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Shanna Moakler

Breastfeeding Is 'Incestual and Gross'

5/7/2013 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler believes her boobs are for adults only ... not babies ... telling TMZ she views the act of breastfeeding as "incestual" and "gross."

Moakler -- who has three kids -- was leaving a birthday party at the Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles when she explained, "I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual."

She added, "I'm selfish."

Still, the former beauty queen and reality star tells us she supports women who DO want to breastfeed ... but she makes it clear, she's a formula kind of a girl.


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mom of the year.

541 days ago


Really???are u joking??not only is it natural but the healthiest way to feed ur baby after giving birth..i guess she really is treating her body good..cuz no one ela is...

541 days ago


I simply cannot believe what just came out of her mouth. We as a society have come so far in our endeavors to educate women on the importance of breastfeeding and this uneducated tramp just made herself look like a moron. 2 steps forward...5 steps back, PERFECT. What a twit.

541 days ago


Looking at her I don't think she should be speaking about whats natural. There's some plastic surgeon somewhere laughing his ass off

541 days ago


Stupid bitch doesn't know about biology.

541 days ago


Another comment, Holy crap! This thing was born in 1975 and looks like this? Even with plastic surgeries? Dammmmmn! If I was her newborn baby I would not want to breast feed from that freak!

541 days ago


Women like her disgust me. Breastfeeding is a normal, natural act. Formula is man made. Women have been breastfeeding since human life began. How could it ever be unnatural?! What an ignorant, uneducated, disgusting person.

541 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

Her belief that breastfeeding is creepy and incestuous doesn't make it true, but it suggests that she is creepy and incestuous. I think she may have creepy incestuous feelings about her children if she truly thinks this way, but she shouldn't put that off onto other people. She needs to get help for her creepy thoughts about her children. I hope Travis takes custody from her! My sister in law was covered with a blanket while nursing her 9 week old baby, and people were gawking plus letting her know they had an issue with her nursing her baby. Funny thing is that the same douchebags would bitch at her if she let her baby cry until reaching her vehicle.

541 days ago


This girl wasn't breastfed.

541 days ago


How ignorant. Breasts were created for breast feeding. Why else would women lactate while pregnant?

541 days ago


After a certain age (12 months) it is gross and does become incestual. Once a child can walk and eat on his own he no longer needs the breast. He can get he nutrition through other means. I nursed 4 kids, one until he was 2 years old and I was like all the other self absorbed self righteous breastfeeding mothers who think only their opinion counts. One day after my 2 yr old came up to me and put his head under my shirt 7 started nursing while standing up, an Uncle who's farm we were visiting said out loud, you look like a cow, that kid is too old to do that. My son took his head out from under my shirt, looked at me, looked at himself and you could see the wheels turning in his head. from that moment on he never nursed again, he went on to become an independent self assured child. Before he was afraid of everything, never wanting to try new things, a real mommy's boy. One comment from someone he barely knew turned him into his own boy. My point is after one year, breastfeeding is no longer necessary for the child to survive, breastfeeding becomes a crutch for the mother to continue to feel relevant.

541 days ago


Her face is gross.

541 days ago


Why do people get so crazed about this subject? If you want to breast feed do it, if not use formula. I have four very healthy children who were all raised on formula. Team Enfamil!

541 days ago


Dumb ass!!! GOD created women like that for a reason idiot!!!

541 days ago


Wow, reading the comments from the breastfeeding moms out there I am not surprised of the attack against this poor woman's opinion. These types of people is the reason I no longer support breastfeeding, in my opinion the breastfeeding crowd have become nothing but verbal terrorist. If you don't agree with everything they stand for they become very ugly and will do everything they can to destroy you if you don't agree with them after they bombard you with "their" opinions of why breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding. To them, no body's opinion matters unless it it agrees with theirs.

541 days ago
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