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MJ Molestation Lawyer

Wade's Sexual Abuse Claim

'All About Money'

5/8/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0507-thomas-mesereau-wade-robson-gettyThe man who led Michael Jackson's defense in the 2005 molestation trial says Wade Robson is not telling the truth by now claiming the singer molested him ... and says such a belated claim "must be just about money," TMZ has learned.

Attorney Tom Mesereau told TMZ ... Wade Robson led off his defense in the famous molestation trial because prosecutors had claimed the famous choreographer had been molested by Jackson as a child.

Mesereau says Robson was strong and unwavering in his testimony -- adamant that Jackson never touched him. Tom says Robson never cracked during intense cross-examination.

Mesereau tells us, "Michael never touched Robson inappropriately in any way."

And Mesereau scoffs at any notion that Robson suffered from repressed memory and is only coming forward now.

During the hearing, Robson said that while he slept in the same bed with Michael as a child ... and that Michael would often kiss him on the cheek ... MJ never touched him in a sexual manner, ever.

In fact, while Robson was on the stand ... he passionately told the court, "I'm telling you that nothing ever happened."


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Almost four years after Michael's passing? WTH? This guy is broke and he won't stop at nothing to get money. What he doesn't know is Michael is not an easy target anymore! He will have to deal with the lawyers of the Estate, and probably go to jail for perjury, then. In other words he's calling Mesereau and all the lawyers liars.

498 days ago


I really hope AEG is not involved in this, because such shallow action and lack of business ethics will do more damage to their business and their image than than the whole Jackson case will ever do!

498 days ago


Absolutely no shame!

498 days ago


You say his allegations is all about the money...well so are all of the random suites his family is filing against random people.

498 days ago


This can't be about anything but money. But this guy is either lying now or when he testified at Michael's trial and said nothing happened. One way or the other, the guy is a liar.

498 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

It's amazing how your memory clears up when the checks to keep quiet stop coming.

498 days ago


I believe Wade.. I don't care when he came forward!! MJ was a child molester, why do you think the kid from home alone is on drugs??? All of these kids were abused by MJ. Sad, I hope he gets some kind of peace from this..

498 days ago


His memory has been repressed from age 7 to age 34? Wow. That's a long time -- even if you start counting from age 14 - that would be 20 years of memory loss. And all the while when he testified under oath he did not remember the crime, until 2013. Unbelievable.

498 days ago


MJ was abused on many levels in his life. What's true and what's false??

498 days ago


Maybe he was afraid for his life while the peophile was alive. Thank God he's dead tho ...right. can o get a whoop whoop..

498 days ago


Is this the guy that Britney cheated on Justin??

498 days ago

Lara May    

Please fellow human beings, do your research before you believe what Wade Robson: A greedy and desperate man's claims and the media. Michael was innocent and the that's the truth if you actually look at the facts. It's heartbreaking that there's so much greed in this world that people can't see what a gentle, kindhearted, charitable person Michael was. Harming children would be the LAST thing he would ever even think about doing. He loved children because he never experienced a childhood and because he felt decieved by adults his entire life. He devoted his entire life to helping the sick and poor; That's why he built Neverland. You will be blown away by the huge amounts of facts about what this poor man had to suffer through his entire life because of people putting his hand into his pockets. Love to all and don't let anybody else tell you what you should believe before doing the research yourself.

498 days ago

Jan M    

What a good man you are, Tom Mesereau.

498 days ago

Ms Nat    

Please let MJ rest in peace.

498 days ago

What I Think    

Thanks for re-opening this can of worms with your civil suit against AEG, Katherine. I look forward to buying all of the books that follow.

498 days ago
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