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Brooke Mueller

Tries to Wrestle Twins

From Charlie and Denise

5/10/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is making a full-court press to move her twins from Denise Richards' home to Brooke's brother's home ... because she fears Charlie Sheen's volcanic temper will put their kids in harm's way.

Sources connected with the custody war tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyers are going to court today in an effort to remove Bob and Max, the 4-year-old twins, from Denise's home.  Brooke wants the kids to stay with her brother while she rehabs at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Brooke believes Charlie is violent, and by putting the kids in Denise's care, it exposes them to Charlie.  Brooke's lawyers are going to custody court today ... to get what they claim are sealed documents outlining a pattern of violence on Charlie's part.  They want to take those documents to dependency court, where a judge stripped Brooke of custody.

Our sources say Charlie and Denise both think it's ridiculous to put the kids in the care of Brooke's bro, because he has no real relationship with the twins.  What's more, it would mean uprooting the kids from their school, doctors, family, friends, etc.

Fact is ... Denise has bailed Brooke out of these situations multiple times in the past and Charlie has helped out, so it seems weird that suddenly that arrangement is so risky. 


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I don't understand this woman--she is all about the drama. It's sad she can't see past her selfish ways and realize what is best for those two boys. Clearly, making them switch their current living arrangements with Denise is only going to cause more stress on them! It's pretty bad that Brooke actually makes Charlie Sheen seem like the normal one.

531 days ago


Okay, now we at least know who dropped-the-dime -

On Brooke.


Hey, you had it coming sister - DON'T blame him!

Ye wanted to play Hard-Ball - well...

-welcome to Hard-Ball.

Oh, and THIS Version of Hard-Ball?

Involves accomplices - bye Brooke ...

Live with The Dime - Die by The Dime.

531 days ago


She could care less about the boys. It's all about the $50k child support payment that she's not getting since she doesn't have the kids.
That's all it is.

531 days ago


Brooke should be stripped of any custody she has of the twins. Denise should have them permanently.

531 days ago


is this some sort of boob joke?

531 days ago


She's just being nasty detoxing wench. It's the withdrawals talking. - She really needs to get her sheet together. I'm funking tired of the addict mentality and addict BS

531 days ago


She sounds like a real psycho. Leave those kids where they are instead of bouncing them around like balls. And Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Stay strong Wade. There are sane people in this world who believe you.

531 days ago

Trooper Tom    

The courts should be more concerned about Mueller and her non stop drug use around her kids

531 days ago


wow she is just a nutbag

531 days ago


Someone need that child support money for drugs, eh?

531 days ago


yikes! this is adds more reason to give Denise permanent custody and I hope she gets it.

531 days ago


Charlie may be an a-hole, but he doesn't abuse kids. She seems very concerned for them, now that she knows which way is up. Hypocrite, thy name is Brooke.

531 days ago


Brooke's lawyers can't cover up the fact that Brooke is a lousy mother, who endangers her children every day with all the drugs she takes. She's in no position to judge anyone else as a parent. Her children are happy and in a safe, loving environment. Let them be. Charlie has his problems, but at least he knows the children are better off with Denise, and he's doing what's best for the boys. If Brooke loses her monthly child support, she isn't going to have money for drugs--the irony of it all. That's probably the main reason she wants to keep the boys in her family--her lifestyle depends on big money from Charlie.

531 days ago


"volcanic temper"?, she forgot already why the kids were removed from her home at first.

531 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Really sad when it is a fact that children cannot be exposed to either parent because of concern for their harm. At least they are in a familiar home with siblings and a parent (role) who gives them stability in a loving environment for the interim. I hope it all works out. Charlie, Brooke and LiLo - rehab the real reality show.

531 days ago
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