!

535 days ago


While it's not "too late" for Lindsey?

It's ALMOST too late...

That's almost scarier.

535 days ago


pre p.s.

Left to our own devices, we'll see to it?

That we're beaten, flogged...

Every step of the way.

535 days ago


First, great reporting and great story, TMZ.

Broken in our first eight years, as Lindsey was, as I was, as many of our readers here were...

We're in no position to evaluate ourselves.

We think we can, Lindsey thinks she can, I thought I could ...

But alas.

Once "insight's" removed - we're at the mercy of the World and Life.

535 days ago


NY Post today article, "Are Some People Just Born Evil"
She just might fit the bill here...........

535 days ago


Its a well known fact she swings both ways, and will bang anything depending on how f'd up she gets.

535 days ago


If she doesn't need rehab as she claims, them addiction is not causing her troubles she is just making bad choices and need to go to jail!!!!

535 days ago


I'm laughing that the interview was on Piers' waste of a show. Takes a liar to know one lol. As for the rest of it, she's hopped up on drugs. Nothing news worthy. We've known that since 07, and I think it's safe to say no one really cares anymore.

535 days ago


The saddest thing bout that girl is the ppl around her...They r gonna b the death of her..shes an addict shes has a body by adderall an alcohol ...I've been sober for 8 it takes one to know one...shes lieing

535 days ago
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