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Charlie/Brooke Twins


In Court

5/7/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were in court today as the judge pored over what sources say is a shocking report about conditions in Brooke Mueller's home ... TMZ has learned.

As you know ... Brooke is in rehab again after falling off the wagon, and the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services was alarmed enough to take Bob and Max and place them in the care of Charlie's ex-wife, Denise Richards.
The 4-year-old twins were also in court -- along with Brooke's attorneys Lori Howe and Angela di Donato, and Charlie's attorneys Mark Gross and Elise Greenberg.

In court, we're told the judge maintained the status quo, allowing Denise to keep the kids for now.

The real question -- will the judge give the children back to Brooke when she leaves rehab, or is the handwriting on the wall that she just can't kick the habit?


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"is the handwriting on the wall that she just can't kick the habit?" You don't know much about the system, do you.

534 days ago


Those poor kids. What exactly are the deplorable conditions in the house, no details? Aren't there nannies? How often does Sheen see them & why didn't he know what was going on? I am so sick of cretins breeding and children suffering.

534 days ago


Amazing that a full 6% said Brooke should not lose custody in the votes. That equal to approximately1500 dumb assess think Brooke should keep the kids.

534 days ago


He needs to do some sit ups.

534 days ago


"Shocking Report" cited from "sources" but not a single detail of said report. Classic tmzzzzz.

534 days ago


OMG! I feels so damn sorry for these poor little boys. They NEED to give Denise PERMANENT parental rights. Seriously!! What are they waiting? To get a call that Brooke has overdosed and passed out in front of the boys. Even if she wants to get better, we can clearly see its not gonna be anytime soon. Give these boys a chance at growing up with some semblance of normalcy. That can only be achieved under Denise's care. Plus side, they'll be growing up with their sisters

534 days ago


Everyone's an expert on other peoples' families.

534 days ago


The one thing that surprises me is Charlie's relatives haven't stepped up to take the boys - his mom/dad, brothers, sisters. It's something when an ex wife takes in someone else's children - amazing. I can see Charlie even understanding he may not be the best candidate but where are his relatives?????

534 days ago


I think Brooke should lose temp custody of the twins until she can be clean and living on her own for a yr. Its not just about her getting clean but also about her staying sober and being able to take care of the boys. Sadly I don't think she can do both right now so why not let Denise keep the boys (give them some stability).

534 days ago


Sad, the lure of the drugs for crack/meth head Brooke is stronger than her love for her children. Hope these kids get someone to care about them enough to put them first. With two addicts for parents, these kids should probably start rehab now, just in case.

534 days ago


The boys deserve stability. I wonder what they are like. God knows what they have seen. I'm sure Denise wants to protect her girls from the chaos that comes with those boys but at the same time she feels compelled to take them in and love them. I truly applaud Denise for having such a big heart!

534 days ago


This may be have an obvious answer, but why can't Charlie care for his own children?? Is he still so cracked out he can't be a father??

534 days ago


Shocking? Even the fact that no details were provided wasn't shocking.

534 days ago


It's obvious not even for those adorable babies can Brooke beat this demon. Supervised visitstion but it's not worth the risk to put them back with her not to mention the constant upheaval. Brooke's addiction is stronger than any mothering instinct. So sad.

534 days ago


Charlie and Denise were in court with the twins, but where is Brooke? According to the article her lawyers showed up but not her.

534 days ago
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