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Lindsay Lohan

Court Docs Reveal

Rehab Scam

5/6/2013 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's freshly fired lawyer tried to convince the judge and prosecutors to allow her to go to a facility that had no right to offer rehab services.

TMZ has obtained court docs that confirm the story we broke last week ... that Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach had NO license to provide substance abuse treatment ... despite attorney Mark Heller's representations to the contrary.

A State official sent a letter to Judge Jim Dabney making it crystal clear ... Morningside had its license revoked in Sept., 2012 for numerous violations, including failing to report the death of a patient, providing unlicensed medical services and improperly handling prescription meds.

In fact, the letter says Morningside has flaunted the revocation, and continues to provide rehab without a license, so a State agency is now taking the facility to court to get them to stop.

As for The Betty Ford Center -- where Lindsay is currently receiving treatment -- a rehab case manager submitted a letter saying Lindsay will get a treatment team consisting of a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietician, fitness trainer and chemical dependency technician.



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Why does this loser get so many chances when the rest of ue would have been locked up long ago? She doesn't seem to contribute anything to society, she doesn't seem to have a lot of values, she doesn't seem to have friends standing uo for her, she never seems to accept responsibility for any of her actions,she can't even perform as a professional actress without causing trouble and negative comments, and she shows no respect for herslef or others. She needs to spend some itme locked up, that may be her only hope.

504 days ago


Long List of Special Counslers my @ss Someone Give her a Crap load of Drugs so she can O.D. already Please!

504 days ago


Damb people relax. I would be on drugs too if I had parents like hers. She was just used by them to bring in $. They poisoned this girls mind...those 2 evil f@#ks should be trying to save her now.

504 days ago

Peter Sc    

Was it not another Judge who introduced Morningside a couple of years ago?

She specificly mentioned this place as a rehab for Lindsay. Was there money involved?

I remember when I googled it back then that I couldn't understand who they could run a 30 days rehab in a house which should have been torn down years ago.

There is a lot of scam going on in the rehab business. Just take a lot at a blog called "Today a child died". There are rehabs on US soil which kills children every single year. Many of them continue their operations despite leaving bodies and broken families behind.

504 days ago


Wonder if she has been put into a straight jacket yet? and tethered to the bed. Might even need shock therapy!!!!

504 days ago


Are we all allowed to put in and send her a *CARE* package?

504 days ago


Noone reads these losers

504 days ago


the legal califronacation system is a joke

504 days ago


Okay so the point of this story is??? U repeated old news cuz this site sucks

504 days ago


Bear if you are out there, Have you received the shark yet?

504 days ago


Although THIS avi is an "FU ORIGINAL" for me only and at my request and I'm IN love with it, I'm REALLY jealous of GC's 'grief tornado'. Its MAGICAL!!

504 days ago


who is that lindsey old man?

504 days ago


If Ali goes to visit, she will be whisked away to the anorexic wing.Dulna to the holding bay until they can arrange transport to the nearest asylum .Milo won't get a look in unless Blo's shock therapy has worked and the boys ,well Can't answer that one right now.Nana of course will be *Ensconsed* in Shady Pines by this time.

504 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't know if there are good rehabs but if you are in the wrong one, they will just torture your mind. I feel like she doens't get along well with the Betty Ford program. Now they have her in a section where she can't wander off anywhere. She is going to be stuck with whatever program they are putting on her.

I am wondering if there will be some sort of fist fight and then they will just put her out and send her to jail. I don't know if they know how to handle someone with her temperment.

If she keeps saying that she has no problem, then they will just act like they can't help her. They put pressure on you to say you are whatever they say you are. It is like a mind control operation. That is why people often relapse afterwards when they brainwashing cycles out and it is time for them to make more money off of you.

504 days ago


Death pool 2014.

504 days ago
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