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Reese Witherspoon's Cop Hat


And Police Say It's Ugly Too

5/6/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta Police Dept. tells TMZ ... they DID NOT give Reese Witherspoon a free hat after her arrest -- in fact, cops say the "A.P.D." cap she was wearing this weekend is nothing more than a CHEAP, UGLY KNOCKOFF!

We spoke to Senior Officer Stanionis from the Public Affairs office of the APD, who told us point blank -- "We did not give her that hat. We have no idea where she got that hat."

"In fact, that’s an awful hat," Stanionis continued ... "Looks like a patch glued onto a hat and it’s not a good one."

Wearing a phony police hat??? That is beyond ...


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So tacky. What a piece of white trash she has revealed herself to be.

532 days ago


Any PA officer who would release such an unprofessional, rude, statement is obviously not a believable source.

He should be fired.

532 days ago


Hey, tmz, how about giving this story a rest. It must remind Harv of his glory days when he built tmz by ranting about Mel Gibson's drunken tirade about Jews after he was stopped for drunk driving. Witherspoon wasn't driving. She was arrested, it's done. You've got Kartrashians to worship, they're certainly not "entitled" people. Cough Cough

532 days ago


Someone tell this fat, talent less, has been to go back to hollyweird.

532 days ago


Reese wearing an ATL Police hat is just a stunt considering the Atlanta Police had nothing to do with her arrest. She was busted by a Georgia State Trooper that was working Peachtree Street in the city of Atlanta. Not uncommon for a GSP trooper to work the area near the Capitol.

532 days ago

Daniel Taylor    

For one she didn't get arrest by the APD...She got arrested by the Georgia Highway State Patrol. Comparing the two' (the police and the troopers in Georgia) is like comparing a grain of salt to an Egyptian Pyramid!! We cherish our Troopers who are above and beyond professionals...not like the the day-to-day "cops" as you have been calling them. That was a "Trooper" and they carry the wide brim hat and you address them as "sir"!

She, Mrs. Witherspoon, was stopped by a "Trooper, as we call'em in the south". Following, as prototypical, he called for back up if another was available(whether it be another Trooper, APD or County) and as you seen in video another "Trooper" talked to her. We give her the same respect as we would anyone regardless of her being a celebrity or a"Jane or John Doe". We take pride in our "Troopers" down here! They, the Troopers, deserve the utmost of respect! Not like the County Mounties or the "Pistol Pete Police"

She wearing the the APD Cap was a stunt and was in no regard to the people that arrested her. Yes the Troopers arrested her and they did carry her to the APD (probably to the Fulton or Decalb) police to be bonded out, but "IF" that hat is genuine then "they" the POLICE" were "awestruck" by her celebratory" not the GSP as you can tell in the video.

Please give my GSP more respect Mrs. Witherspoon!!, The GSP would never give you a cap , maybe the police in ATL would but not the arresting officers of the GSP......You know that, your a southern girl!!

532 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I didn't much about this woman, only that she played in the movie of Johnny Cash. I thought this woman was ok, what little I seen of her. Wow! when I was growing up I envy those women being a movie star, singer etc, but when I hear about their messed up lives. I feel bless that I am not one.
I mean they are either on drug. drinking. acting out of control, in rehab or in jail. If fame does this to people, I rather work in a fast food place than to have to deal with a life like this. Why on earth do people that have it made do these things to themselves? It isn't the lack of money, it might be that when you can buy ya anything you want in life, and do, then what else do you have to look forward to? Then you get bored, get down and do things like this. I have no idea, just trying to understand.

532 days ago


Give it up, Reese. Haha You’re just embarrassing yourself.

532 days ago


Go home Reese...You're Drunk.

532 days ago


There's a chance that one of Reese's friends bought/made her the hat as an attempt to help her laugh at herself, and wearing it in public is her way of laughing with everyone who's laughing at her, like "I don't mind being the butt of the joke, I've earned that"

532 days ago


Leave it alone Reese. You are over doing it! You're not perfect we all know that...give it a rest..really!

532 days ago


Reese, honey, just go sit the fcuk down for a few months

532 days ago


What a great way to draw more attention to her negative newsheader.

531 days ago
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