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Lindsay Lohan

Not a Big Cocaine Fan

But Loves Ecstasy

5/5/2013 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0505_lindsay_lohan_tmzLindsay Lohan claims she isn't a big drinker and has only done cocaine "maybe four or five" times ... but boy does she love herself some ecstasy.

Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan late last month for an interview that just appeared in the Daily Mail and if you believe her ... we're all crazy, because she doesn't really have a drug or alcohol problem.

Here are the highlights:

-- She got advice about controlling her drinking from Heath Ledger. He told her he had given up drinking for a full year so she took his advice. She says she has no prob giving up alcohol.

-- She hasn't taken a drug (other than her prescriptions) in a year.

-- She's not an alcoholic and can give up drinking.

-- She's taken cocaine "maybe 4 or 5 times in my life."

-- She likes ecstasy better than other drugs.

-- She does not think she needs to be in lockdown rehab for three months.

-- She thinks rehab will be good for her because it gives people time to just be by themselves.

-- She's straight.

-- She calls Dina "mum."

So we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


Lies, lies and more lies.

445 days ago


",,, four or five times, hang on(pause), like I said 5 or 6 times"

445 days ago


Wow!!! Are you F*cling kidding me. She such a addict she believes she has fooled the world. Her acting keeps getting worse and worse.

445 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

4Square must place Lindsay near Cairo because she's obviously in de Nile!

445 days ago


Of course Lindsay Lohan means it this time take 7.

Who the hell is she trying to kid.

445 days ago


Uh, she is an actress

445 days ago


If she keeps saying the same thing over and over than it must be true. Does anyone out there have first hand knowledge of Betty Ford? I know it used to have a good reputation but I am wondering what it is like today.

445 days ago


Straight..I thought she dated transsexuals Bralalalala etc..

445 days ago


@ Sam bring back the dancing cat.

445 days ago


Jack nickelson look alike..telling by her rogain hair do she isnt a red head..her part has a part

445 days ago

buzz kill    

I guess all that ecstasy has distorted her perception of reality.

445 days ago


I wish I could lay down a bet on her staying in rehab. 'Cause she ain't gonna make it. She can't make call time, she couldn't finish her alcohol awareness classes, oh I forgot, she took like 5 in a day and a half for the Monday deadline, she was shopping for electronics the day she was supposed to be in rehab, again, she loses her passport, she can't drive a car, she can't parallel park, she hits and runs, she needs to smoke.
Honey, nobody cares anymore. Tara Reid hasn't been heard from since "American Beauty". Oh, I'm sorry. Your Daddy used to smack Mommy around. When you were like 2. So, free pass for as long as you need. Honey, pay your taxes, save your money, fix your teeth, find a job you can do. Nobody wants your music. You're done with the acting hobby. Move it along.

445 days ago


Michael is on ROL claiming the interview was controlled by Dina! LOL!

445 days ago


I'm bored. It's Story-time. Once upon a time, a girl has been working hard. She was a talented little actress but the heavy schedule with a lot of memorizing for a child her age had taken it's toll. She's tired and the line learning isn't coming as easy as it normally does. Instead of a much needed break, there is panic. The Paycheck is showing signs of being a human child. Parent(s) ask experts what should we do? A doctor is suggested probably by a stage hand. Whisk her off, omg, she's got ADHD, give her Adderall and all is well, Paycheck is not tired anymore and those lines are just flowing out of her. Paycheck is saved. Evil momma and creepy dad...This girl got a bad break there. But almost 27 now, time to own her issues. Back to Lindsay. She needs to get off Adderall too. If Lindsay could go 60 days--30 to get off ALL of it, hell she can keep the cigarettes--it might be interesting to SEE that Lindsay. To HEAR that Lindsay. Ain't going to happen because forced sobriety rarely if ever does work.

445 days ago


She has not taken a drug (other than her prescriptions) in a year. This is probably the truth. The sad part is that she has a lot of doctors on speed dial writing prescriptions for whatever she wants. She has no need to take illegal drugs.

445 days ago
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