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Brooke Mueller

Tries to Wrestle Twins

From Charlie and Denise

5/10/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is making a full-court press to move her twins from Denise Richards' home to Brooke's brother's home ... because she fears Charlie Sheen's volcanic temper will put their kids in harm's way.

Sources connected with the custody war tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyers are going to court today in an effort to remove Bob and Max, the 4-year-old twins, from Denise's home.  Brooke wants the kids to stay with her brother while she rehabs at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Brooke believes Charlie is violent, and by putting the kids in Denise's care, it exposes them to Charlie.  Brooke's lawyers are going to custody court today ... to get what they claim are sealed documents outlining a pattern of violence on Charlie's part.  They want to take those documents to dependency court, where a judge stripped Brooke of custody.

Our sources say Charlie and Denise both think it's ridiculous to put the kids in the care of Brooke's bro, because he has no real relationship with the twins.  What's more, it would mean uprooting the kids from their school, doctors, family, friends, etc.

Fact is ... Denise has bailed Brooke out of these situations multiple times in the past and Charlie has helped out, so it seems weird that suddenly that arrangement is so risky. 


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I know all too well what happened here. She finally got sober for a few days and decided that despite gushing about Denise and how it's the best place for her boys, she realizes that the public and media have dubbed Denise a saint for repeatedly stepping in to save the day. Now she wants to say that Charlie is unstable (as if she isn't toxic and bat **** crazy herself) and is implying that Denise doesn't have enough sense to keep her children out of harms' way. @@ It's always baffling how much cray-cray a couple days of sobriety brings out in an addict....

531 days ago


She's on drugs in their presence and NOW she's worried about them? Sounds fishy to me...probably like long as they are in the custody of Denise she (Brooke) doesn't get a payout but if they go to her family she does..

531 days ago


Wow, this junkie really does not care about her boys! I thought perhaps she was a junkie, yes, but that didn't change the fact that she loved her boys dearly, but could not have them. Wrong! She really does not care or she would be SO grateful that they are where they are when she is so unfit to care for them!

531 days ago


Charlie is a loser father. Loser. And what's up with Martin sheen. Is he incapable too.

531 days ago


Charlie it's the father, correct??? Most father's would get their kids. What's his excuse?? Both parents are losers

531 days ago


Muller is biggest ho than any other

531 days ago


Mueller's concern is her child support money. No kids no 55k per month. What she does rehab 3-4 times a year. Child support is her drug money. This is no surprise.

Now this time with drugs and kids in the house and caught. Mother or not Judge is going to take a hard look at this. Sheen also has say and he feels the boys are better off with Denise and the girls.

Denise has always been there for the boys and she's very good with them.

531 days ago


Charlie has enough money to get full custody and stop this circus. He will let Denise be the primary care giver. Brooke can have supervised 2-hour visits.

531 days ago

Your mom    

Brooke - it's actually quite simple. Put down the crack pipe and raise your children. Your crack out a@@ should appreciate that Denise is stepping in to raise your children because you continually choose crack over them. Remember, crack is whack.

531 days ago


The more accurate term would be "wrest", as opposed to "wrestle". TMZ, why you no listen to the grammar police?

531 days ago


Wait, didn't brooks prenup have some sort of issue where the clause said she wanted equal or more than Denise Richards? Always seemed a bit insecure about old Denise. Could this b about money and would Denise get child support for the boys from Charlie?

531 days ago


Whoa ...
Someone forgot to take their meds for withdrawal evidently. Brooke may be in Rehab ... but her thought processes are still completely messed up. One would assume Charlie has visitation rights anyway ... and Denise has proven herself to be a protective mother and guardian when it comes to Charlie's hijinks and manic episodes.

Hey Brooke - your kids are a thousand times safer with Denise, than they ever are with you. You are a heavy duty drug addict in constant relapse. You have continually put them in harms way by choice when you are "under the influence". You need to have those kids permanently removed from your care. NO KIDS SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE CARE OF AN ACTIVE ADDICT ... and she should be put in jail for child endangerment!!

531 days ago


If Brooke cared, the boys wouldn't be in this situation. Apparently the home Brooke provided was pretty bad.
Those adorable boys need a life and it sounds like Denise is the only one in a position to take care of them.

There is no reason to believe Brooke will be in rehab a hundred more times before these boys reach 18.

531 days ago


Brooke IS a ADDICT!!!
~~~ Take those kids away `` NOW!!
If she was so protective of her kids
Then WHY is she `still` an ADDICT???
The kids are 4 NOW!!
Denise gets that title!! :)

531 days ago


those poor boys, this woman is dispicable. I'm sorry did Charlie lose all his custody rights? Is he not allowed to visit his kids?? Pretty sure he only sees the girls with Denise there, not like he takes them and goes off to do whatever. Say what you want but Charlie's been working, staying out of the news, and obviously Denise and the girls see him for things like holidays, birthday parties ect. At this point it's Brooke who shouldn't get a say in who is or isn't safe to be around her kids.

531 days ago
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