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Justin Bieber


5/10/2013 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_justin_bieber_instagramJustin Bieber posted a photo on Instagram today of himself and a friend ... drinking a couple of beers ... and captioned it "Beers in the jungle." 

Bieber is only 19, so he'll probably learn this with age ... but bragging about drinking an Amstel??  Heineken, maybe ... but not an Amstel.

Still, at least he's not drinking a ... [insert your answer in the comments section].


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Jon-Paul Stone    

I guess the issue for him is he spends a lot if not most of his time in the States now so even if he is a Canadian citizen still, I am assuming he is, he cant go to clubs or buy alcohol. Then again when has age every stopped anyone from drinking if they really wanted to and as a celebrity I am sure he can go to any club he wants.

529 days ago


Okay I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt with the paparazzi on his *ss all the time. But with this recent pic he's asking for it. In Canada or not he's not on a good path. Nothing against him but does he not know that this generation can turn on you on the drop of a dime?

529 days ago


Disgusting wigger is worse than the trashkashians.

529 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

Looks like all the sad little Beliebers are going to go out and spend their hard earned boob job money on beer.

529 days ago


I just look at him and think ratchet. Nothing else really describes him or his actions.

529 days ago

Turk182 batter

529 days ago


Did tmz forget the SA legel drink age is 18 years old. plus to me it looks like and old mist or a sprit can to me. Maybe he wanted to see the idiots. That actly believe this cr*p. Who he can sue in the process of that for calling fake ass stories one of these day you guy are going to get step up and it will end up in a law suit on every gossip site.

529 days ago


Damn, poor old Justin Beiver, I used to want my youngest to grow up just like Justin, a clean cut, wholesome woman! Now, she is getting rowdy wit all da bro's trying to prove what? He/she can get punked how many times a day by a new Bro one of his old Bro's bring into his camp? everyone knoews what is going on, S. Gomez is just a beard for Justin, as she is a Dyke, plain and simple. I thought Ellen was going to strap on a dildo and do it to Justin on her TV show last month, Ellen was licking her lips like when some fine chick shows up on her show, tongue on floor type fine, but, then, again Ellen is a white man, we know Usher turned Justin out when he was 14-15! Then, Floyd Mayweather, then, Mike Tyson, then, 50cents, then...... hell the list goes on and on! Just wear a dress and get it over with Ms Beveir! You would make a very cute girl, damn, would you ever! But, better hurry up, you are getting old, almost past the twink stage!

529 days ago


vodka, wiskey, rum, four loco, shots

529 days ago


Is that Trayvon Martin with him? I knew it was a conspiracy to take our guns.

529 days ago


the drinking age in Canada is 19. #factcheck

529 days ago


he's in south africa. its legal to drink by 18 here

529 days ago


atleast he's not drinking out of a BONG again

529 days ago


Better then smoking weed that's for sure

529 days ago

Gary Hirsch    

Bieber is such a yutz !!!

529 days ago
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