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Lindsay Lohan

Her Adderall Is

On Chopping Block

5/7/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lindsay_lohan_adderal_betty_ford_articleLindsay Lohan is NOT drug free at The Betty Ford Center ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the rehab queen tell TMZ ... Betty Ford is allowing her to take the powerful drug, Adderall. The reason -- she has an Rx and says she's been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Lindsay has made it clear over the last month -- she would only go to rehab if she's allowed to take the med.  BUT ... sources tell us doctors at Betty Ford are currently evaluating Lindsay's diagnosis and the efficacy of the drug.  If doctors disbelieve her diagnosis or the usefulness of Adderall, they will cut her off.

Adderall is commonly misused by lots of people -- especially actresses -- who take the drug to suppress their appetite.

The good news for Lindsay -- at least she can smoke freely at B.F.. 


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I'm sure we can expect at least two Lindsay stories a day until Shawn is paid off, I'm positive the TMZ checks are now being made out directly to her.

512 days ago


Shawn Holley is officially an ENABLER...hope its worth it

512 days ago


LMFAOOO I do love you all. Someone posted before that this was a lame site. I totally disagree, this site has introduced me to some of the most awesome people in the world.

512 days ago


OMG, she will be skitzing and climbing the walls if they cut off her meth supply!

512 days ago


Once again, information leaked that is not suppose to be leaked. Didn't the judge say that there should be no leaks once she was in rehab?

512 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

A big BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA to everyone this most excellent morning.

512 days ago


I think ho-LILO remaining on the Adderal is sop. When the script is a known abused drug, you will be evaluated to see if there is a genuine need for it. Everyone knows that there are doctors who would write script to anyone for anything--Elvis, MJ, etc. If Lindsay is taken off the Adderal, she's gonna put in weight. Hehe.

512 days ago


Sometimes I just like to fck with people for the fun of it (only the bad ones). So just to fck with Lindsay I would say, "I'm here to help you escape. Here put this bag over your head so that no one knows who you are when I try to sneak you out of here. I'd put her in the car and driver her around the area for about an hour than I'd return her back to Betty Ford. Just wait a minute before you take your blindfold off Lindsay, your going to be reallllly surprised at your surroundings.
WTF Quack quack quack quack gack gack cough cough cough cough.

512 days ago


Morning guys, Hey Reg isn't good to know we have a friend in Dirt.

Lohan never had ADHD but it's just about the only way she can Adderall. So of course she has it.

How many times do you take that per day? Suppose to take it per day. Isn't Adderall monitered because it's so abused. Sounds like Lohan takes it alot more then suppose to.

Hell Michael Jackson had 19 known different names to get his drugs. How many does Lohan use.

512 days ago


@firefly BFC is now entering the "eternal damnation flame of linsay lohan" and may not last much longer. That's my favorite phrase from another h8turd.

512 days ago

BB not bb    

ADHD is what they call kids in school who don't pay attention or disrupt the class. Lindsay pays a lot of attention to things, so Adderall is just going to make her even more hyper. I don't think she needs it for her mind, it is probably making her make even worse decisions.

She is probably taking it for her weight. There is a lot of pressure not to be too thin or not eat. People are told to eat all the time, consume, consume, consume. If you don't have the confidence to say no, it is hard not to gain weight.

Most people in the USA are overweight. By some standards you would call them obese even. When you look at crowds of Americans, they look like they are mostly slow and waddling and blubbery. It looks crazy.

If you want to stay thin, you need tricks to keep the fat pushers out of your mind. Lindsay is into drugs, so I think she would just rather take the Adderall.

People are not healthy and they are not into seeing others be healthy. Misery loves company. Then when people are gluttonous and drunkards and into drugs, there is pressure to do the same.

This society does not support people being at a good weight. That is why people turn to drugs and diets to trick themselves into it. I think people are in a competiton to see who can drag who to the bottom first. Dog eat Dog, and dog eat everything else they can too.

512 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Moe, Larry and Curly used hammers and crowbars to get each other's ATTENTION

512 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    



Exposed: The Truth About LiLo’s Cocaine Use — She Says ‘Maybe 4 Or 5 Times,’ But What About These 15 Incidents?

