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Justin Bieber


5/10/2013 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_justin_bieber_instagramJustin Bieber posted a photo on Instagram today of himself and a friend ... drinking a couple of beers ... and captioned it "Beers in the jungle." 

Bieber is only 19, so he'll probably learn this with age ... but bragging about drinking an Amstel??  Heineken, maybe ... but not an Amstel.

Still, at least he's not drinking a ... [insert your answer in the comments section].


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He's in south africa, the drinking age is 18. Stop picking on this kid you lowlife ***gots.

499 days ago


give the bieb a break he deserves a cold beer after a long hard day of grabbing his crotch

499 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

There are some ****ing sick people in the world! Like Sunny have serious problems......Bieber has made mistakes but drinking a beer is not any unusual. I am commented because TMZ (*******s that they are) are saying he's a ***** for drinking Amstell. Well, whatever the ****..Amstel is good beer and so is Heinkein. For all those "masculine men" who drink all those ****ing dark beers and fart contiuously like they do on TMZ, I don't want any anything to do with that. Just cause a guy is drinks for the taste and NOT for the being macho, TMZ thinks there is a problem with that. Perhaps these homophobics need to take a look at their own lives. Harvey Levin's crew on TMZ show, are not attractive with the exception of Max and the blonde guy in the back. Everybody else is fat and ugly with no hopes of other careers and the girls look like lesbians. Keep drinking Amstel Light and Heinkein Justin Bieber and be a cool, thin, hot guy!

499 days ago


he canadian its only dumb county's like america that have stupid drinking laws

499 days ago


poor guy cant even have a drink in peace, the 21 years old law from the US is RIDICULOUS. we can die for our country at 18 but cant have a sip of beer. in fact most young adults dont wait until they are 21 to drink, just because he is famous doesnt mean he has to be the perfect role model.

499 days ago


At least he's not drinking.......his buddy's love juice. Although i'm sure he's done it a lot already. What a douche!!!

499 days ago


This picture was taken I. A foreign country.... Therefor he's legally to drink there. He is over the age of 18 so stfu, don't act like everyone waited til they were 21 to drink because trust me hardly anybody waits.

499 days ago


I can't stop laughing at his hat. The biebs doesn't want to mess up his hair so he wears oversized caps that barely touch his hair.

499 days ago


He should be drinking a South African beer like a Castle.

FYI - The Kruger Park is not a "jungle"!!!

498 days ago

so What if he is drinking a beer? in my country we can buy beer before we are 18 and we have less accidents than the u.s

498 days ago


Lord. Dont you guys have something better to do? All ya'll do is bring people down and its sad. You NEVER look at the good of what people does. You are prolly the most hated people around. Get a life. Go bother someone else.

499 days ago


I Think it's cute. It's a normal thing to drink beers. In Denmark you can du it at 18. And nobody really cares, because it doesn't matter. And he know that if he did this in the U.S. he will get in trouble, so he did it in a contry where it's OKay. Så this doesn't matter, and only haters care.

498 days ago


my god who cares if hes leaglly drinking a beer. plus in the U.S. we all use to be teens. and im sure most of us didnt wait until 21 to drink

498 days ago


I can't stand the guy but how is him drinking a beer in a country where it's legal for him to drink it a story?

498 days ago


He should be drinking a South African beer like a Castle.

FYI - The Kruger Park is not a "jungle"!!!

498 days ago
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