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Kanye West


Goes Berserk on Pap After Smashing Head on Sign

5/10/2013 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So much for a cooler, calmer Kanye ...

West just emerged from a restaurant in L.A. and exploded on a photog -- not a TMZ guy -- screaming at the cameraman to stop taking photos, ASAP.

Minutes before the incident, Kanye had banged his head into a metal sign while trying to hide his face from a pack of paparazzi ... and blamed it on the snappers.

West restrained himself from going after the paps in the moments after the head-slamming, only to emerge from the eatery minutes later ... even angrier than he was before.

The pap told West he had just arrived on the scene -- and meant no harm.

West eventually turned around and went back into the restaurant. It's unclear if Kanye ever laid a hand on the photog.

Inhale, exhale ...


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He is the biggest douche I ever seen ! Lmao ! Super retarded ! Yur famous well at least ppl think yu are ( haha ) obvs ppl are gunna take pics of yu ! F**kin a$$hole !

529 days ago


now imagine this guy with a crying child who wont shut up...

529 days ago


lil girl was about to cry awww... that hit must have hurt like a mother f#k3rrr!!...he was still rubbing his head where he banged it LMAO

529 days ago


I'm not a Kanye fan, but I can understand him getting mad over people always taking pics of him. & people say thats a price of fame, but I think it really shouldn't be. They should at least be able to go out & not be chased by 10 paparazzi trying to take his pic. When it comes down to it, paparazzi are bigger *******s than the people they take pics of, & I really think there should be laws against things like this.

529 days ago


I'm guessing it's not the first time he's banged his head.

529 days ago


And he produced a child?! Poor kid is gonna be treated like ****.

529 days ago


Taylor Swift has this video on a loop....laughing her azz off!

529 days ago


I feel sorry for him. Because of the paparazzi following "D" list people (like his supposed girlfriend, Kim) it makes it bad for all of the other hollywood types to have any privacy at all. I can't wait until he dumps that ignorant troll, Kim and tries to get his life back in order. I bet he regrets signing that contract to spend time with her and wishes he'd never met her.

529 days ago


I don't like Kanye.... AT ALL.... but it must get really old with all the maggots paps following him around all day.

529 days ago


damn! where is the footage of Kanye banging his head? thatd be some funny it and laugh my head off....what a douche!

529 days ago


damn! where is the footage pof him banging his head....I would LOVE

529 days ago


Haha, Damn he probably finally saw the video of Ray J

529 days ago


Wish I could have seen the part where he hit his head :)

529 days ago


Sorry midget,don't think you're so tuff.

529 days ago


For anyone who has ever knocked their head really hard, it makes you instantly angry when someone rushes to comfort you. I don't know why. It is like a phenomenon. But people get angry as f**k when they have been knocked hard in the head and then someone starts fussing over them. If someone knocks their head hard, back off for a little before rushing up and putting your hands all over them. With that said, don't anyone blame this on the paps. These people live off the paps. Especially Kim. That is her bread and butter. They love it. Actually, as goofy as Kayne can be, I put him several pegs above Kim. I am not sure what he is doing with her.

529 days ago
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