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Kanye West


Goes Berserk on Pap After Smashing Head on Sign

5/10/2013 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So much for a cooler, calmer Kanye ...

West just emerged from a restaurant in L.A. and exploded on a photog -- not a TMZ guy -- screaming at the cameraman to stop taking photos, ASAP.

Minutes before the incident, Kanye had banged his head into a metal sign while trying to hide his face from a pack of paparazzi ... and blamed it on the snappers.

West restrained himself from going after the paps in the moments after the head-slamming, only to emerge from the eatery minutes later ... even angrier than he was before.

The pap told West he had just arrived on the scene -- and meant no harm.

West eventually turned around and went back into the restaurant. It's unclear if Kanye ever laid a hand on the photog.

Inhale, exhale ...


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Dear Little Little ManBoy, Appreciate your pic being taken because it is the only thing keeping you in the spotlight. You are a joke that is no longer funny. Don't worry most gay guys that don't come out of the closet are angry too.

497 days ago


What Sissy if you're gonna run up on someone Do something Oh I forgot You're all talk weak A$$ B!TCH BOY

497 days ago


If Kim could just stop eating for two seconds maybe he would calm down.

497 days ago


Headline on Gawker:
"Kanye Walks Into Pole, Immediately Becomes Livid That Poles Exist"

497 days ago


Im not particularly a Kanye/Kardashian fan, but can you really blame him for getting angry? I understand the photogs are doing their job(a ****ty job, but a job) but do they really need to always be in people's faces? they're just going out to lunch, who the hell wants to see pictures of that?

497 days ago


If photographers were following my every move, I'd go ballistic on them too. Give the celebrities some peace and quiet. They will be nicer to everybody.

497 days ago


why dont they just quit following him around

497 days ago


That piece of **** low life lives in the US of A this a free focken country and we take pictures of who ever the hell we want to when out in public - get over yourself you piece of crap. That wimpy photog tried kissing ass and it doesn't work should have "accidently" smashed the camera in his face as he ran towards it in such an agressive way.

497 days ago


Kayne is an dildo anyway....but id be pissed to if these parasite photogs wouldnt leave me alone for 1 second.

497 days ago


You guys do realize that the paps were probably notified that these 2 would be at a certain restaurant at a certain time?

497 days ago


You know he has to be stressing. Getting with Kim pretty much killed his career. He's taking out his frustrations on the wrong people.

497 days ago


I don't understand why the paps don't come prepared with bananas for Kanye. That animal constantly has titi attacks. Kim will one day get a black eye and someone seriously needs to put him in his place. His mother would not be proud. The paps are just trying to make a living...don't bully them Kanye.

497 days ago


Hey, maybe this run in with a pole tapped his frontal lobe hard enough to knock some sense into him. Who knows, he may wake up in the morning and look at Kim and say, what the f**k.

497 days ago


Let's see... you're famous and love media attention. You're dating and have impregnated a "famous" media wh0re... you go out to eat a public restaurant in Los Angeles. As long as the photographers remain on neutral, legal ground.. they can do whatever they darn well please. If you want privacy, there are plenty of ways to get it... eating out at a paparazzi hotspot isn't one of those ways.

497 days ago


Can't feel sorry for him. This is the price of the kind of stardom that allows him to fly by private jet everywhere he wants to and knock-up another man's wife without repercussions. He knows what he is getting into. He just wants all of the wealth and fame without paying the price.

497 days ago
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