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Shanna Moakler

Breastfeeding Is 'Incestual and Gross'

5/7/2013 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler believes her boobs are for adults only ... not babies ... telling TMZ she views the act of breastfeeding as "incestual" and "gross."

Moakler -- who has three kids -- was leaving a birthday party at the Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles when she explained, "I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual."

She added, "I'm selfish."

Still, the former beauty queen and reality star tells us she supports women who DO want to breastfeed ... but she makes it clear, she's a formula kind of a girl.


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Why do you think breasts make milk when a baby is born? Feeding your babies preservative chemicals in formula food when they are developing their organs is cruel to your children.

498 days ago


Breastfeeding is a natural thing for mother and child and brings an unbreakable bond between them. For someone to make breastfeeding into a horrid thing is rediculous and selfish, which she admits she is, but that's her choice. It is also my choice to never have anything to do with this plastic nobody. Anyone that puts any money into this woman's pocket is a bigger idiot than her.

498 days ago


And you're ****in STUPID!! What do you think boobs are for? Feeding your babies!!

498 days ago


What an idiot... we have breasts because they are MEANT to feed babies. That's why milk is produced and secreted. Yes, some women have various problems with it..both physical and psychological... but that doesn't change biology. Newborn mammals get their nutrition through milk produced by the mammary glands of their mothers.... after all, that's why we care called mammals. Humans, cows, dogs, cats, deer, goats, horses, mice, pigs.... we all feed our newborn offspring with our mammary glands.

Formula is just a man made substitute, and proven to not be the same. Close, but not the same. Before formula, women had "wet nurses" who would breast feed. Now many of these women go with formula or sterilized milk from a milk bank...especially in the more "westernized" cultures like the US or the UK.

I'd say this woman's issues are psychological... at best. It comes from the over sexuliaztion of the female breast.

498 days ago


Stop giving these retards the attention they so desperately seek!!!

498 days ago


LOOK at who this dumb bitch `` was married too!!
NUFF said!!!!

498 days ago


It's probably for the best that she doesn't believe in breastfeeding and has never breastfed her kids as it is not recommended that people with substance abuse problems breastfeed..

498 days ago


She is so stupid. Why would anyone listen to this broad. She spends most of her time partying, not raising her kids

498 days ago


Old dried up prune. Who gives a crap what you think.

498 days ago


You would actually have to be present in your childs life on a daily basis in order to breast feed. Most moms in hollywierd birth there babies and off to the nanny they go. No maternal instinct whatsover. Didn't travis barker put her on blast for being a ****ty mom because she owuld spend all day in bed and leave the child rearing to him and the nanny. Also she had an uncle that was a convicted child molester and she would let him have contact with her kids. SMH she is a wortless piece of caca...

498 days ago


what a waste of human flesh ..... her poor kids

498 days ago


What a f*cking idiot! Breastfeeding is incestual??!! That is the most ignorant comment I've ever heard. How did our species even survive before formula was around? Oh, that's right, we breastfed our children, the way nature intended us to. If breasts FIRST purpose weren't to breastfeed then we would not produce milk after birth. I just can't get over how stupid she is.

498 days ago


Well we all agree she is moron. To bad she already bred!!

498 days ago


No breast feeding is not for everyone. That is true. But the price of not breast feeding is beginning to show in our society. Humans should have natural human nutrition just like every other mammal breast feeds their young. There is a price to pay for human babies consuming "formula" created in a laboratory. The word "formula" alone should be alarming. But then again, we would rather buy into making man wealthy by purchasing this stuff just to have convenience. No one knows exactly what is in this "formula" and what the long term real effects are. But people give this stuff to their babies without any real thoughts just because their doctors advise it. Just know that the doctors get paid to recommend this "formula". And if that is not alarming, then we've seriously reached a point of no return and we all get exactly what we deserve.

498 days ago


Literally, this is a tragedy. No wonder our country is so effing EFFED UP! This woman (and those like her) has reduced the most nurturing, nourishing, natural thing on the planet to someone sexual and dirty and wrong. She can think whatever she wants, but shame on her for perpetuating this thinking publicly where young mothers can be influenced by her ridiculous ignorance. SHAME ON HER. Selfish, indeed.

498 days ago
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