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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Tells Shawn

'You Saved Her!'

5/6/2013 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was saved from almost certain arrest by the lawyer she once stiffed and fired ... this according to the judge.

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Holley snuck into court this morning, along with prosecutors, where the judge formally 86'd attorney Mark Heller from the case and announced Holley would be Lindsay's new lawyer.

Judge Jim Dabney told Shawn, "You snatched her from the precipice."   Translation:  The judge was about to issue an arrest warrant because Lindsay was a rehab no-show but Shawn stepped in and saved the day.

Holley told the judge Lindsay was safely ensconced at Betty Ford.  Prosecutors voiced concern that the rehab joint only offers 30-day programs, which would mean Lindsay would repeat the same program 3 times to fulfill her 90-day sentence.  But Holley said there were longer programs that would not be repetitive.

The judge seemed fine with Betty Ford and said there's no need for another hearing unless prosecutors have a problem with the facility.   Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... prosecutors are currently investigating Betty Ford to determine if the facility is suitable.

A big issue is whether Lindsay will be able to leave and/or sneak out of the facility. You'll recall during her 2010 stay at Betty Ford she left the facility several times.  That's because she was staying in the residential part of the facility.  Sources tell us Lindsay will stay in the hospital section for her entire stay so leaving won't be an option -- at least that's the plan.



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La Loca Lohan is stuntin' on you b1tches..OW

533 days ago


My girl LiLO doin' cocaine, poppin pills, beatin court cases..Hello Haters..OW

533 days ago


I don't understand why Betty Ford took her in again, after what happened last time.

533 days ago


My girl LiLO stoppin' for fries, firing lawyers, hiring lawyers, sippin on pina colada's...OW

533 days ago


Shawn's a great lawyer, but why the hell does she keep Lindsay from certain arrest? It's what she needs and deserves. It's disgusting that Shawn keeps saving her--then society has to keep putting up with her crap and more importantly, she is never held accountable and keeps breaking the law even more. Stop it, Shawn--do her a favor and let her go to jail.

533 days ago


How does TMZ continually get away with blowing up legal predictions of impending doom and then never having those predictions come true? This Lindsay Lohan story only stays alive because of TMZ's fake cliffhangers.

533 days ago

Nascar Shizzle    

What's the big deal? Lohan is not going to serve 90 days at Betty Ford. She won't serve 9 days. The photog's should be parked in front of the nearest liquor store.

533 days ago


Seriously what's it gonna put this bitch in jail? Does she have to kill someone? Because that's going to happen if you don't stop giving her special treatment

533 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Judge and d.a. haven't exactly followed through on their threats either. Any attorney could have done this for Lindsay. Shawn is doing it so she can get what's owed to her I'm sure.

533 days ago


Stop saving and enabling. The rich.and famous. Rober Downey.Jr was locked up.for years in a prison/rehab facility and it saved his life. She has broke every law known to mankind and YET she isnt in jail.... RDj's life is so.much better now since the judge in his case cared enough to save his life. And look at him now. ..... Then again he is actually talented too.... some IRONMAN

533 days ago

Amy E    

I really am dying, DYING, to hear or read a statement from Mark Heller. Maybe, despite getting the heave-ho (lol) from her, Lindsay will permanently be "ensconced in the bosom of his heart."

533 days ago


BS! they will never put her in jail because of all the hassles with the media. she's just Fing with the court because she knows this. she get free press every time she Fs with the court. SHE WILL NEVER DO TIME NO MATTER WHAT!

533 days ago


WONDERFUL job, Holley...............NOT!!! Did the judge even check with Betty Ford to see if she was telling the truth about longer, non repetative treatment plans?

533 days ago


Somehow I doubt he would have put out an arrest warrant for her

533 days ago


shawn is a great lawyer but maybe, just maybe, it is enabling lindsay even further.... there have been so many arrests and paroles, i can't even remember what this bitch is in court for anymore.... let her go to jail shawn, its the only way (besides death) that she'll learn...

533 days ago
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