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Rips Wade Robson

'Maybe He Needs Some Extra Change'

5/8/2013 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson's new sexual abuse claim against Michael Jackson is just plain "whack" ... this according to Omarion, who tells TMZ he thinks Wade might be lying to make a quick buck.

The R&B superstar was out at Supperclub in Hollywood last night, when we broke the news to the singer about Wade's new allegation -- that MJ sexually abused him as a child.

"I can't believe that ... I  can't believe you would sue a dead man," Omarion said.

Omarion says Robson -- a hugely successful dance choreographer -- might simply be looking for a quick payday. O then goes on to defend MJ.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Robson protected MJ while MJ was alive, and now he's decided to go for a big payday since MJ is dead and can't be hurt by disclosure of the truth. MJ was a classic pedophile displaying every symptom of the condition. His defenders indulge in the absurd when they claim otherwise. Robson has some claim to damages, but his own prior contradictory statements may cause him to be left with empty pockets.

534 days ago

Heartless Bitch    

can't believe someone would stoop that low, suing a dead man, can the guy rest in peace Jesus, leave him alone. anything to make a buck! loser....

534 days ago


I do believe he along with many other young boys were molested by michael jackson, I do however think this is a money grab from his estate. Face it all of these wackos live in a fanticy word called Hollywood...

534 days ago


Let's say, hypothetically, that he is telling the truth. That, then, begs the question: "Why didn't he tell the truth earlier?" I think the answer to that would be that he was already paid off with hush money, and thus, a legal settlement was reached. You can't come back because you didn't like the terms.

The other explanation is that it is pure BS now, and he told the truth earlier, but either way, no money for you!

534 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

**** Wade Robson...nothing but $$$$ signs now 'right?; Sell Out!

534 days ago


amen Omarion thank you for standing up for michael

534 days ago


oh right, that's the dancing sprite with the frosted tips from "you got served"....too little, too late buddy, should've stepped up (no pun) when you had the chance

534 days ago


What a chicken s**t way to file a lawsuit. Wait four years after the man's dead then sue the estate for something you publicly said underoath he never did. Boy do the idiots come out when money is involved.

534 days ago


No one wants to admit they were molested. Especially when it is your father or mothers best friend or your best friend that is doing it.Feeling like it would disappoint your mom or dad by saying their best friend is a child molester.Also if the kid had access to a free amusement part and bought lots of gifts and knowing if he said something that he would lose all of that and have to go back to his regular boring life.Perhaps he wouldn't say anything.I don't think he would openly admit to sexual abuse unless it was true.I know i wouldn't know a lot of kids that don't admit it till years later.Because of the reasons stated above.

534 days ago


Robson is just another pathetic liar with his hand out for cash. Michael did not molest any child.

534 days ago


Omarion is right how can you sue a dead man when he can't even defend himself one word "Pathetic"

534 days ago


Why does everyone automatically believe Michael just because he was famous?...Wade was probably embarrassed as a kid and man to admit the truth...many victims have done the same including the Catholic Church victims...a grown man doesn't have kids that aren't his own sleep in his bed like Michael did....and quit bashing him for being a money's the whole Jackson clan that are money whores.

534 days ago


He already got paid off years ago.... Didn't hear that from moi.....

534 days ago


Mother and him got paid off already.... Guess those Millions have ran out..... Needs new home down under....

534 days ago


Omarion? Who? Never heard of him.

534 days ago
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