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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Tells Shawn

'You Saved Her!'

5/6/2013 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was saved from almost certain arrest by the lawyer she once stiffed and fired ... this according to the judge.

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Holley snuck into court this morning, along with prosecutors, where the judge formally 86'd attorney Mark Heller from the case and announced Holley would be Lindsay's new lawyer.

Judge Jim Dabney told Shawn, "You snatched her from the precipice."   Translation:  The judge was about to issue an arrest warrant because Lindsay was a rehab no-show but Shawn stepped in and saved the day.

Holley told the judge Lindsay was safely ensconced at Betty Ford.  Prosecutors voiced concern that the rehab joint only offers 30-day programs, which would mean Lindsay would repeat the same program 3 times to fulfill her 90-day sentence.  But Holley said there were longer programs that would not be repetitive.

The judge seemed fine with Betty Ford and said there's no need for another hearing unless prosecutors have a problem with the facility.   Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... prosecutors are currently investigating Betty Ford to determine if the facility is suitable.

A big issue is whether Lindsay will be able to leave and/or sneak out of the facility. You'll recall during her 2010 stay at Betty Ford she left the facility several times.  That's because she was staying in the residential part of the facility.  Sources tell us Lindsay will stay in the hospital section for her entire stay so leaving won't be an option -- at least that's the plan.



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Why do you even bother posting anything about this wench? It's the same old story over and over again -- she messes up, gets in trouble, finds some attorney to fix it, promises to do good, messes up again, and it starts all over. The circle of Lohan Life. It got old real fast.

537 days ago


I don't know why some people are saying BF is letting Lindsay stay for free to allegedly make up for her prior "bad experience". She had a fine experience the last time. Her mother was singing BF's praises. It wasn't so much fun when toward the end, Lindsay slugged a staffer with a phone while trying to delay a breathalyzer test after a boozing day trip, and got booted back to the main facility. The staffer eventually got fired because she agreed to take money from TMZ to talk about the incident, but TMZ approached her after checking public police records. Took them a couple of weeks to find it, so obviously the staffer herself didn't go running to tabloids. Dina knew about it, though, and started doing damage control earlier to explain why her little princess was no longer in the sober living residence but back in virtual lockdown. Dina had some fantastical story of some "phone stalker" bothering Lindsay and the move being for her "safety" (from a phone? She never heard of blocking numbers?). Then the real story came out because Lindsay and crew were screaming to get the victim fired. After that, the staffer decided she might as well get paid to talk, although she very carefully did not violate federal privacy laws but only discussed the matter of public record. Which was public only because Lindsay made it public, starting with a false 911 call that should have gotten her charged just for that. During the 911 call, she tried to convince the cops that the breathalyzer tech was some threatening stranger and we could clearly hear her trying to shut up her drunken companions who wanted to talk to the tech. The cops came out and decided Lindsay was the aggressor (by then she had injured the tech), and tried to get charges on her but witnesses clammed up for the usual mysterious reasons.
Anyway, BF didn't do anything they should have cause to regret regarding Lindsay. They were the ones wronged by her, not the other way around. Other than the stuff Lindsay herself made public, they maintained her privacy. Even the disgruntled employee that Lindsay attacked only talked about the public record. This is not the kind of publicity BF needs, they have no shortage of patients, and no reason to give Lindsay a free ride. Like the rumor that BF was paying Lindsay's rent for a year - this is all bogus and smells of Dina's attempts to spin positive PR for her daughter dearest.

537 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Linds! How did your day go? Oh yeah, group sessions, marathon AA meetings, and a trip through the salad bar that some fat guy just sneezed on!


537 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

That little cry baby bitch got her way again!! She just picks where she is going???

537 days ago


I guess the rabbit foot didn't do the trick for Heller...

537 days ago


Now that the judges lips are firmly back on the very friendly lawyer of the court and her sidekick, Ms. Chipmunk Cheeks, can you stop talking about her until she makes her next great escape.

537 days ago


No idea why Shawn would take this loser for her escaping. Put a bloody monitor on her ankle...who cares if she doesn't want to ware it.

537 days ago


If I ever get into trouble please let me have the same
luck as lindsay.

537 days ago


Hello, posts are *Mysteriously* disappearing!!!!!

537 days ago


Just checking in and still asking:

"Shawn got do***entation earmarking certain paychecks Lindsay will be getting."

Is it legal to accept payments that stem from performing illegal off-shore services?

537 days ago


I cant even post from my phone

537 days ago


What happened to LA Natives comment? There were 4 replies ahead of mine and then BAM! gone! I also noticed on Nicoles "Nooooo not lockdown", our FU and Seamus got deleted.

537 days ago


I don't think any of this is that surprising.

537 days ago


This Judge is a joke and should be removed from the bench. His special treatment of lohan smacks of favoritism. Question is, are there Judges in LA who are NOT in the pocket of the rich and famous.

537 days ago


Well, at least she’s in the hospital section of BF. She’s going to hate that. I think she MAY pull it off and do the 90 days, because she knows jail will be even worse, and she can’t smoke at all there.

I really hate how the judge handled this entire case, but the prosecution is equally to blame. They accepted the plea, agreed to the rehab, and ultimately, agreed to NOT issue an arrest warrant. However, I think the judge could and should have overruled it.

I'm still mystified why she was allowed to serve her jail sentence in rehab – especially since it was obvious she only 'chose it' to avoid going to jail. The charges had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol, and I’m left wondering if the sentence was even legal?

537 days ago
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