Posted on May 7, 2013 @ 3:47AM | By radarstaff

It was the Lindsay Lohan tell-all confessional that wasn’t much of a tell-all, after all: a Q&A with Piers Morgan for Britain’s The Daily Mail — in which the troubled starlet confessed to using cocaine “maybe four or five times in my life.”

“I don’t like it,” the 26-year-old insisted to Morgan, host of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live. “It reminds me of my dad. I took it four times in a period from about the age of 20 to 23 and I got caught twice.”

She added: “I’ve never taken heroin either, never injected myself with anything, never done LSD. Those things all scare me.”

But did Lindsay go far enough with her admission?

In reality, the truth about her drug use is far worse than what she led readers to believe: the Mean Girls actress’ struggle with drugs and alcohol sent her to rehab six times since January 2007, due to at least 15 separate incidents:


As Lindsay admitted to Piers, she was introduced to cocaine at age 20.

On Nov. 12 2006, an out-of-control Lindsay overdosed on a deadly ****tail of cocaine and painkillers at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, the National Enquirer first reported.

The magazine revealed how a doctor raced to her room after a friend of the actress found her unconscious in a drug-filled hotel room.

Although the doctor was able to revive the hard-partying star, he was horrified to discover a “stash of cocaine and a pile of prescription drugs” in the room, an insider said, at the time.

“The doctor insisted, ‘This girl had a serious drug overdose. She has to go into a hospital and then into rehab.’”


In January, Lindsay entered a drug rehab program for the first time but was allowed to continue to work on her film, I Know Who Killed Me, during her 30-day stay at the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles.

It didn’t seem to work, however: on May 26, she crashed her car in Beverly Hills and was cited for driving under the influence. Lindsay was found to have had cocaine in her bloodstream, according to toxicology reports.

Later that year, in July, Lindsay was arrested in Santa Monica after a woman, identified as the mother of her former assistant, told police the actress was chasing her in an SUV.

Cops found cocaine in Lindsay’s pocket during a search and arrested her.

Then aged 21, she was booked on two misdemeanor charges of suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving on a suspended license and two felony charges of possession of cocaine and transport of a narcotic.

She again sought treatment.

But just 20 days after being discharged, Britain’s News of the World reported Lindsay had gone on a “marathon cocaine binge.” The paper’s evidence: screen grabs from security video showing Lindsay inside the ladies room of Teddy’s nightclub in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with two friends who were also taking drugs.

Her drug-taking began at 8 p.m. one night and was still going on at 11 a.m. the next morning, the paper reported.


In a taped conversation between Lindsay’s mother Dina and her ex-husband Michael, later released, the family matriarch recounted a failed “mess” that was an unsuccessful intervention.

“You don’t even know what I’d go through trying to get her into, like, rehab and stuff,” Dina was heard telling Michael.

“She’d like, punch me in the face, kick me out of the car… like you don’t know the (expletive) I went through trying to get her an intervention by myself. It was very difficult.”

Dina added, “She’s really sad and really hurt and really…despondent. I told her not to go to L.A. at 18…she did. I couldn’t leave these other three (Dina’s three other kids with Michael) to go get her and it was, like, a mess.”


Lindsay’s father released a three-minute audio tape to in which she was heard sobbing, “Mommy says that I’m worse than you were” — a reference to her apparent drug use.

“No one cares about me,” a tearful Lindsay said, at one point. “They don’t, by the way. It’s about how they feel, not how I feel. It’s not about me. It’s never been about me, unless I fight for it.”

On New Year’s Eve that year, at age 23, Lindsay shamelessly snorted coke in front of blogger Nik Richie at Mansion Nightclub in Miami, Florida, while her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson deejayed, he later claimed.

“The PR girl opens the bathroom door for us to walk through and stands guard outside,” Nik wrote in his book Sex, Lies & The Dirty.

“It’s candlelit, but the light makes my pupils shrink. Lindsay goes straight for the toilet, pulling her dress up and sitting (no underwear) and one of her breasts is hanging out the top of the dress.

“I start to wash my hands and she asks me, ‘So, what’s your story?’ before doing an uneven line of coke off her wrist.

“I say, ‘Nothing… just, y’know… partying.’”

