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Reese Witherspoon's Cop Hat


And Police Say It's Ugly Too

5/6/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta Police Dept. tells TMZ ... they DID NOT give Reese Witherspoon a free hat after her arrest -- in fact, cops say the "A.P.D." cap she was wearing this weekend is nothing more than a CHEAP, UGLY KNOCKOFF!

We spoke to Senior Officer Stanionis from the Public Affairs office of the APD, who told us point blank -- "We did not give her that hat. We have no idea where she got that hat."

"In fact, that’s an awful hat," Stanionis continued ... "Looks like a patch glued onto a hat and it’s not a good one."

Wearing a phony police hat??? That is beyond ...


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Los Pepes    

The hat or her?

533 days ago

Hell If I Know    

"I am an American citizen standing on American soil"! "What...I have to obey YOUR orders"??? :"Do you know my name:? "You are about to find out who I am". "You are about to make national news".

Ugh...what a POS Reece is. I'm actually embrassed for her just listening to her childish tantrum. have to obey a cops orders..they uphold the law,that's why they have a badge and a gun. You see my dear, despite what you and all your azz kissing hangers on think, a police officer has a really important job. He has a REAL job, he does REAL things, like get drunks off the road. He does not make millions of dollars like you do to just pretend all day. He make piddly squat to uphold the law and listen to drivel from nitwit know-nothings such as yourself.

Hopefully, this will be a hard lesson for this dumb broad and she will come back down to earth, but most likely not.

Sorry Reece....alcohol is truth serum. It just lowers one's inhibations to allow them to say what is REALLY on thier minds.

533 days ago


That's overkill. She really doesn't know when to shut up and let something go.

533 days ago


**** the police

533 days ago

Delaware D    

reese dumb. all like MY HAT MY HAT. nah, not going out like that!

533 days ago


OMG she drives a cheap car and buys a cheap knock off hat.. Considering she asked police..DO u know who i am>> she clearly does not know how to spend any money she has earned for who she is.

She must be super cheap and frugal to drive the cars she buys and for the cheap knock off hats she purchases.

would be so funny if cops traced the hat to the person who sold her the knock off hat and got them arrested for selling it and arrest her for buying a street illegal knock off hat.

533 days ago


What a complete jerk. I seriously doubt she was ever trying to pass this hat off as legit. You can buy hats with all kinds of dumb things on them. It was obviously just a friendly gesture.

533 days ago


Not sure you are allowed to wear a real one. I know in Florida, there was confusion a few years back over Sheriff T-shirts that someone got at a thrift store.

So of course the nimrods passed a law.....

533 days ago


just leave her alone already. She made a drunken fool out of herself (like the majority of us probably have). She apologized. time to move on.

533 days ago


If I was her, I would make a sizable donation to the Atlanta charity for children of fallen police. I make a small one every year and I'm not a rich celebrity. If she did that would actually show she that she has respect for the police instead of a knock off hat. Very tacky.

533 days ago


I just lost all respect for her after donning the hat of the police dept that arrested her and her better half, police are a-holes.........

533 days ago


I don't know about Reese anymore !! BOY , I used to like her a lot ...

533 days ago


What?? That's crazy

533 days ago


Told ya ATL cops are azzholes.

533 days ago


Attention whore. More like a FU for releasing the arrest tape.

533 days ago
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