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Shanna Moakler

My Boobs Are for Fun

Not For Food

5/8/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-beauty queen Shanna Moakler says her precious boobs are sex objects, and no place for hungry kids to be hanging out. Sooo ... let's talk milk jugs! And breastfeeding.

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Fun bags!

503 days ago


Amazing....I am breastfeeding my son and have to read this nonsense about her breasts being sex objects...what the f*ck ever. Mine are too, but they can also feed my kid when necessary!

503 days ago

JD Pennan    

A) She doesnt know what the word incestuous means.

B) The real reason she doesnt want to breastfeed, she's afraid of her breasts sagging and losing her looks.

503 days ago


Who cares what "her" boobs are for.. Everyone elses boobs are for feeding children. But hey I guess even and idiotic twit like this is entitled to her opinion.

503 days ago


She's a gold digger. And they aren't husbands either they are "wallets" huh?

503 days ago


Shanna Moakler
My Boobs Are for Fun..........................LET'S SEE THEM...

503 days ago


ah, just as God intended.

503 days ago



503 days ago

BB not bb    

This lady is so stupid that I get a headache listening to her. Then on her reality show with that tattooed newt looking husband of hers, it was so depressing how little respect she has for herself as a woman that I couldn't watch it any more.

I had no idea she was as pretty as she was in the beauty pageant becasue she comes off as such a pig. I think it is becasue she has no respect for herself as a woman. She has to know better than what she said about breast function. I think she plays stupid on purpose to keep whatever creepy man she has.

Do you see animals fondling each other's teats? No. They are interested in the face and genitals and that is it. The sick thing is when people make breasts some sort of sexual focal point when they are meant to nourish children. It is sad how twisted people really are and don't even know it.

Could this be part of the reason that there is an obesity problem in this country? People seem to think that sources of food are really sources of sexual gratification. Next will they make you cover your food out of modesty and decency so the person next to you doesn't get turned on while you are eating?

Breasts are no more sexual than any other non gential part of the body. People who are perverts are the ones who think otherwise. I find this so insulting to breast feeding mothers and their children. She needs to get a clue or a backbone and stop being such a dumb blonde bimbo type.

503 days ago


Wow. I find it very interesting that the MEN on the show voiced such strong opinions. All women do not want to breastfeed. It is our choice and our bodies. As a mother of 4 I agree that I do not like my body being used in that way. As for the argument that my boobs are made for that well I dont think we live in the dark ages anymore. I have things to do and a job and a life and I dont need to be tied to a breastfeeding schedule. Men I think you should keep quiet if it has to do with our bodies. Some women are uncomfortable with the idea and some women are OK with it. Our choice.

503 days ago


Tell that to the chicks in National Geographic, dumb b****.

503 days ago

Nun ja biz    

If you ever watched her reality show with her ex Travis Barker you'd all see how lazy she is. She would sleep all day and he would be the one with the kids. That would not fly in my house.

503 days ago


I totally agree with you. Nothing spoils a nice dinner out like someone breast feeding at the next table. Women are soooooo militant about defending their right to breast feed. They bulldoze over other peoples rights to their own opinion. Yes I do know that it is a totally natural thing but so is sex and so is pissing or pooping, but you don't do it in the middle of the food court.

503 days ago

New Orleans    

What a dumbo but I guess its better that the babiez don't get a mouthful of silicone.

503 days ago


Maybe if she were in a different situation financially she would think differently. I chose to breastfeed my third child not only for the health benefits it provided for both him and myself but, also for the fact I couldn't afford to spend 70+ dollars a week on the specialized formula he needed. Brestmilk is by far the safest thing you can feed your child because you know exactly what's in it. What you take in you put out. I cannot say the same thing for some of these formulas. Only an uneducated inexperienced person would make such a vile comment about such a beautiful natural bonding experience between a mother and her child.

503 days ago
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