He added, “I’m watching Lindsay do coke to my right, that pale tit hanging out, and it takes a couple of seconds to kick in that it’s intentional. I’m supposed to see this. She wants me to. And she’s doing more coke, raising her eye-brows at me like, ‘Want some?’ She sniffs. Snorts. She swabs a little in her mouth and I’ve heard about this kind of thing on TV and in the papers, but it’s different seeing it: the chick from Mean Girls doing blow on the toilet next to me. She’s not the same girl anymore. Something’s changed. She’s lost her way and seeing it is freaking me out.”


With her career spiraling out of control, disturbing images surfaced showing Lindsay injecting what appeared to be heroin into the veins of her left wrist.

The images, published in Britain’s tabloids, were snapped at a Hollywood party believed to have been held in 2007. The star is shown wrapping what looks like a tourniquet around her arm before using a syringe to “inject herself” with a substance into her left arm.

In another shot, an unidentified person appears to be injecting a syringe into Lindsay’s lower back.

The emergence of the photos came just a week after Lindsay admitted to failing two drug tests in September of that year. A probation report released later revealed that the drug test failure involved cocaine and amphetamines.

After failing her test, Lindsay wrote on Twitter: “Substance abuse is a disease which doesn’t go away overnight. I did fail my recent drug test. I am prepared to face the consequences.”

Earlier in the year, Lindsay skipped a court date to party in Cannes, France. As reported, during the hijinks, she was also photographed sitting in front of a table with lines of a mystery white powder.

It showed several lines of a white powder, cut into lines, in front of the starlet.

When reached by and asked to explain what the white powder was, Lindsay at first replied: “What!??” After being directed her to look at the photo and the white powder on the table in front of her, she added: “That’s a set up that’s so untrue.”

Still, the prosecutor at the time, Danette Meyers, lamented: “I hope that isn’t cocaine in those pictures.”


Photos emerged of Lindsay’s rotten teeth, leading one dental expert to conclude the decay had most likely come from recent “smoking and drug use.”

Dr. Pankaj Singh, of Arch Dental Associates in New York City, who has not treated the starlet, said: “This type of damage appears to be from a combination of smoking, drug use and a lack of personal care.”


In October, Lindsay made a hysterical early-morning plea for help to her father, claiming her mother Dina was using cocaine.

“Dad, she’s on cocaine. She’s like touching her neck, and s**t,” the actress was caught on tape saying.

In the aftermath of the incident, family and friends of the mother-daughter duo urged both women to go to rehab.

She didn’t and Lindsay was arrested after allegedly punching Tiffany Ava Mitchell, 28, in the face at Avenue nightclub in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in November.

She had been partying hard before her arrest, according to an eyewitness, who told us the actress was drinking heavily and doing cocaine in the hours before the incident.

“Lindsay was completely out of control. She was drinking way too much booze and was doing cocaine,” the insider revealed.

512 days ago


I'm usually sympathetic towards people who choose to take stimulants for ADHD, because I know that for those who don't get addicted to it and who's bodies are strong enough to tolerate it, it can turn their life around. However Lindsay shows every red flag of being an ADDICT, not someone taking a medication. One of my close friends went from being a high school dropout who struggled to hold down a job to running his own computer business in just a couple of years after he finally got diagnosed at around 30. He also doesn't take it voluntarily on the weekends because he says it makes him less social. Compare him this to Lindsay who is begging to take adderall even in rehab where she does not have to work, and how her life has not been improved but only spiralled more and more out of control.

Lindsay's weight is the least of her problems, but if she is so god darn concerned about being skinny she can do as anyone else who wants to be skinny know count calories, plenty of lean protein, gym etc, not freaking adderall.

512 days ago


ADHD is the tip of the iceberg for Lindsay. Betty Ford should require a full neuropsycholgical assessment. Her mother's an alcoholic, I bet Lindsay's problems really stem from prenatal alcohol exposure. Many with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder have normal intelligence but extreme problems in life, criminality, severe psychological and behavior problems and an inability to cope with day to day life. Adderall isn't going to help that.

A few years inpatient treatment at a psychiatric hospital would be a better option. 'Course that will have to wait until she's in far more trouble than this.

512 days ago
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