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Kris Kross Funeral

Daddy Mac Breaks Down

'I Know Chris Is in Heaven'

5/9/2013 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kris Kross rapper Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith broke down in tears today during the funeral for his former KK partner Chris Kelly -- telling the congregation, "It's been like a struggle for me every day ... I know Chris is in heaven."

During the service, which took place at a Baptist church in Atlanta, Smith said, "He was a true friend ... I just wanna say I love you man ... and I'm gonna miss you dearly."

He added, "My life  ... it ain't ever gonna be the same, but I just hope our legacy for hip-hop is never forgotten. I'm gonna do my part to make sure Chris' legacy will live on."

The funeral was filled with Chris Kelly's famous friends -- including R&B singer Keke Wyatt and the members of Xscape, all of whom performed songs.

Jermaine Dupri
and rapper Da Brat were also present. Da Brat was wearing her pants backwards as a tribute to the dead rapper.

As we reported, Chris was pronounced dead last Wednesday after his body was found unresponsive in his Georgia home. His mother told police he'd been doing a mixture of cocaine and heroin the night before, and had an "extensive history of drug use."

Chris -- AKA "Mac Daddy" -- was 34.



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da brat is a talentless nobody. Unless being an ******* counts

531 days ago


Did they bury him backwards too?

531 days ago


Yeah I'm sure drug addicts are in heaven lol pfft

531 days ago

Harlin's Garage    


531 days ago


Not when ya od' Daddy Mac.

531 days ago


Drug addict go to hell..

531 days ago


Hey TMZ why not do an article about all the troops dying right now in Iraq they deserve a lot more honor and respect than this loser.

530 days ago


That Muther ****in ***** is in Heaven like HITLER and Michael Jackson are the Son and Holy Ghost.

530 days ago


Wow...ppl are so negative these days you know if someone is an drug addict going to hell...first off youre not god and no sin is better than any other . So watch what you say.Everybody goes thru different obstacles in life and they have to account for their actions not you. SO STOP JUDGING IF YOU DONT WANT to be JUDGED

530 days ago


Westboro baptist church chickens, just admit your scary asses knew you couldn't picket nobody's funeral cos you woulda got f*cked up. Stop all these dumb comments. Your making yourselves look stupid to everyone including the God you claim up worship. Even He's up there laughing at your yellow bellied trolling. Go picket outside the unemployment office cos I kno you ain't got jobs...

530 days ago


He lost this best friend so of course he is gonna say that he's gone to heaven which he probably is anyway because he was a kind person. Having a drug addiction does not make you a bad person, neither does dying from a drug overdose. For all those making it abt race: Explain 2 little white boys shooting up Columbine high school? Where the hell were their parents at? Or explain the Green river killer & how this man raped & killed women that were prostitutes but were probably trying to make a living to feed their children. Drug addiction is very over powering, he could've died from the first time he used but he lived to fight another day. Yes, ppl can say that he could've gotten help or his loved ones could've helped but no one can live another person's life for them. Ray Charles suffered from drug addiction, he was one of the greatest artist of all time, he didn't die from usage though. Marilyn Monroe one of the most admirable women of all times died from a drug overdose & so did the very handsome Heath Ledger which they both medicated themselves. Whether its cocaine, heroin, alcohol, or prescription drugs....ppl can die from an overdose, that don't make them bad ppl. Ppl speaking abt Hitler he should be in hell, he didn't kill himself but he killed other innocent ppl even babies. Rosa & Martin fought for progress, a world that understands diversity, for what they thought was right, and not to define a person by one particular incident. Ppl are still ignorant today as they were 60 years ago. & just because DaBrat wore her pants backwards doesn't signify her lack of progress but rather portrays her memory of Chris because that's what he did as a child star, you damn idiots! Y'all need to get your lives & stop worrying about how someone else lived theirs, so next time you leave the bar drunk & driving you don't kill pedestrians crossing the street or maybe even yourself..

530 days ago


He is right, his life wont be the same. The money is gone and now any type of show wont be able to happen. The fact is the rap, rock cultures do nothing but glorify drugs. This is the result of it- many young people gone before their time. Any thing for money right?

530 days ago


CBS news on Kris Kross funeral

530 days ago


One hit wonder and Dope Head LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

530 days ago


This world is so evil. I have never read so many evil comments in my life about a man who died. He wasn't a serial killer or a child molester, he was a young man who couldn't kick the habit and ultimately paid the price, no one knows if he is in heaven or not. Who are we to judge? He had a mother and friends who loved him. How do you people know if no one tried to help him? No one knows, you only know and sadly believe what you read. STOP JUDGING!

529 days ago
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