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Brooke Mueller

Tries to Wrestle Twins

From Charlie and Denise

5/10/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is making a full-court press to move her twins from Denise Richards' home to Brooke's brother's home ... because she fears Charlie Sheen's volcanic temper will put their kids in harm's way.

Sources connected with the custody war tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyers are going to court today in an effort to remove Bob and Max, the 4-year-old twins, from Denise's home.  Brooke wants the kids to stay with her brother while she rehabs at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Brooke believes Charlie is violent, and by putting the kids in Denise's care, it exposes them to Charlie.  Brooke's lawyers are going to custody court today ... to get what they claim are sealed documents outlining a pattern of violence on Charlie's part.  They want to take those documents to dependency court, where a judge stripped Brooke of custody.

Our sources say Charlie and Denise both think it's ridiculous to put the kids in the care of Brooke's bro, because he has no real relationship with the twins.  What's more, it would mean uprooting the kids from their school, doctors, family, friends, etc.

Fact is ... Denise has bailed Brooke out of these situations multiple times in the past and Charlie has helped out, so it seems weird that suddenly that arrangement is so risky. 


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Is Brooke Mueller actually "COMPETENT" enough to be making "ANY" decisions regarding the overall well being of her sons??? I suspect "HER" family is instigating these legal proceedings because "THEY" want the "CHILD SUPPORT" money. Charlie Sheen may not be a "PARAGON OF VIRTUE" but at least he now grasps "HIS LIMITATIONS" enough to ensure his sons will be "SAFE AND WELL CARED FOR"!!! Brooke Mueller has a "LONG BATTLE" ahead of her to get "CLEAN" and stay "SOBER"!!! Going "BACK AND FORTH" with Charlie Sheen over "CUSTODY ISSUES" may do her much more "HARM" than "GOOD"!!! She should really concentrate on getting "BETTER"!!! Access to money hasn't helped her!!!

495 days ago


Yes, because the druggie knows what's right for her kids, damnit!

495 days ago


To bad its not up to Brooke who gets the kids. Its up to the Judge who is handeling the case in Children Court. Social workers from LA County childrens services make the reccomendations and the judge signs off on what is deemed in the best interest of the children. Its not about what Brooke wants.

495 days ago


She sobered up long enough to realize the cash flow for her nose candy just walked out the door when her boys left.

495 days ago


Sounds like Brooke is feeling vengeful b/c she's playing second fiddle to Denise again.

Charlie has a passion for life, including helping others. Brooke should appreciate his kindnesses to her, and realize that time with their sisters will be good for the boys. Denise has a baby daughter, so it should be a happy environment alleviating a stressful time..

495 days ago


She is afraid of losing her $50k a month child support.

495 days ago


IF she had a problem with the children's father she would have done something in court prior to having the children taken away. She won't be successful.

495 days ago


Unfortunately for Brooke she has no custody rights and the courts does not gives a rats behind what she thinks. The state pulled the kids out her home so the kids are basically wards of the court with Denise assigned as Guardian. They did not place the kids with family because they enable her. This is the least stressful situation for those boys and no courts going to grant that request when last week it was the best think for them. This chick is bi polar and cracked out. Unlike last time she pulled the boys out of the home she has no say. If she was making good decisions should would have custody of her kids point blank.

495 days ago


"Brooke wants the kids to stay with her brother while she rehabs at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage."

Yikes! Let's hope Lindsay Lohan is not affected by Brooke, who I believe is far worse off and out-of-site and sound . . . please.


495 days ago


@Josh - care to elaborate on this big news about Charlie and Denise?

495 days ago


Good news for the boys...Mueller has been turned down by the court. The twins stay with Denise for the 'forseable future'.

Judge says the boys are 'flourshing' with Denise and sees no reason to change that. Even when Mueller leaves rehab no guarentee she will get the boys back.

This is her 20th stint in rehab. I can't see a judge giving the boys back to Brooke.

495 days ago


Hmm....anyone else catch that? This crazy broad is going to rehab with none other than Lindsay Lohan.....The Betty Ford Center. I'm sure that's going to work out really well!!

495 days ago


Why couldn't she do rehab somewhere closer to LA so her kids could come in to see her after a little while in treatment? If it's that important for to see her kids that she wants to take them from their sisters and have her brother care for them...........

495 days ago


@QE2...Brooke's importance is the $55k per month child support. That's her drug money. No kids no 55k.

495 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

I hope Denise gets the right to look after those boys on an ongoing basis. Ms. Mueller shouldn't be making any decisions for them now or in the near future. Denise is stable and has a stable home that is family oriented.

495 days ago
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