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Lindsay Lohan

Her Adderall Is

On Chopping Block

5/7/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lindsay_lohan_adderal_betty_ford_articleLindsay Lohan is NOT drug free at The Betty Ford Center ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the rehab queen tell TMZ ... Betty Ford is allowing her to take the powerful drug, Adderall. The reason -- she has an Rx and says she's been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Lindsay has made it clear over the last month -- she would only go to rehab if she's allowed to take the med.  BUT ... sources tell us doctors at Betty Ford are currently evaluating Lindsay's diagnosis and the efficacy of the drug.  If doctors disbelieve her diagnosis or the usefulness of Adderall, they will cut her off.

Adderall is commonly misused by lots of people -- especially actresses -- who take the drug to suppress their appetite.

The good news for Lindsay -- at least she can smoke freely at B.F.. 


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This is truly what "spoiled" means... she is a bratty child with an immense sense of entitlement. She is self-obsessed, weak, whiny, and fairly talentless. She is in terrible physical shape for a person who is supposedly an actor. Reading about her used to make me laugh, then made me sad, now it makes me sick. If she lives that long she will make one hag of a forty year old.

542 days ago


Shhh! don't tell anyone but *Dirt * and me have a thing going on!!! Every Time that he thinks he is putting shyte on me , I have to have a cold shower. Dirt, I have the Hots for you so bad!!! When can we meet up? I am obsessed with you Dirt. Tweet Me.

542 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

If they try and take it away. They would let her have it in jail.

542 days ago


Regina I didn't see what dirt said to you but that foul, unclean, nasty little worm is just jealous of your good light, and how many people are your friends and love chatting with you here. That disgusting pos just comes here to stir up sheet because that's what losers do.

542 days ago


Good morning-if Betty Ford allows her to continue with Adderall then they are as ****ed up as the court system.

542 days ago


This idiot herself said on Piers Morgan's show that court ordered rehab was a "joke" to her an a place to "kill time", yet she said that jail put her into "shock" and she "cried for four days straight". Why don't they put her in jail where she belongs for the next 90 days AND have her attend mandatory AA meetings while there...would be a good start...

542 days ago


Why is this being reported. Medical records and treatment should be confidential. Was this leaked by Lohan to show that Betty Ford is giving her what she wants? No matter how you look at the situation it is pretty twisted.

542 days ago


adderal equals amphetamines..speed...addictive substance...why is she in rehab again?

542 days ago


Before you guys clamor on about Lindsay getting away with everything, read this article carefully. We have Lindsay's adderall wishes but the rest is not gossip.
.It does not say sources say BF is letting her have adderall because she's Lindsay Lohan. Instead it reads like an explanation from from BF's website. They detox people from alcohol and their illegal drugs and then can medically assess their prescription meds.

542 days ago


Hey Bear I am still an ice cream abuser but I don't have a problem. I may not know much but I know crazy and ADD/ADHD and NO ONE NEEDS ADD meds every damn day. If this bitch is not working she has no reason to take Adderall or any other meds for her non existent condition. Who ever prescribed this to her needs to be investigated. Sounds like a Dr. Happy Time.

542 days ago


I can't stand this hooker. I hope they take her Adderral candy from her & never give it back. Ever.

542 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


542 days ago

Nun ja biz    

If she has ADHD there is therapy to help, she doesn't have to take the drug. She is a junkie and needs to clean

542 days ago

Nun ja biz    

*needs to get clean :)

542 days ago

LA Native    

I agree with Hannah.
She is and will continue to be miserable there. For the first time it appears to me she is not getting her normal way of running things on her rules. Rehab is not meant to be fun, people. My trip to rehab in the 80's was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I truly believe they will wean her down if not completely off this med to reassess and you can bet the rent money that she is not getting her normal addict dosage. Meds are tightly controlled in rehab, you cant even bring in a tylenol or vitamins. They watch you take them and you have to open your mouth and move your tongue to show you are not stashing meds.

542 days ago
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