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Justin Bieber

Cops Recommend


5/8/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's fate -- and freedom -- are now in the hands of the L.A. County District Attorney, who is now deciding whether to prosecute the singer for allegedly spitting in his neighbor's face and threatening to kill him -- and we know the Sheriff has told prosecutors -- haul him before a judge!

TMZ broke the story ... Justin was racing his Ferrari in his Calabasas gated community last March, and the breakneck speed didn't sit well with a neighbor who confronted him.  Justin allegedly ordered the neighbor off his property and then spit in his face and said, "I'm going to f**king kill you!"

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. investigated the case and sent the file to the D.A. Tuesday.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Sheriff's investigators are urging prosecutors to charge the singer with battery.  We're told cops don't think Bieber should go to jail, but he needs serious counseling because of his repeated and escalating bad behavior.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sheriff's investigators are worried that Bieber is either going to "get his ass kicked" or "someone's gonna get a $2 million payday" unless the singer changes his tune.

Our sources say the Sheriff's Dept. is not singling out Bieber because he's a celeb -- they'd make the same recommendation for anyone who's a first time offender with a bad temper.

The D.A. is reviewing the case.  A decision is expected soon.



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The Biebs Behind Bars! On the next Lockup on MSNBC! :-)

429 days ago


Is he not a citizen of Canada? Strip him of his green card and seize his US properties if found guilty.

428 days ago


Sounds about right. This was about the age when Lindsay began her downward spiral.

428 days ago


dear neighbor: i would have saved the spit to prove dna, then i would have gotten a mini bb bat and opened his effin skull.....but since that didnlt happen, i hope you stick to your guns and the prosecutor shows some balls and you get millions from this wigger.....

428 days ago


With CA's track record, this little punk will probably get sentenced to some anger management class, which he will use his appearances as an excuse why he can't attend, so the judge will give him a second, third, fourth chance...he MAY FINALLY go, but will not change one bit. Too much, too young. Another train wreck in the works! Someone needs to get this kid under control quick! Where are his parents through all of this?

428 days ago


Seriously, he has NOT thought about the implications this will have on his entry and re-entry to the United States. He is NO a US citizen and this type of charge will FOREVER bar his ability to become one. Additionally, he can simply be refused entry in the future. I hope the US will not give him special treatment due to his celebrity status.

428 days ago


"Sheriff's investigators are worried that Bieber is either going to "get his ass kicked" or "someone's gonna get a $2 million payday" unless the singer changes his tune."
Really? Not their job. Their job is to enforce the laws L'il Biebs breaks, and to bring him to justice - NOT to cover his pasty arse, and keep him from getting his $ sues away OR do the work of his mammoth well paid bodyguards. Cops could care less about my well being OR my bank account - why extend the courtesy to this miscreant?

428 days ago


What they are not disclosing is the real reason why the guy wants his charged. He moved in beside Justin and then told neighbors and friends that he would get the "dirt" on Justin. He became enraged when Justin put in privacy bushes and stated to Justin he would suffer for it. Not much longer, this issue of him being spit on by Justin comes to the media. I think the guy who accused him is lying through his teeth....and no, I am not a Beiber fan at all, but the kid should not see jail for something the neighbor concocted to get money out of him.

428 days ago


So if Billy Currington gets terrorist charges for making the same statements while pissed off and threatening some one, should the same charges apply to this little sawed off prick or is he above the law?

428 days ago


Talk is cheap, especially in the California court system. His real problems will begin when he and his beliebers reach their 20's. Career over.

428 days ago


If he ever has to go to jail, he'll probably cry like a wimpy girl. They will scare him straight. Now who's the tough guy, Justin?

428 days ago


It's time we start setting an example of celebrities.

428 days ago


Do it! Teach that goofy little gay Canadian to respect American laws!

428 days ago


If he wants to be an "ass", then maybe he should be deported back to Canada to live. First, he will find out how good it is to live in California and the USA, second,sending him back to "The Great White North" and see what it will show how hard it will be to generate publicity!

428 days ago


Nothing will happen, he will skate. In California you have a tier of justice with the least amount of punishment given to those at the top. Bottom tier up is (4) men; (3) black/hispanic;(2) wealthy; and (1) celebrity. Women are given special passes. So JB being at the top of that tier (celebrity) will be treated like the woman celebrity he/she is and will get an apology from the DA and praise from the judge. Does anyone remember Lohan? All the prosecutors and judges in LA are a joke and would never hold a celebrity to the same standards or punishment the rest of us are held to. If I had a million dollars I would bet that Bieber will get a hand shake and apology from the DA.

428 days ago
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