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Your Baby Mama's a

NIGHTMARE ... Says Ex-Nanny

5/8/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0507-kim-porter-diddy-tmzDiddy's baby mama has pissed off ANOTHER nanny ... who claims Kim Porter treated her like crap and stiffed her out of some serious dough ... and now the ex-help wants Diddy's company to foot the bill, TMZ has learned.

Nanny #2 Amanda Jansen has filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming Porter hired her in 2011 to care for Diddy's children ... but her job quickly turned into that of a full-service round-the-clock housekeeper.

In addition to caring for the kids, Jansen claims she worked well over 100 hours a week doing all sorts of chores -- without ever being given a proper break.

Jansen -- who claims she was hired as live-in help -- also claims she was never given a room with a working lock ... had no furniture other than a bed and a computer desk ... and was forced to live out of a suitcase.

In the suit, Jansen claims she eventually complained about her crazy schedule -- and was fired as a result. Now, she's suing for overtime, wrongful termination, and more. Sources tell us she's looking for a 6-figure payout.  

So why is Diddy involved? Jansen claims she was paid directly by Diddy's company, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment ... and therefore, the company should be on the hook.

You'll recall ... this is the second time Porter's been sued by a nanny in the last month. The previous lawsuit accused Porter of doing drugs around the kids, an allegation Porter denied.



No Avatar



So says from the help.

531 days ago


2nd time in a month. where there's smoke....

531 days ago


Your Baby Mama's a
NIGHTMARE ... Says Ex-Nanny........................i honestly would rather nail in all positions marcela ohio, roberta holanda, sarina valentina, kalena rios than Kim Porter Any Day including Today !.....

531 days ago


Why is diddys mouth always open?

531 days ago


Interesting she is paid through Diddly's business account. He's probably writing it off on taxes too. Cmon IRS, do the right thing.

531 days ago


Actually, the real disturbing part of this story, is that a nanny is being paid by a company account, which means that it is a business expense, therefore, a tax write-off. That means, you are paying the tax for their child care. That is how the rich get richer, and the poor pay for it.

530 days ago


Spoiled lil beotch, got rich got laying on your back hooker.

530 days ago


We weren't there so we don't know what's true if any & what's not (if any). That said, thinking about the type of person who would use a baby to get money or try to convince someone to marry them... wouldn't be too surprised. Truth be told children are used like that in society everyday. The women who do so may not even question what type of mothers they are to the child(ren). The thing is , if it's true the blame should go equally to Sean Combs (diddy).This didn't happen on it's own. Takes 2 to put a little one in a bad environment.

530 days ago

Jack Mehoff    

I believe her. A lot of these stuck up celebs always treat people like personal servants. Even Brittany Spears used to make her "servants" give her dog timed temperature bottled water. They treat their assistants and nannies like crap because they pay their salaries. To them, they are slaves

530 days ago


Some celebs give personal assistants or nannies six figure salaries. If that's the case, ill be your slave too. For a six figure salary to babysit your brats for awhile and listen to a few of your demands, ill be your personal assistant. If they get paid ****, then it's not cool to treat people like garbage. Btw, Kim looks like she always has a mustache. Not a pretty lady!

530 days ago


that is not a good looking pic of them

530 days ago


I hate idiotic , incoherent bitches like her. D. diddy acts like he's worth Billions of dollars or something? Pay your damn nannies on time morons! You can tell they're not use too anything acting like a bunch of hooligans!

530 days ago


Pathetic that his business is paying her salary..should hire a professional to help out if you can't effin afford it why should his live-in nanny be classed as a tax write-off! and working 100hrs a week slaving after that spoilt bitch! pfft I'd forget the cash and just punch her teeth out..but that's also the problem with the workers..who in their right mind would continue to work in those conditions obviously the nanny didn't care all that much or after the 2nd week she would have quit..both bitchs deserve a slap

530 days ago


whoops meant to say shouldn't hire help if you can't afford it lol

530 days ago


Unfortunately, they do not say how long she worked under these conditions. Although probably completely true, what kills ME is that so often these law suits are filed LONG after someone has worked under what they call unacceptable conditions for years, and THEN get fired so they sue. If you truly feel that you cannot or should not do the things expected of you, QUIT. Then sue if you must. But to make the claims after having 'accepted' the conditions for a certain length of time, then they should waive any right to later on file a grievance!

530 days ago

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