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Shanna Moakler

Breastfeeding Is 'Incestual and Gross'

5/7/2013 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler believes her boobs are for adults only ... not babies ... telling TMZ she views the act of breastfeeding as "incestual" and "gross."

Moakler -- who has three kids -- was leaving a birthday party at the Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles when she explained, "I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual."

She added, "I'm selfish."

Still, the former beauty queen and reality star tells us she supports women who DO want to breastfeed ... but she makes it clear, she's a formula kind of a girl.


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Lady Di    

Maybe if her mother breastfed her, she wouldn't be so dense.

534 days ago


Good for her that she admits she is selfish, but she forgot to mention ignorant.

534 days ago


She was most likely molested when she was young, hence her disgust with her own body. Or, she's a vain arrogant slut too into herself to care for another living thing...take your pick...

534 days ago


Wow...I think Farrah and she are close to the same IQ level...somewhere below 80

534 days ago


I like how the guy asked her if she's tasted her own breast milk uh probably not cuz her tongue would melt from the toxins.. By the way comparing it to incest is offensive and ignorant

534 days ago


she needs counseling

534 days ago


If thats how she felt then tha4s fine . I do agree with her when she says stop putting the mothers that don't breastfeed for certain reasons down. I did not produce enough milk for my baby. Three days in the hosptal of trying to breastfeed my poor poor hungry baby. She was loosing more weight then normal. My breast hurt and they were chapped. And thos stupid nurses just said keep trying. I finally told them I need formula now. And a good nurse had finally listened to me. My baby is healthy and smart thank you.

534 days ago


Future polls on TMZ:

Breathing: A.) Too much work, B.) Natural
Childbirth: A.) A sin, B.) Natural
Eating: A.) Like, oh my God, B.) Natural

534 days ago


She should turn off her vibrator while feeding. That may have something to do with her opinion.

534 days ago


What a piece of crap she is. Yeah, your are def selfish. Breast milk has tons of immunities that you pass on to your children you idiot. Why don't your try reading a book or something. Or are you to busy worrying about yourself and not your childrens health?

534 days ago

Your mom    

I'm embarrassed for her and for Travis, he seems like a wonderful father and this is putting perspective on why they divorced. This is up there on the list of stupid ish I've heard... Smh

534 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

By everyone's logic on this I should be able to Urinate wherever I want because that's what it was designed for. (SLAP) Keep them titties under wraps don't no body wanna see that crap. If I wanna see titties I will goto a Strip Club, I don't want to and shouldn't have to watch a random Tit get put in a kids mouth cause he's hungry. (By this logic I should be able to whip it out an piss where and when I like.(slap)

533 days ago


This poor, poor sick individual. YES you are entitled to your opinión, BUT that doen't mean you should use your pseudo fame to peddle ridiculous and disgusting ideas - incest? REALLY??????. brains are obviously not this womans' forte, regardless of how she beacame known. This is so far out of line, she needs a fullblown boycott against her and ANYTHING SHE endorses, what a disgusting person!

533 days ago

I am me    

The problem with her opinion isn't that it is hers, but that it is the puritanical opinion that permeates our society already... I find it laughable that she feels stigmatized by the breastfeeding mothers when I don't see her (or people with a similar opinion) being denied feeding their children in public. She has an ignorant opinion and if she felt like breastfeeding was "incestual" then perhaps she has some deep seated issues because feeling that way is what isn't natural.

533 days ago


Damn right she's selfish. I pity her children.

533 days ago
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